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  1. 49ers rushed for over 2300 yds in 2019, 2nd in league, coleman was a part of that 3 man committee, he can still run faster backwards than gore can forward... watch some of 2019 highlights, still plenty of burst there. So much whining, if you were so high on Saleh being our coach, wouldn’t you also have faith that he knows the player ?.. This was a Saleh pick, JD just executed it. Smh.
  2. Was always going to be running back by committee, have you actually researched our coach and staff, good add...
  3. Its official, another good signing, and already knows offense
  4. Like the signing, waited to be official , and did not want to jinx. Situational pass rusher who has always generated pressure. Sign a corner and we are on to the draft.
  5. The answer is obvious. Every new coach or coordinator wants to bring in a guy or two to help the team implement his system. Rex did it with Bart scott and jim leonard very successfully. Its just plain smart.
  6. I would much prefer houston, but probably to rich for Joe d
  7. This gonna be another between the Jets and another team, and we lose 100 pct of the time?
  8. Yep, did so when mets won in 86, been dry of sports related tears since then!,
  9. Just look at cap hits and dead money in 2021 for both Fant and Mcgovern, neither are going anywhere this year, and both will start. At best, Jets draft a center and Mcgovern moves to guard.
  10. The 2 big additions to the offense next yr, are no Gase and Darnold.
  11. Nice write-up, he will go to Dallas, which would be pretty bad, if his previous d-cord could nor recruit him..
  12. If the reported chicago package is true, just too expensive, if its for our number 2 and just another 1, yes.
  13. 253 replies to a guy the jets were talking to thread, lol
  14. Just signed keelan cole, ju ju not happening
  15. Other teams just make signings, the Jets instead are talking to people. Smh.
  16. So far we have only filled 2 holes, and have Many more, we still at least 5 or 6 new starters, 2 cbs(slot/outside), strong safety, another De, at least one guard, rb, , te, etc. The draft will fill a few , but even in a good draft, you cant count on getting more than 3 starters, and one will likely be a qb. In short,he has alot of workto do in next 4 weeks, i fully expect him to add 2-3 of his former players by this weekend
  17. Yes i can, he is paid to project a players development. Leo was a stud in college and number 6 pick. He was getting many pressures, and hits, plus played the run very well, he was fleeced by Gettleman, who is a moron.
  18. His claim to fame to date is cutting players, and signing midland to poor free agents. His 1st draft ,except for Becton, was a bust, trading Leonard was a strokeof genius , 11.5 sacks later, not so much. Free agency in 2021, so far very underwhelming, you all, can keep believing, i don’t.
  19. Exactly, you added a wr and subtracted one far, otherwise same exact cast, and we think Sam will be better., why? All Gases fault, highly doubtful.
  20. His draft last yr sucked, solid tackle at 11, rest was average to very poor...
  21. He is garbage, i never bought into the sheep hype. He will never finish contract. I will be 1st to eat crow if wrong, but i am not.
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