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  1. Why would anyone waste their time listening to something they don’t like, and the criticize? Move on. The timeslot argument is also Bs, boomer and carton would have blown away Kay in the afternoon....
  2. Completely agree with johnny jet. If show does not do well, likely will be due to Evan, just being too bland.... Like most things, all about personal preference, if you don’t like the show, pipe down, and listen to something else.
  3. JJ is a fat mike guy, that mix would not work.... Bart and Carton would have been very gd, Fan blew it by keeping maggie and moose, they are awful.
  4. Very long post, and totally off... glad Carton is back!
  5. He is just saying, not sure who will have the number 1 pick is, and who hc will be. Obviously, he would Never play for Gase.
  6. Relax, we had 4 yards in second half, and Pats defense is better than beat up Bills defense
  7. Felt similar, until i saw crowder was out, Bills win relatively close game, as in less than 10 pts...
  8. You are correct, tough spot, and also throw in the small chance, they play well , go 5-5, and keep gase. Brutal.
  9. I like Carton, not as a person, buts he’s entertaining.
  10. Yeah, have a friend who is a pats fan, friendship aside, he is a wicked puss regarding Sports, since both pats and rs now suck, claims he doesn’t care, has plenty of “rings” —- told him to stop watching for at least next 5 yrs, both teams will continue to suck...
  11. They will lose today, 100% . However, if sam and Becton back next week, and all wrs , including Mims play, Do not be surprised if they beat buffalo.
  12. Its very likely now that Sam will have All the wrs, back next week, as well as Becton. They are going to win or two, if healthy, and pick 3rd.
  13. They are not trading Adams, and shouldn’t. Team has one pro-bowler, and need more to truly compete. If you get get a one from raiders, and maybe a 4th, you make that deal. Gruden Loves him. We have plenty of quality of d-line.
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