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  1. We are still going to need a backup qb, and there is not much out there, except Alex Smith. If you can’t get a 2, just keep him... his salary is ok, and we dont need the cap room..
  2. Its well documented of the patriots interest in Jones, to assure that they get him , and that the Pats don’t jump in front of them, they had to go to 3.. its really that simple.
  3. Ok. I told myself i would never buy another jersey a few yrs ago. I have namath, martin, chrebet, and pennington, but i gave in , before all the drama, and bought an Adams jersey, i am back to never again...correction, i also have Revis.
  4. Falcons will trade the 4th pick, Ryan signed for 2-3 more yrs, not taking a qb in this draft. Pick has ton of value in that likely the 4th qb will be sitting there.. one of lance , jones , fields, denver will look to make move..maybe Pats..
  5. 57, draft wilson, which is what they are going to do.
  6. Way too much discussion on arm strength. Some of biggest busts in nfl history had huge arms Jeff george, ryan leaf, jarmarcus russell, etc. Sam’s decision making, defense reading, and full knowledge of the qb position, are what makes him a bottom tier qb. He had most of these issues in college, and really was a hs linebacker... His qb acumen is pathetic.
  7. This may play out this way, but it will be less about Sam competing with Wilson, and more about not being able to get enough value for Sam. We would still need a backup qb for yr, and at 4.5 mill, wouldn’t be the worse thing...anyone else decent would likely cost similar $$
  8. You can waste another month talking about trading down all you want. Its not happening. The events of the last few days clearly tell the story if you just pay attention, whether you choose to believe it or not is on you. The 49ers would have clearly moved to 2, if they had opportunity, cost would have been slightly more, but they know Douglas is drafting Wilson, so they obviously love Fields, Lance or Jones. I think its Lance. The eagles also know douglas and rappaport is good insider, and they also wanted Wilson , but could not get to 2, so traded back...
  9. I agree, the odds are he uses the picks as we have them. IMO, there is a much larger chance he trades down from 23 or 34, than trades up. This team still has alot of holes to fill...
  10. Of course he put on a few lbs , he has been doing nothing but training for the last 3 months. Did you listen to any of his interviews? Its not like he was drinking beer and eating twinkies, clearly he has worked out, and gotten abit stronger... Thats what you do to prep for Draft , Nfl season. He said he will likely get a 40 on tape before Draft. Nothing here...
  11. I like the Jets rbs . With ty and tevin, you have 2 speed backs that can break some longer runs and catch the ball. Perrine will be third back in rotation, and likely used mostly on third down.
  12. I highly doubt its for Jones, they would not need to get to 3 to get him. Also have said publicly that Jimmy g is staying. Most scouts see Lance as needing year to sit, and Jones more pro ready. If you are drafting Jones, why keep Jimmy?
  13. Let me know what number you want wear, i will cut them today. Number 14 is available too
  14. Offer Alex Smith the 4.5 mill , we will have open after the Sam trade
  15. Joe namath threw 5 picks in two games during the SB season, of course it will happen BFD!!
  16. There is less than 5 pct chance Jets dont draft Wilson..
  17. Exactly, Wilson has been the pick for awhile, think its a coincidence trade was made right before his pro day? Of course not, they offered same or better package to Jets, knowing it was their last chance before jets saw his pro day...
  18. Agree, and thought the same. Jg should stay for a yr.
  19. Unless Wilson falls down several times during workout or over throws 5 wrs, he is the pick, bank on it.
  20. Daphne has shown nothing, and was drafted to be part of 3-4, Curry has been solid player in league for yrs..
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