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  1. Agree, though i think the 1st 5-10 will be signed quickly(within a week), like other yrs. The cap situation is really going to hurt the next tier with hundreds of FAs and limited cap dollars
  2. Its actually not about filling positions with big names, its about getting quality players to fill gaps on the team, and we have Many. I agree we are likely to get maybe 2 ‘ names, likely wr, pass rusher , or Ol. That said, there are likely going to be more quality players this yr than any other cap yr, so you just need to find some key contributors, rb, cb, etc...
  3. If this rumor is true, which i don’t believe it is, you are correct, if shanahan likes him, you would think his disciples running the jets offense would
  4. Yes, this more accurate, at least 10-15 deals will be ‘done’ before the 17th, just cant be formally announced till 17th. The strong rumors of signings should start be weds night, final franchise player designation is tuesday
  5. I agree, one of best parts of season, especially when you are a Jets fan, whose off seasons are generally more exciting than our regular seasons!,,
  6. First off, Nothing Chris Simms says will ever get me pumped up. I happen to be a Wilson fan, but to say there is a gap between him and lawrence, with Wilson being superior, is just plain stupid. It actually makes me question my own assessment of Wilson!
  7. Glad this was not televised. As predicted, waste of time.
  8. Thats before Jags cuts, they will be closer to 90-100 million by mid march. Pats will have some cuts too, will be aound 75-80 mill under
  9. 100% . This will be biggest waste of time, nothing will come out of this. Something like, “we plan to be somewhat aggressive in free agency, with a focus on players that fit our system and culture. “ Blah, blah, blah. Any questions on Sam, will be met with very vague answers.
  10. Exactly, they cant really say anything, maybe they are franchising Maye?
  11. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-mock-draft-grades-2020-mel-kiper-todd-mcshay-peter-king/136qzh6q586qw1gi0sx0s83vs5. He is awful, a 5 yr old could do a better job
  12. Totally agree, look at the sb winner this year, for all the accolades Brady and the offense gets, the Tb defense and pass rush won that game.
  13. No thread should ever start with Casserly, Delete it.
  14. Fair, however comes down to how they value Tua( who i don’t think much of). The number 2 pick gives them choice of Wilson or Fields. If they value either higher than Tua, jets have more to give, especially if they put Williams in package.
  15. If the Jets keep Darnold( less than 50% chance), there is absolutely zero chance they will make a pick at number 2, they will be trading the pick for add’l assets, and someone else will take Wilson or Fields at 2.
  16. Sewell is not going number 2 period, whether the jets make the pick or not
  17. His biggest claim to fame to be remembered for will be part of Desean Watson trade( the picks we got for him)!,
  18. Those incentives are easy, only way they are not met, is if he gets hurt... i would trade Sam tomorrow, for a 2021 3rd and a 1st in 2022
  19. 19th, you would basically own the 1st rd with 3 picks, could move up or down , etc...worst case, you can add 3 starters, if JD does his job right..
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