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  1. 3 minutes ago, DetroitRed said:

    Exactly. He’s doing his job.  Not being emotional, like most people here. Darnold is a real possibility, but so are the other options.  Let’s see where we are in a few weeks.  If Sam was a definite goner, probably would’ve happened already.  Washington seems to really want him. Nobody knows

    Once wentz moves, lets say to chicago, then next step, is wash, indy, pats and sf... i don’t think the merry go round is near over..

  2. 3 hours ago, AFJF said:

    He's offering an opinion based on his observations.  Not everything these guys say is an exclusive scoop.  Sometimes they just think out loud.  I think he's right.

    Agree, this means no more than when he said they may keep him. I don’t know why this is so hard for half the people on this site to understand. Jd is doing all the analysis he should be doing, what can he get for Darnold, what can he get for the number 2 pick, is Watson an option, what will it take, results of interviews with Wilson and Fields, etc.? Once he has the full picture, he can make the decision!!

  3. 6 hours ago, doitny said:


    cant believe you think Darnold is better than Carr with a straight face. and Austin is better than Waller? i keep looking back at your post to see if i missed a laugh or a wink. 

    Carr has a QB rate of over 100 last 2 seasons. comp % around 68 last 3 seasons. avgs under 2 INT a game for his career.

    Darnold sucks. and if he goes to Houston and sucks a 4th year then they got to cut him. Carr doesnt suck.

    the wild card here is Gruden. he runs the Raiders. he cant have another 8-8 season. if he gets the Texans on the phone he wont hang up until he gets a deal. he will give them whatever draft picks they want. make the playoffs for a few years, maybe win a SB and then retire.

    you guys make that 2OA pick worth more than it is. only if Houston LOVES  a QB this year than its worth something. 

    how do NE, NO, GB, SEA make the playoffs for decades? yeah they have great QBs but you need talent around them right? yet they find them with there late rd picks EVERY YEAR. we can do the same

    We keep comparing Darnold to other qbs around the league. Its such a waste of our time. Statistically, he is the Worst rated starting qb in the league over the last 3 yrs. Thats a fact, and stands on its own merit. Thoughts such as Gase ruined him and he has no weapons, are just theories. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, football guy said:

    Nearly half the NFL has at least reached out to gauge the Jets interest in trading him. 

    Rams called about a deal sending Goff and picks to the Jets for Darnold, likely as a contingency if they couldn't get Stafford. Jets weren't interested. 

    This is really interesting, Goff would certainly have been an upgrade, but the salary is crazy..

  5. 10 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

    Maybe the Jets should hold onto a 23 year old quarterback that multiple teams are interested in acquiring?  I know, crazy concept.

    Darnold admittedly played horribly last season.  Naturally, Jets fans want to trade him when his value is lowest.

    Let's see how he does under new leadership in a new system even if it's just as a backup.  If the Jets draft a rookie quarterback this season, they can ease him in instead of throwing him into the fire from day 1.

    If the Jets can get a high pick for him, go ahead and pull the trigger.  If you are getting a mid round pick, they might as well just keep him and see what he can do under LaFleur.

    I want him gone, but they are never going to trade him for less than a 2. Bank on it. They can get a 3 comp pick by just letting walk after next yr, and his cap hit next yr is not high... That said, he will be traded by mid march..

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