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  1. 4 hours ago, Scotty Wooty Doo Doo said:

    With giving up both 3rds,,, Joe is trading down to pick up one of those 3rds back

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    Actually he Should do better than that, its the second pick in 2nd rd, high value, at minimum mid two this yr, and 2 next yr, or make the pick. This a place where you should get more than regular pts value..

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  2. Listen, giving up the 2 3rds is tough, but they clearly got the guy, at a need position, that they had targeted all along.. can,t be disappointed with that. Unless they love a player at 34, its a great spot for a trade down, likely for a late second in this draft, as well as another 2nd next yr...imagine 2 1’s and 3 2’s next year to continue the rebuild..

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  3. 23 hours ago, Warfish said:

    -Better Head Coach (Gase was the worst I've ever seen.)

    -Better Offensive Coordinator (Did we even have an O-Co under Gase, really?)

    -Better Offensive System (Shanny-style WCO > Gase Insanity)

    -Better QB (We have to presume Wilson won't be dead last in the NFL, otherwise why would we dump Sam and draft Wilson, amirite?)

    -Better at RB (No more feeding old Gore.)

    -Better #1 WR (Davis over Perriman.)

    -Better #2 WR (Mims healthy vs. missed most of season.)

    -Not having a depth guy like Berrios be #2 in Catches at WR, lol.

    -Better O-line (almost by default, Becton 2nd Year, high Draft Pick presumably)

    -Better Edge (Carl Lawson)

    -Better LB (Mosely back)

    -Better CB (presuming we sign Sherman post-draft and/or draft a CB)

    -Better play from JD 2020 Draft Class (Hall at CB fully healthy, Zuninga at Edge second year, Perine at RB, Davis at Safety 2nd year, etc).

    -Presumed upgrades at a number of positions (#23 pick, #34 pick at minimum should be upgrades).

    Will we win a Super Bowl in 2021?  We gonna be #1 in Offense, #1 in Defense?  Probably not, lol. 🤣  And no one is saying we will or should.

    Should we be able to expect a competitive team that is in every game and competes and should be around .500 or better?

    Hell yes we should! 👍


    Agree with most, 17 games season, 6-11, last in division. Other 3 teams will all be .500 or better.

  4. 1 hour ago, Beerfish said:


    100 year old vet you are too loyal too cause he was awesome sauce in your previous gig and if he starts to fail hesitance to stick his ass on the bench or cut him.

    See Frank Gore

    Disagree, vet to come in and help implement new system..

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  5. 12 hours ago, Ghost said:

    This is Dalvin Cook all over again. He’s going to be available either at 23 or 34. Whether we prioritize this RB position or not, is up to JD. 

    Personally, I think the RB position is the most unappreciated position in the league. It can do wonders for the balance of play calling, it can benefit our rookie QB, and it can keep the defense rested. 

    We’re also going to be one of the top teams to call play-actions. No one is really going to bite on a play-action when Perine is back there. 

    And where has Dalvin cook gotten the Vikings?.   The 2 sbs teams last yr, did not have top 10 running backs. In fact, if you look back last 10 yrs, very few if any , sb winners had top 10 rbs... 

  6. 10 hours ago, 68JET11 said:

    Can't see us wasting a high pick on a RB, especially when they thrive in this system. This draft needs to be about OL, more OL, sprinkled in with WR, CB and EDGE.


    I would be shocked if JD takes a wr before the 4th rd. We just spent over 18 million annually on 2 wrs, are paying Crowder 10 million, and we need Mims to develop. We are actually in good shape there. As someone noted, we are going to be a very run heavy team next yr, a rb, and/or all around tight end is a better fit...

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  7. 2 hours ago, varjet said:

    I think this analysis was simpler than we think:

    • Sam has good QB and physical skills and based on his overall college performance was worth a top 5 draft pick.
    • The Jets completely under-supported him in talent for 3 years (plus the preparation for his arrival) and in coaching, particularly last two years.
    • The two of the three guys the Jets hired to lead their team (Mac, Bowles and Gase) will likely not work in the NFL again-that is how bad they were.
    • But since the Jets were so bad, they get to draft a QB top 2, and given who is available, and the rookie contract, it is worth it for them to reboot.  If they were drafting 4th or below it may not be worth it.  So the trade was smart for both the Jets and Carolina. 
    • To me, Wilson has superior trained QB skills/muscle memory, which makes sense given how Wilson was brought up as compared to Darnold.
    • The knock on Wilson is size and frame-1 inch shorter and 15 Lbs lighter than Darnold.  Its not like Darnold was ironman though-he got hurt plenty.   It does seems like Wilson is a gym rat, and his physical testing is pretty good.  Jimmy G has not been healthy either, and he is bigger than Wilson and about the same size as Darnold.

    So I think both teams win here.  The Jets need to scheme a way to keep Wilson upright and not running around.  And have a good backup.  I think the future involves pulling starters more when you are ahead and not risking garbage time losses.

    Bowles will likely be a head coach again, maybe even next yr... or he could be Arians successor..

  8. Yes, i believe they will trade down. Likely there will be 4 or 5 guys Jets like, at 23, so pick up another 2nd or 3rd, and go from there. Only exception will be if some player they love falls to 23. They are not trading up...

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  9. 11 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    Sherman’s just a 2nd or 3rd cb at this point.  We already have that in Hall and Austin

    Sherman is still playing well, and knows Saleh’s system, austin and hall have not proved anything yet... 1 yr deal, get him in...and the 23rd pick can be used for. Ol , Te, etc...

  10. 25 minutes ago, rayzor said:

    Most would hate this move but it makes sense. A backup that can start a game or two.  Dirt cheap.  Tons of experience to impart and familiarity with the new offensive system though he had to be benched for Beathard. It’s Wilson or bust with this move.  Or they actually think Morgan can compete.

    Yeah, jets are winning no more than 5 games next yr, so if Wilson were to get hurt and have to miss many games, they likely play Morgan, if its a series or two, or a game , likely Hoyer. At least, that  Should be plan.

  11. 1 hour ago, Untouchable said:


    This Shanny WCO has made prominent use of the FB for 25+ years. The 49ers just gave yet another $4-5 million a year contract to a 30 year old FB.

    Have people already forgotten the difference that a guy like Tony Richardson made in the running game during his time here?

    I’d absolutely consider using a late round pick on a guy like Mason.

    At least it’s something different to talk about. Instead of the incessant Zach Wilson chatter or the Deshaun Watson babble that has zero percent chance of happening, especially now.

    Its a good post and good question. Important role in wc offense. 

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