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  1. 27 minutes ago, Skeptable said:

    Watson has little impact on salary this year... something like 7 Million... Not sure why everyone thinks there is a big cap hit... His later years have bigger cap hits but when the salary cap should balloon with the new TV deal... So this is really a non-issue.

    I am aware of his current contract and I expect him to ask for more $$ this yr from ANY team that trades for him

  2. This is my latest take. I think JD is slow playing the cap and free agent signings because he is reserving a significant amt of $$ in case they acquire Russell or Watson. At the same time, i believe the offers for Darnold have been underwhelming at best, and he is starting to get offers/feelers for number 2 pick. In addition, he has not even had opportunity to see Fields or Wilsons pro days and meet with them. Imo, alot of irons in the fire has significantly slowed acquisitions. 

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  3. I agree, i think we are getting lower offers than expected. We might as well just keep him, and move forward with any drafting a qb plans. Backup qbs are expensive, and we would need one anyway..no need to just give him away... 

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  4. I love what the Pats have done. They acquired many of the players this board was clamoring for. They are definitely a playoff team again. That said, couple things, they are in a very different spot, 70 year old coach, alot of veteran players, used to winning etc. Jets in very stages of rebuild again.  Years away from being  contender.Newton will hold them back though, they clearly are trying to recreate what they had with Brady,  2 te offense etc. Problem is that is not suited to Newtons strengths. They get another qb, and they can make some noise in playoffs.

  5. 4 minutes ago, CTJetsFan said:

    I don't get the Crowder hate.

    He's 27 and not making ridiculous $ ($11 million this year). Ridiculously consistent. Ok, not the biggest guy and the little slot guys get nicked up.

    Is Samuel that much of an improvement and will he be that much cheaper?

    Same here, makes zero sense ! Caught 78 balls two years ago, and 59 this year in 11 games. All while playing with terrible qbs. Samuel is not an upgrade. Just extend Crowder a yr or so, and smooth out cap number.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Jetsfan4life90 said:

    There are some parallels here with Lawson and Leonard Williams. Leo would get pressures and stuff, but the sacks never really fully came. I do think Lawson is a little better pass rusher, though. 

    They came last yr, didn’t he have 11.5? Would not be surprised at all if Lawson gets double digit sacks

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Defense Wins Championships said:

    Quinnen Williams is going to have a monster season next year. 

    Lawson is an absolute great signing from Joe Douglas.

    Lawson's sack numbers aren't staggering but he ranked last year 2nd in QB hits and 4th in QB pressures; he can definitely get after the QB with pressure from the outside. 

    Quinnen Williams is the real winner here. Because he'll become physically unstoppable up the middle alongside of an outside pass rusher. 

    I hope JD doesn't stop here. I hope he splashes during FA with another outside pass rusher.

    QW up the middle with outside pass rusher(s) = QB pressure. 

    Tomorrow he will add some former sf players.... on defense...

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  8. I completely disagree with JD regarding not having settled on keeping or trading Darnold prior to free agency start. What top offensive play makers are gonna make that career decision not knowing who the qb is? As for the money, for those top guys it will be very similar, so thats a moot point.

  9. 35 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

    Agreed.  Its only the fantasy football people who come up with this stuff.  A real NFL GM doesn’t mess around if he really likes QB.  

     Yep, this is what mccagnan did, when we trading with colts, we knew one of several would be there, they clearly had a few rated closely. Most believe they thought Baker would fall to them, and then Browns threw a curveball, and took him

  10. 1 minute ago, SOJ said:

    What about Wilson's surgery's ?  I mean both shoulders... I see red flags and I'd pass.  Keep SAM and draft Lance but sit him and let him learn... form the coaches, what he sees and also SAM (I know he blows but..) and if SAMs sucks, play him and as others stated he can be an efficient back-up. 

    Only way , i keep Sam, is if we draft lance

  11. 1 minute ago, HighPitch said:

    ok so now weve got fields, wilson, lawrence, lance and maybe even mac going top 12.

    thats 5.

    Bitonti said there was only going to be 2 qbs drafted in the 1st a few months ago and now we have 5/12. I argued that there will be 5 going in the 1st. This is nutty

    Mac is not going top 12, Lance will be taken before Jones, bank on it.

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  12. 36 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    No, a mediocre Sam would demand $25mm to $30mm - that's where the problem is.  

    During a rebuild, which the Jets are in year one of, you can't afford to be paying a mediocre Sam Darnold $25 to 30mm a year,

    In the highly unlikely scenario he plays at a high level and takes the team to the playoffs - then sure.  Happy to pay him.

    Right. Alot of the narrative out there starts with are Fields or Wilson a big enough upgrade over Sam to justify taking them. In truth, imo, i think even if they are on par with Sam, the financial ramifications are immense. 

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