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  1. 7 minutes ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

    The non tampering period might be slower than in the past if players are not happy with what they might be getting offered.  The cap is so low and a good amount of teams don’t have much space that contract levels are bound to get reset lower this year.  Will be interesting to see if guys go for one year deals hoping to sign longer term deals next year when the cap is higher. 

    Agree, though i think the 1st 5-10 will be signed quickly(within a week), like other yrs. The cap situation is really going to hurt the next tier with hundreds of FAs and limited cap dollars

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  2. 5 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

    And to be clear, you will be disappointed.  We are filling maybe two positions with big names.  

    Its actually not about filling positions with big names, its about getting quality players to fill gaps on the team, and we have Many. I agree we are likely to get maybe 2 ‘ names, likely wr, pass rusher , or Ol. That said, there are likely going to be more quality players this yr than any other cap yr, so you just need to find some key contributors, rb, cb, etc...

  3. 8 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    errr March 15th (Legal Tampering) 😬😘

    Yes, this more accurate, at least 10-15 deals will be ‘done’ before the 17th, just cant be formally announced till 17th. The strong rumors of signings should start be weds night, final franchise player designation is tuesday

  4. 10 minutes ago, Phillyjet said:

    While everyone is focusing a week out for the start of free agency, I suspect the action picks up this week.  Regardless of what JD says, teams either: 1) need to clear cap; and 2) create a blueprint that will attract free agents.  The latter is especially true for teams who are unsettled at QB. 

    I would expect:

    1) Interesting cap casualities this week

    2) Trades of high-profile players to be released or nearing new deals.  Tag and trades will begin the following week, for those following the ARob situation.

    3) QB movement, with several teams like SF, Chicago, Philly, the Jets, Houston, Miami, Pittsburgh, Oakland (even with Ben back for 1 year) etc. still in limbo. 

    So buckle up... the fun starts this week.  Whether the Jets are players in this for trades or QB movement, we'll see.  But if they stand pat at QB this week, I would think that it's down to Darnold vs. a QB at 2.  That decision can go up to draft day, but a move of Watson, to me, feels like it would be done in the next couple of weeks.

    I agree, one of best parts of season, especially when you are a Jets fan, whose off seasons are generally more exciting than our regular seasons!,,

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  5. 1 hour ago, nycdan said:

    This puts us at about $75M of clear cap.  GVR and Ryan Griffin would put us up around $81M.  We can scrape a bit more and probably will but essentially, we are locked at the top in a virtual tie with JAX for most cap room meaning we can be as aggressive as any team in going after FAs we want.  Multiple FAs.  

    Now it's just a matter of waiting to see who survives the franchise tag.

    Thats before Jags cuts, they will be closer to 90-100 million by mid march. Pats will have some cuts too, will be aound 75-80 mill under

  6. 13 hours ago, JTJet said:

    The number 1 priority of this press conference is to be completely vague and intentionally lead everyone to believe our options are open with the number 2. 

    Teams need to think that we could take a QB with it to leverage the max trade value of the pick, and they need to think that all the way until we are on the clock, to get teams to get into a bidding war far it. 

    If we actually accept a crazy offer is another story. But I guarantee there will be no trade of that pick until we are on the clock, unless it's a mega trade for Watson, even then I doubt it. 

    100% . This will be biggest waste of time, nothing will come out of this. Something like, “we plan to be somewhat aggressive in free agency, with a focus on players that fit our system and culture. “ Blah, blah, blah. Any questions on Sam, will be met with very vague answers.

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  7. On 2/26/2021 at 12:12 PM, Untouchable said:

    I’m saying they can do both.

    Let’s say the Jets make Hendrickson, JuJu and Linsley their big 3 free agent signings. Then they use the bulk of the remaining cap space to re-sign Maye, add a veteran RB to the backfield, CB and LB depth, etc.

    Then come draft time they have at least 3 picks in the Top 35, two 3rd’s, a 4th, two 5th’s...you’re telling me they can’t further improve the offense with that kind of capital?

    They absolutely can and I strongly suspect they will.

    Totally agree, look at the sb winner this year, for all the accolades Brady and the offense gets, the Tb defense and pass rush won that game. 

  8. 28 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    We have #2, they have #3.

    We have #23, they have #18

    We have Sam Darnold, they have Tua Tag.

    We have 2/#2 (#34), they have 2/#4 (#36) and 2/#18 (#50)

    They have a materially better roster overall.

    We have 2x #1's in 2022, they have 1x #1 in 2022.

    Yes, I would say they have more assets than we do, and a better ability to absorb the loss of those assets than we do.

    More value in 2021 Draft.  A Better QB to trade.  

    Our only advantage is 2 vs 3 and that spare 2022 #1.


    Fair, however comes down to how they value Tua( who i don’t think much of). The number 2 pick gives them choice of Wilson or Fields. If they value either higher than Tua, jets have more to give, especially if they put Williams in package.

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