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  1. Bino needs to take his filter off and tell his readers how he really feels about Wentz.
  2. Letting players get as much money and benefits as they want from the organization out of fear of player dissatisfaction or holdouts is also not professional.
  3. Belichick’s demise has been foretold many times on to prove the soothsayers and Cassandras wrong. Many Jets fans like me thought that Groh/ Parcells/ meant that Brady Belichick was a one year aberration. Then Pennington’s rise meant Belichick’s downfall. Then Weiss left and the 1st and 2nd Belichick era generation defensive players began being moved out. Then the time was ripe when the Pats’ cheating apparatus was exposed. Then Rex openly hunted Belichick, actually inflicted some damage, and he seemed ripe for the fall too. Now the pig seems ripe because Brady is gone. The story goes
  4. Congratulations Mark Sanchez. I think he’ll do a good job. He can convey his charisma and enthusiasm for the game when speaking through media.
  5. Indeed it is. But it is based on the information available and information that can be inferred from it. 1. She declared that her son has tried to induce her from posting because of the increased attention she is receiving and his concern about potential negative reflections on him 2. She declares she will keep posting her views despite the probable growing attention due to her son Faced with the decision to respond to the possible risk to her son’s public reputation based on the current social environment, two decisions can be made: 1. Limit his exposure to reputational ri
  6. Since her claim to fame is her son’s profession, it stands to follow that she believes her opinions/ post should have increased weight. She now probably believes she should be come famous because he is.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/zach-wilson-mom-delete-instagram Wilson embarrassed enough to publicly offer monetary inducements to his mother to stop posting. Let the distractions and sideshows begin.
  8. Or studies like the Soviet Army rampaging through Eastern Europe and Germany in 1944-45.
  9. Maybe we can replace it with “glittering” “shimmering” or “sparking/ sparkling”?
  10. “…..showed flashes….” This catch all statement/ verbal crutch is annoying. It absolves the person making the statement from having to say what they need to realized their potential. How do we get from flashes to full power illumination?
  11. I remember Dan Dierdorf dramatically stating Sanchez was eating a “Hhhot Dog” on the bench.
  12. This is historically the type of game we lose. Former Jets player leaves the team in controversy or disgrace and the anticipatory media buildup usually trends towards defeat for the Jets.
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