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  1. Hey all. I’m a physician- just to explain.. the rapid tests have a high false positive rate. Once they come back positive or inconclusive, they re-test with the PCR- which is much more specific. Hope that helps.
  2. I advocated for this guy like crazy. Look at all my previous posts about paying him. But if this is the case, And it’s true he will play for other teams without asking for an extension, then screw him. i call Jax and see if we can work out a package including Jamal for Ngakoue
  3. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/83254/diamond-in-the-huff-jets-hope-to-start-a-trend-with-undrafted-rookie hope this trend starts this year!
  4. Jets RB Frank Gore said he had an offer to join the Raiders but chose New York in part because of his good relationship with coach Adam Gase.
  5. I’ve been thinking about this, even if Ashtyn Davis plays safety alongside Jamal, who will be our depth players at the position? Do u guys think that they will try and convert Quincy Wilson to be a backup at safety? Rontez is gone. Our CB depth is a lot- Desir, Bless, Maulet, Bryce, Hairston, Lamar J, Javelin, and Quincy. Thoughts?
  6. With our jets draft history, how many of our first round picks before Jamal stuck? Look at our first round picks after brick / mangold to Jamal. The only one I believe in the league still is Sheldon. And then our history with second round picks? If Bekton and Mims pan out, it’s already an A for us
  7. I think the main point is we had WWAAYY too many needs to double dip on decent draft picks at positions of need. We had a HUGE need for a backup QB, and yes, we also do need another WR. Notice how we picked up 2 UDFA WRs. Both have a very good shot to make the PS. There’s also more who will be available as FAs. EVEN if we don’t get another WR- we have Perriman, Mims, Crowder, (Herndon and Griffin back as well), Ur draft pick AT BEST would be our FOURTH receiver and 7th option! Why should we draft a fourth round potential AT BEST fourth receiver on the depth chart, if we can get a solid, reliable backup QB with a big arm with the same pick? again, this was a well planned draft by a prepared GM. After seeing how it played out, I’m trusting all his picks. oh yes And Doctson could just as easily put up decent fourth receiver numbers.
  8. Honestly, this is the first draft in a very long time where the GM seemed to have a methodical plan and exectuted it to near perfection. We had a total of 9 picks- and all were at a different position. we have soo many needs. joe D addressed them wisely now the only change I personally wanted was to have taken KJ HILL with our last pick instead of the trade for Quincy Wilson, however, like I said before, as methodical as JD Was, I will trust in his picks. there are many other things we don’t see with players, (character issues, interview, locker room presence) that can influence whether we take them. Some scouts said Anthony McFarland has a bad attitude, and there were reports that DPJ interviewed poorly. because we don’t see all the issues, and since JD showed me he deserves our trust, I’m happy with all the picks he made. I know he will also address our continued needs in UDFA and Vet FA (he already signed 2 WRs and 2 CBs and perhaps the best remaining pass rusher as UDFA). I’m excited to see where we go this year and how JD continues to build. Now let’s hope Gase can actually coach!
  9. Everyone keeps saying this. please tell me how another 4th round or 5th round WR isn’t the same as Doctson? Doctson is a former first round pick who put up 4th round pick numbers. Healthy and in a better system, he’s the same (if not better) than those 4th round guys. im glad we used the picks on other needs- like backup QB and potential safety to replace Maye.
  10. Well here is the thing. Regarding just ur first point. JD had a trade in place with Jax to move up to 9 for Bekton or Wills. Had one of them gone earlier to AZ or any earlier teams, Jets ALREADY had a deal in place to move up to 9 (it was agreed the jets would give their 4th rounder). They knew Cleveland would grab the other one before them, so they would have to jump Cleveland, Once AZ passed on an OT, they felt that either Bekton or Wills was falling to them and they backed out of the Jax trade. This in itself shows the jets didn’t “settle” for Bekton. Just saying
  11. Hey correct me if I’m wrong... Seems like all the players that got multi year deals - GVR, McGovern, Lewis- JOE D didn’t draft those positions The guys with 1 year deals- Fant is essentially 1 year, Jordan Jenkins, Poole, Desir, Perriman - We drafted all those positions in case we don’t re sign those guys. Is that accurate? if so, that’s extremely calculated and executed!
  12. U guys are pissed? Whose the number 2 in GB? They didn’t draft a single WR! I think the guys we added, perriman, Doctson, etc, and maybe the return of Enunwa plus some UDFAs, I’m not upset about not drafting more WRs. this is one of the best drafts in a long time
  13. Who was the DL we turned into OL who was pretty good?

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