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  1. You are absolutely clueless, please don’t reply to any of my posts again. So now we are using 4th round picks, on a team with countless holes, to draft back up qbs, pathetic.
  2. Do you really believe the jets are gonna go with a rookie qb, and a qb who has never taken an nfl regular game snap as his back-up?... Thats pure stupidity, what does Morgan add to the qb room? He does not know the offense, the nfl, and is as ‘ green’ as the rookie they are drafting. That said, they will sign veteran right before or after draft.
  3. It was a pretty decent interview, but aside from kim jones, the media is a group of morons. They asked question same way 10 times. He is 100 pct taking Wilson, he all but said it. He also clearly thinks alot of Sam as a person, But his job is to win games, and clearly believes Wilson gives the jets a better chance to win.
  4. 95-100 percent agree. To be even more specific, if Wilson busts, he will never come close to being here for the rest of his contract.. Where i disagree, we are clearly the worst team in out division, the other 3 will be .500 or better, i don’t see us winning more than 4-5 games.
  5. Would not complain about either Mullens or Smith, both would be valuable for obvious, though different reasons...
  6. Yep, been a jets fan for over 50 yrs, this yr is as pivotal as i can remember. If he knows what he is doing, with all the draft capital and cap space, he should be able to turn this around. Last yr, i was underwhelmed by both his drafting and free agent signing. He gets way too much credit for Becton. Everyone knew we were taking an Ot. Both becton and wirfs were there, so hard to miss, and after 1 yr, Wirfs was the better player...
  7. They both had strong years and are going to be top 15 qbs in the league for a long time, and burrow did it behind an offensive line ranked worse the Jets. Look for them to load up on OL in draft, starting with their 1st pick.
  8. Agree, and why do we think Sam will flourish with Carolina? They bet over 45 million on Bridgewater, and he was terrible. Clearly, they have no credibility in evaluating qbs..
  9. And we are likely never going to find out, thats the point, genius . We are going to have a 22 yr old qb next yr, with a veteran back-up. You will never see Morgan as a starter for the Jets. It was and will be a wasted 4th rd pick.
  10. Listen, do i think Sam will be better this yr than last? Of course he will be, it would be almost impossible to be worse than he was last yr. Will he ever be a top 15 qb, absolutely not.
  11. If JD winds up drafting 4th round picks, like he did with Morgan, that are irrelevant, he won’t be a gm for long. That is the part of the draft where great gms flourish...
  12. We all know the way drafts are weighted for pts. Generally speaking , a pick in the next draft is valued at one full round less than getting it this yr. So if you think he won this trade, we got a 6th, 3rd , and 5th. Nothing special by any standards... That said, Sam sucks, so not surprised...or disappointed. Time to reset, again.
  13. 100 pct, substitute Bosa or Kittle in deal, and we have something. I think i take Lance at 3 , but would to fully understand trade down possibilities..
  14. Whats even more pathetic is you are defending a player from another team that you are Hoping to trade for! I mean at least if it was a Jet player , i could understand some initial form of loyalty...
  15. Move on, no trade coming... to any team, focus on draft, and free agent filler...
  16. If it has any credibility, he is one small step from going on the non football nfl list, meaning no trade, no nothing...Nfl very close to stepping in..
  17. Just came out that houston police are investigating, so from civil to criminal?. Darnold for their 2022 number 1
  18. I also agree that both 23 and 34 are good trade down spots, to add another 2nd or 3rd rounder...
  19. I would, we have no cbs on this team, one of those picks will be cb, book it
  20. Absolutely. I would then keep Sam and pick Lance with third pick, and have him sit a yr...
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