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  1. 2. Is dependent on the assessment that Wilson is the Jets’ choice. It could also mean that the other teams assess that if the Jets do not take Wilson, he and the remaining QBs are of similar capability.
  2. Is social media use now a measurement of sincerity or a summary judgment of person’s life or personality?
  3. While hatred and vengeance is a proven motivator, the emotion is not psychologically sustainable and leads to mental burn out or traumas. One can become a psychotic or develop strong antisocial tendencies that impact team behavior. Nietzsche’s warning to those staring into the abyss and the Greeks tragedies are a classic warnings about actions and behavior driven by extreme emotion.
  4. A lot of revisionism and recency bias here. His past college play now has to be discounted and denigrated because he’s disappointed professionally. To the point where confusion reigns as to how he was even a QB in the first place, found success in college and that he even came to the attention of professional evaluators as ranking amount the best of his college peers. Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan indeed.
  5. To be fair, the residents had to endure 3-4 months of chaos before they were supposed to have been all destroyed by a nuclear weapon.
  6. Not necessarily; for example, most people would rather not have diseases than have them.
  7. SAR I’m not mocking you. I’m just applying a pun in the spirit of your first slogan.
  8. It seems most teams’ final analysis will be how bad they viewed the Jets organization and how badly it impacted Darnold’s development -if it did. The final terms in a potential trade will be an indication of other teams’ views of this franchise during ‘19-20
  9. Fortune whiskey celestial bicycle seat Idaho lamentable serene. just saying.
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