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  1. Ok. I told myself i would never buy another jersey a few yrs ago. I have namath, martin, chrebet, and  pennington, but i gave in , before all the drama, and bought an Adams jersey, i am back to never again...correction, i also have Revis.

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  2. Way too much discussion on arm strength. Some of biggest busts in nfl history had huge arms Jeff george, ryan leaf, jarmarcus russell, etc. Sam’s decision making, defense reading, and full knowledge of the qb position, are what makes him a bottom tier qb. He had most of these issues in college, and really was a hs linebacker... His qb acumen is pathetic.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Sam is cheap.

    We have lots of cap.

    Sam should be retained for 2021.

    If we draft Wilson, he should have to earn the #1 job by beating out Sam.

    IF Wilson is everything folks think, and Sam sucks like most of us think, it'll work itself out, and we get a decent enough backup for one year.

    Sam isn't worth much in trade, no one is trading for him to start for them, no one.

    Sam may not even be expensive to resign, because no one is signing him to start either.  

    There is little loss to retaining Sam, and making Wilson beat him out.

    If you don't think Wilson can beat out Sam......you don't really want Wilson, do you?

    This may play out this way, but it will be less about Sam competing with Wilson, and more about not being able to get enough value for Sam. We would still need a backup qb for yr, and at 4.5 mill, wouldn’t be the worse thing...anyone else decent would likely cost similar $$

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  4. 5 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Does not really make any sense. Look the 49ers and Jets watched Wilson together. John Lynch,, Shanahan and Saleh are still really close and JD and Howie Roseman are best friends. The Eagles wanted to trade up to 3 but only for Wilson. The 49ers "did not inquire" about #2. Even in the NFL front office executives are not out to screw over their friends so the reality is that the 49ers and Eagles KNOW that Wilson will not be there. JD runs a tighter ship than most but let's face it the Jets do not really have to be coy about taking Wilson, nothing other than JAX taking Wilson can prevent it, and if that happens I think the Jets are happy with Lawrence.

    The trades also mysteriously happened shorty after Wilson's measurables were confirmed.

    I get there there is a group that hate Wilson and want to cling to any thread of hope Wilson is not the pick but at this point it is just not reality. There is like a 99.99% chance the Jets take Wilson. Only a failed physical would change that.

    Couple other things: Jeremiah is good friends with JD. If you listen to the way he discusses the 2nd pick and the Jets it really seems he knows what we are going to do. Also, Saleh and JD had gigantic goofy smiles after the pro day.

    Literally everything points to Wilson and nothing but delusion points to anything else.  

    Yep, just posted the same..agree

  5. 16 minutes ago, maury77 said:

    Awesome, are you a doctor or sports trainer? One of the chief recurring concerns about Wilson was his weight (Daniel Jeremiah, who is a Wilson fan even mentioned this), he suddenly comes in heavier and doesn't want to do athletic testing. I question that he didn't want to do the testing because the added weight would affect his performance and I'm making stuff up and speculating meanwhile every other post in this thread is about Wilson being locked up at number 2 due to speculation about leaks and a trade that didn't involve the Jets. 

    Since you find me to be comical “to be nice”, just block me, I’ll survive.

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    Of course he put on a few lbs , he has been doing nothing but training for the last 3 months. Did you listen to any of his interviews? Its not like he was drinking beer and eating twinkies, clearly he has worked out, and gotten abit stronger... Thats what you do to prep for Draft , Nfl season.  He said he will likely get a 40 on tape before Draft. Nothing here...

  6. 15 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    One person on JN has been consistently saying that teams were always gonna be higher on Mac Jones than the prognosticators.


    I highly doubt its for Jones, they would not need to get to 3 to get him. Also have said publicly that Jimmy g is staying. Most scouts see Lance as needing year to sit, and Jones more pro ready. If you are drafting Jones, why keep Jimmy? 

  7. 10 minutes ago, fullblast said:

    There's absolutely no doubt this will happen at some point. And when it does the takes will be... interesting.

    Joe namath threw 5 picks in two games during the SB season, of course it will happen BFD!! 

  8. 53 minutes ago, Augustiniak said:

    Would you still put the odds that the jets trade out of 2 and keep darnold at 60/40 after the pro day and the trades?

    There is less than 5 pct chance Jets dont draft Wilson..

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  9. 50 minutes ago, Bay Ridge Jet said:

    That package would give us 7 first round picks in the next 3 drafts. I get that they don’t want to drop out of the top 10 but how could you not take a deal like that unless you’re determined to take a QB at 2

    Exactly, Wilson has been the pick for awhile, think its a coincidence trade was made right before his pro day? Of course not, they offered same or better package to Jets, knowing it was their last chance before jets saw his pro day...

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Grandy said:

    Jeremiah said the trade is for Lance, I agree. He's the high ceiling guy that the 49ers can take a chance on. Also he's already had his pro day.

    Agree, and thought the same. Jg should stay for a yr. 

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  11. 13 hours ago, CanadaSteve said:


    You  can hear the naysayers, but what this does is give a little bit more in the pass-rush in case we can't find a good enough one in the draft, or Zuniga doesn't improve.


    Daphne has shown nothing, and was drafted to be part of 3-4, Curry has been solid player in league for yrs..

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