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  1. Fortune whiskey celestial bicycle seat Idaho lamentable serene. just saying.
  2. Probably at the same point when everyone evaluates the entire team has performed on the field and not by what people think Darnold should do in spite of itself? As Aristotle said; as the man is, so he sees.
  3. This time of the football year is the “devil’s playground” as critics of certain philosophies claim. Logical leaps, biases, over analysis and emotions are used to fill in the lack of information.
  4. This is practically his first year. He has a historic opportunity for success: personally selected coach, a full bank account and well placed draft picks.
  5. All gas and no breaks will only lead to high speed wrecks.
  6. Bill Walsh reportedly said “you can’t reach accuracy”. Alert went from nuclear blast circular error probable- type accuracy to great accuracy in one pandemic-shortened offseason. Something happened, maybe a combination of Palmer + new talent acquisitions + improving Daboll OC command.
  7. Peyton stayed because Parcells refused to guarantee drafting him. Parcells preferred veteran QBs rather than training them.
  8. I suppose it depends on if one equates a vocal minority of a side with an entire group.
  9. Who can forget his role on of the great ‘80’s TV shows:
  10. This person never heard of “lies, da[rn] lies and statistics”.
  11. Ah, but has anyone been monitoring his, or his associates’, responses to Dolphin related messages?
  12. We’re the QB Lothario of NFL teams’ fan bases.
  13. The question now will be if Woody keeps this arrangement upon his return or if he believe he needs to reassert his authority after being gone for 3 years.
  14. Who said he was describing an F-16? A C-5 Galaxy, now that would be tough to take on. Or, with “all gas no break”, maybe a KC-135 tanker would be an ideal symbol...?
  15. My first post on a Jets site was a farewell Vinny post. SAR immediately responded, informing me with evidence that Vinny was, in essence, overrated and that my admiration was due only to the low expectations for Jets QBs throughout the 90’s. A great early memory. SAR present at the beginning.
  16. ACM v. Penningtologists. A divisive era. Some Penningtologists were even cheering against Favre and the Jets in ‘08. They then ignored the Dolphins’ resorting to the Wildcat to cover up for his deteriorating arm strength
  17. If Watson has a no-trade clause as some here have claimed, then Watson has an ultimate veto over who he gets traded to. If that is the case, then he could compel the Texans to trade with the Jets regardless of who the Texans prefer.
  18. It was a glorious moment in a brief era in our history. It was a time when self confidence, willpower fed by larger than life personalities could overcome the odds. Those ‘10-‘12 teams of Rex’s era were a great time to be a Jets fan.
  19. He probably means 2018-19 Allen whose accuracy was defined by Nuclear weapon Circular Error Probable range circles.
  20. I think Douglas would prefer this view. Those who know don’t talk, those that talk don’t know. At least Douglas is keeping a tight ship when it comes to leaks .
  21. Don’t even have to go far: 1996 Jets 1-15. 1997 Jets: 9-7
  22. Not having done much research myself yet, I just hope the whipsawing over the last four weeks from Lawrence, the QB from BYU and now Fields is not just collective post hoc, recency and confirmation biases.
  23. I despise that term “flashes”; it’s become a subjective catch-all. I think he demonstrated some great capabilities, but not consistently enough to succeed.
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