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  1. Everyone forgot about the music city miracle? U don’t squib it there- u can just down a squib kick and no time runs off.
  2. Hey - im interested. I played in the fantasy league this year under the team name NOSIDE- made the playoffs. Would be interested in the league next season
  3. Do u guys wanna set up a Jets nation fantasy football chat? Maybe via what’s app? Trash talking for the league?
  4. Hey thanks for the invite. I’m on the west coast. The draft seems like it’s set for 3 PM PT, which would be 6 PM EST. Just confirming
  5. Please let me know if this is a go. I’m definitely interested and want to designate time for the draft. Thanks for considering me
  6. Hey all, I played several years ago in the league, but then I stopped. I’d be interested in playing again.
  7. I work with an orthopedic surgeon who played QB for OSU- he played with Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, and Eddie George, etc. he has all the inside info on OSU- and he told me personally that Fields has a bad rep within the OSU circles and is considered a “Me first” kinda guy. He’s selfish and about himself. Follow that up with this Orlovsky Comment and it eliminates him in my mind. No matter how good his tape is. Dan Orlovsky on the @PatMcAfeeShow show today had some interesting quotes that he’s getting from guys in the know. “Last guy in, first guy out.” “I’ve heard there are som
  8. The pick was an extra pick JD acquired by trading down. He fleeced NE and got a player they coveted. That itself earns JD the right to experiment with the pick and choose whom he pleases. And maybe he’s our primary backup this year, who knows?

    KC Cuts

    U guys are forgetting they have a very good tackle on the roster who opted out this year to help with the pandemic. Tardiff? They just need to replace the other guy. They will be just fine
  10. Hey all. I’m a physician- just to explain.. the rapid tests have a high false positive rate. Once they come back positive or inconclusive, they re-test with the PCR- which is much more specific. Hope that helps.
  11. I advocated for this guy like crazy. Look at all my previous posts about paying him. But if this is the case, And it’s true he will play for other teams without asking for an extension, then screw him. i call Jax and see if we can work out a package including Jamal for Ngakoue
  12. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/83254/diamond-in-the-huff-jets-hope-to-start-a-trend-with-undrafted-rookie hope this trend starts this year!
  13. Jets RB Frank Gore said he had an offer to join the Raiders but chose New York in part because of his good relationship with coach Adam Gase.
  14. I’ve been thinking about this, even if Ashtyn Davis plays safety alongside Jamal, who will be our depth players at the position? Do u guys think that they will try and convert Quincy Wilson to be a backup at safety? Rontez is gone. Our CB depth is a lot- Desir, Bless, Maulet, Bryce, Hairston, Lamar J, Javelin, and Quincy. Thoughts?
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