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  1. A great moment that started of a bright, shining, yet all too brief era of Jets football.
  2. He’s probably going to “flush” us badly today.
  3. I hope the Jets don’t upset the Bucs too much; they may react by blowing the Jets out 50-14 instead of calmly defeating us 30-14. This is the Bowles revenge game.
  4. Echoes of Dee Milliner. Hopefully the current FO heeds the warnings of the past.
  5. I can’t take credit for it. One of his supporters on this site coined that term for him about a year or so ago. You should read the thread where he makes the debut of the name - a plethora of Ja Rule references throughout. But, for that reason, I will never forget it either.
  6. What a fall from grace for Ja Rhule.
  7. Was the crowd saying “boo”, or “boo-urns”?
  8. Players should move to more simulated feeding pantomimes like a mother bird feeding its chicks or even animals feeding from a trough.
  9. I though that was common sense. I mean, come on; if this is a consular ship, then where is the ambassador?
  10. If only more people thought this way. If they did, there wouldn’t be such overpriced real estate market because of so many new residents moving in.
  11. Great recognition for Batman Returns as a Christmas movie.
  12. I hope not, but it would be par for the course in this scenario.
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