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  1. Gotta give the Rams credit, they realized they made a mistake giving Goff the big contract, and were smart enough to take the hit and get out of it. They are a better team today with Stafford. If the Jets keep Sam, they remain in denial, and will pay for it in a big way.... side note, Goff is a Much better qb, than Sam...
  2. I think and hope this paves the way for Darnold to Indy....
  3. Brady and stafford should never be mentioned in the same post... should be an immediate ban...lol
  4. I dont love Goff , but he has taken a team to a sb, and is so much better than Darnold, its laughable.
  5. Yep, and Darnold would be a distant 4th for me
  6. Yeah, i think this is my biggest issue with the show. You either like Carton or you don’t, very little middle ground. I happen to like him. My issue is with Evan, he is trying so hard to be whats he isn’t . He spends the entire show trying to tell Carton where he is wrong. Listen to it, so painful. Carton needs a frat boy, athlete type of partner to play off of, Evan is just a nerd.... also, notice, he yells half the time, and just bad radio... they will break this up some time this yr
  7. I could not agree more, if he keeps Sam, with all these other options available and Sam does not finish at least in the top 15 qbs, his legacy is sealed. Puts us right back at square one, without a qb.
  8. Why would Watson ever want to go to small market, crap town like jacksonville?.. he wants to build his brand, about the last place he would want to...
  9. Ok, lets start with the ‘ i told you so’s’ , many on this forum said Watson was never getting traded when all the obvious clues were there. You were wrong! Now, to those that think JD will not pursue Watson heavily, you will also be wrong. I don’t know if the Jets will ‘ win’ the bidding, but there is at least a 50% chance he will be a Jet by March. We certainly have as much to offer as anybody. Finally, the Jets can only control this to a degree, if all offers are comparable(likely), it is up to Watson what teams are in his list, and then Texans ultimately control where he is dealt. Let the r
  10. There is nothing in this article that I disagree with. You call it ‘ hit piece’ , that bs....
  11. Fair take for sure. You never know who may deal up ahead of you. That said, i would not be surprised if jets have wilson, fields and lance rated in similar fashion. You would need to have a backup plan you like in case that happens. If 4 qbs get taken in top 6( doubtful) , a very good, if not great player is falling to 7. Sewell, one of the wrs, etc... If you like Lance safer move is to trade to 4, although return will be less, almost 100% chance he is still there..
  12. I don’t want Sam back under any circumstances. If you want Lance to sit for a yr, then sign Mullins, who actually knows the system.
  13. I could see doing this, add picks by trading to 7, and then select Lance, However, i would not keep Darnold, and would roll with lance from day 1. Between trading down from 2, and dealing Sam, you should get several more picks to surround Lance with more offense
  14. So much here, i will go the simple route, as much as i think Jeremiah is the best of draft analysts, Kiper is definitely last, appears he has just gotten lazy over the years, and just mails it in. I am 100 percent certain, top of draft will not look like this..
  15. I have been giving this some more extended thought recently. At first, i dismissed it any many of you have, he is going to be 33 next month, not a fit for the Jets. That said, with so many Qbs still effective in their late 30s, and even 40s, rivers, brees, brady, ben, rodgers, etc., could easily argue that Matt is still in prime, with 4-5 very good yrs left. The other variables are even more favorable, signed for 2 more yrs at 45 million( border Line cheap) for a qb with his resume. The draft capital will be Much less to give up compared to Watson, likely our 23 and a third or 4th gets it don
  16. Could not agree more! I have been saying this to my Pats friends for years now. If the Jets had brady in several of the Sanchez Yrs, and even some of the Chad years, we likely would have won 1-2 super bowls.
  17. Regardless of qb options, sam will likely be last for me, he stinks.
  18. You dont seem to get it, the #2 pick is actually worth 3 mid to late number ones, on the trade value charts. Get familiar with it before posting random, nonsensical trades. And no, the Jets are not trading all of their top picks in 2021 either.
  19. Casserly is a total moron, i see he name and stop reading..i can’ t stand the guy.
  20. Based on the last 2 yrs, Sam is not better than anyone, statistical fact, not opinion
  21. Agree, they had to be in the bottom five in punt and kick- off coverage
  22. Hope not, the jets special teams stunk..
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