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  1. It’s interesting that a non-traditional source of Jets news has been reporting on Adams-related news suddenly over the past week. That could make his reporting credible. Question is, who is giving him this info outside of the traditional channels and why?
  2. Think this was the season Rex also defeated a Saints team that was expected to destroy the Jets. The Jets ended up neutralizing that potent offense. That was also a great display of coaching by Rex.
  3. Amazing; I would have thought after the Jets seasons under his regime were runined by injuries to Namath post ‘69 that he would have had great appreciation for talent.
  4. I have to agree with this. Michaels oversaw the best concentration of talent on the team at least since the late 60’s. He also was able to command it into playoff contention and almost into the Super Bowl.
  5. Johnson wanted to get rid of Marino both as vestige of the Shula regime he replaced and as trade fodder to get more picks. Team ownership resisted that plan, I believe further disillusioning Johnson, who was in a “win now” through the draft mode. This is probably why Johnson quit after he and Marino were humiliated in thier 62-7 playoff destruction in Jacksonville
  6. I liked O’B, but he consistently had what I thought were better teams than the Dolphins and after ‘86, for some reason he lost his ability to play at high levels consistently. Marino compensated for Shula’s chronic inability to obtain talent and coaching, especially on defense. He likely extended Shula’s career by about 5-6 years.
  7. Drafting Manning or Marino. The rest of the options were players who required various levels of coaching and patience that contemporary Jet coaching/ FO regimes did not have. These QBs would have been decisive. Farve on a Coslet/ Carrol/ Kotite coached team I doubt would have produced the same result as Holmgren/ Mariucci, etc. LT would have joined the Sack Exchange and likely made a good D likely into merely a very good unit. Marino paired with McNeil and that great WR corps of the ‘80’s would have been prolific. Manning paired with the Parcells D and run-game emphasis would have given him the team balance he lacked with the Colts.
  8. Pick a Jets contemporary to Smith and Sanders- One Adrian Murrell. He was actually a good RB
  9. No, I’m in Florida. I’ll walk myself out the door.
  10. I only saw O’Brien play in ‘91-‘92, but for a brief moment in the mid-80’s he was seen as comparable with Marino. I’ve always viewed the ‘80’s Jets as having great talent. So, I’m not sure if it was O’Brien underperforming or the team underperforming due to coaching. I remember O’Brien’s amazing performance in the Pro Bowl QB accuracy challenge: I think he set a record. I think it was in ‘91 or ‘92.
  11. I believed I would marry The Baroness from the GI Joe Animated series when I was 8.
  12. Debate is critical analysis - everyone tests their hypotheses in an open forum. According to the commentariat and most ‘Phins fans, if he doesn’t suffer injuries, his glory is inevitable. .
  13. Even though the story is don Quijote I can appreciate this. El Cid was one of the greatest medieval warriors in European history. We definitely don’t want an El Stid for the Pats.
  14. From a low bar he proved them all wrong.
  15. I believe that was the 2017 season. Quite a few prognosticators had us going winless.
  16. As some one born and raised in Miami and a Jets fan, I bow in respect to a historic coach that succeeded in adapting to the league’s playing and coaching trends, while staying consistent in his coaching style, a man who was instrumental in the Jets achieving glory, and ultimately, a formidable leader of a detested rival. To quote Shakespeare, “Take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.”
  17. I made this observation before. the advantage will be with the teams that had fewer personnel and coaching changes. Not advantageous for us considering our personnel turnover. I’m expecting mediocrity this season NFL wise and a repetition of our season last year sans mono.
  18. The Pandemic will like make the upcoming season a wash.
  19. I think the pandemic will affect player training and on field performance. It will also affect coaching. The teams with the fewest changes will probably have the best advantage. The Jets have probably had too many changes and will likely have too little time to achieve team cohesion in the field.
  20. I think our expectations need to be severely tempered. The pandemic will affect team and player performance across the league. Player training and exercise standards will be below average, coaching staffs will not be able to train the players to their schemes. the teams with the fewest personnel and coaching changes will probably do better this year. Doesn’t look promising for the Jets.
  21. I wouldn’t say Pennington put Favre in his place. I’d say Favre’s ego and Mangini’s acceptance of it was thier end. Miami had to mitigate Pennington’s faults by Wildcatting into the playoffs. They were crushed and Pennington humiliated after the Ravens stifled the Wildcat. in Jets poetic symmetry- Rex put Pennington “in his place” and proceeded to replace Mangini a couple of months later.
  22. Not to mention chicken v.egg: these QBs under Gase, in his first year.
  23. I’m thinking of the great gentlemen of leisure, like Porfirio Rubisrosa or Agha Khan. Becton can now live like a man thirsty for life.

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