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  1. For anyone clamoring that the jets can’t trade down to 16 and miss on the “one of the four” big tackles or the WRs, u guys seem to forget that we have MANY needs on this team. The dropoff from The top 4 to Josh Jones is not that great, especially the drop from Bekhton or Wirfs. I would SURELY secure an extra 3 and 4 in this draft, it’s a deep receiver draft and extra picks can allow us to address CB and Edge in the early rounds as well. Honestly, why are we all insisting that we MUST DRAFT the next “potential” Jonathan Ogden over Another Brick with an extra pick in the 3rd and 4th? Gimme Brick and the extra picks. 

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  2. Quantify it? He is arguably the best safety in the league. He is passionate and wants to win.

    since 2010- with the wonderful Kyle Wilson selection, NO JET FIRST ROUND PICK was even serviceable. We hit with Adams 8 years later. Joe D had a reputation of paying his good players in Philly and set a culture of “win and  play well and you will be rewarded”. We need to set that same culture. It’s asinine to think we should trade him. For what, draft picks? We couldn’t even hit on a first round pick for the last 8 years, what makes u think we’ll hit on others? Trading him is plain stupid. Pay the man. 

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  3. I posted something on this issue in another room. I’m reposting here

    Hey all. Even tho i read most of the posts, I don’t post much here myself but I really feel the need to chime in. I completely AGREE with paying Adams and am disappointed u all disagree. Let me tell u why. First of all, Joe Douglas and Roseman and the guys in Philly helped build a winning culture by keeping and paying most of their homegrown talent. That built a winning culture, something we don’t have here. Check out some quotes below

    Each new addition has a story similar to Jernigan’s—of receiving a gesture that made him feel both wanted and welcome. That culture of inclusion helped new faces acclimate immediately, and it’s defined the Eagles’ success this season. “If you a have a foundation and a core group of guys that have been here for a long time, leaders who know the team, know the organization, they understand what’s expected,” center Jason Kelce says. “When you add the new pieces in, it’s very easy for those guys to understand quickly what’s going on.”

    Now remember. There aren’t too many Jets star players. Jamal Adams is one. We missed on almost all our top draft picks. We finally hit on one. Why would u not pay him? Yes, the jets have multiple needs and not all that much money to fill all the holes. This is why u try and draft well, something we haven’t done in a while. But don’t try and pick up more picks By trading away the good picks uve made. Invest in them. Also, whose to say if u trade Jamal for picks, those picks will pan out? We already have this player who panned out. He’s got no off field issues. He plays hard, he’s a leader, a motivator, and a guy who loves to play the game. He’s everything u want in a player, u have to pay him. This is where u start to send a message that if u play here and help bring about a winning culture, u will be compensated and other people will want to join. 

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