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  1. Actually he Should do better than that, its the second pick in 2nd rd, high value, at minimum mid two this yr, and 2 next yr, or make the pick. This a place where you should get more than regular pts value..
  2. Listen, giving up the 2 3rds is tough, but they clearly got the guy, at a need position, that they had targeted all along.. can,t be disappointed with that. Unless they love a player at 34, its a great spot for a trade down, likely for a late second in this draft, as well as another 2nd next yr...imagine 2 1’s and 3 2’s next year to continue the rebuild..
  3. Gilmore is not even healthy, and with his salary, they would get a 4th rd pick at best..
  4. Agree with most, 17 games season, 6-11, last in division. Other 3 teams will all be .500 or better.
  5. Disagree, vet to come in and help implement new system..
  6. Mangold went late 1st, and that worked our pretty well, Creed does not make it past steelers at 24, who just had pouncey retire
  7. And where has Dalvin cook gotten the Vikings?. The 2 sbs teams last yr, did not have top 10 running backs. In fact, if you look back last 10 yrs, very few if any , sb winners had top 10 rbs...
  8. Its not a priority position this yr, you can always sign or draft one next yr...too many other holes this yr, ol, cb, te...
  9. I would be shocked if JD takes a wr before the 4th rd. We just spent over 18 million annually on 2 wrs, are paying Crowder 10 million, and we need Mims to develop. We are actually in good shape there. As someone noted, we are going to be a very run heavy team next yr, a rb, and/or all around tight end is a better fit...
  10. This is another reason to trade out of 23 if possible. An extra 2nd or 3rd, gives us the ability to still add to Ol and pick up a top rb as well...
  11. Bowles will likely be a head coach again, maybe even next yr... or he could be Arians successor..
  12. Another thing to keep an eye on, lots of talk of steelers wanting Najee Harris. They pick right after us. Opportunity for JD to at least bluff we are taking him , or trading down with another team, to pick up another pick for Steelers...
  13. 23 and/or 34 will be a trade down, agree with your priorities, but this will net us another player or two, te/rb/wr.....
  14. Yes, i believe they will trade down. Likely there will be 4 or 5 guys Jets like, at 23, so pick up another 2nd or 3rd, and go from there. Only exception will be if some player they love falls to 23. They are not trading up...
  15. Sherman is still playing well, and knows Saleh’s system, austin and hall have not proved anything yet... 1 yr deal, get him in...and the 23rd pick can be used for. Ol , Te, etc...
  16. Bye, won’t miss him abit, he flat out Sucked for us, at least adams could play.
  17. 2 things. I believe JD will sign Sherman right before or after draft, and i know this is not popular, but i really think he will trade down out of 23, either just a few spots and acquire a 3 , or down to the bottom of the 1st and acquire another 2.
  18. I have read alot of stupid stuff on this forum, this one deserves a ban..
  19. Yeah, jets are winning no more than 5 games next yr, so if Wilson were to get hurt and have to miss many games, they likely play Morgan, if its a series or two, or a game , likely Hoyer. At least, that Should be plan.
  20. Not a hoyer fan, but i understand the idea. Vet to help Wilson along, and will be very inexpensive. As someone pointed out, morgan could still win back-up, and Hoyer is vet in qb room.This would just impact White.
  21. I agree with you, look at some of the players that went in the 4th, many would be starters on the Jets. Picking a qb, when you had a 22 yr old starter, was just stupid, period.
  22. Its a good post and good question. Important role in wc offense.
  23. I hear ya, but mullens is not coming to be third string qb, he can stay in sf, if he wanted that...
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