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  1. Eh, I also dabbled in optimism in 1991-1992, 1999-2005 and 2009-2012. I became a verify then trust fan. I hope your faith is validated this time.
  2. Eh. I thought the situation went both ways. Queeg’s actions led to loss of confidence in him by the subordinates. By the time Queeg admitted it and tried to recover by asking for help, it was too late. Not to mention his indecisiveness and paralysis in times of crisis almost lead to the sinking of the Caine and the deaths of most of the crew. Using this as a metaphor, Gase accepting Darnold’s input at the season midpoint was Gase’s admission that he failed. The typhoon may be yet to come.
  3. I think Favre’s arrogance and Mangini’s subsequent intimidation by Favre cost the team the season. Mangini lost his job because he couldn’t impose his authority over a one year rental. Sanchez was flawed, but, Rex/ Tanny failed to address them and exacerbated them by filing to maintain offensive stability with offensive players and trying to hide his flaws rather than trying to correct them. That being said, Rex could coach up a defense. As an example: I remember him beating the high powered Saints with a subpar team by holding them to low single digits.
  4. I think a better analogy is the champagne being thrown at Gase’s face for the manipulative McCagnan affair.
  5. Ah. The old JI ACM v. Penningtologist era. I’m no Penningtologist, but he did beat Green Bay in the win and in game and Peyton Manning in the playoffs.
  6. The “Caine Mutiny”. A famous book by Herman Wouk and the film based on the book with Bogart as the Captain of the ship. The strawberries refer a scene where the Captain shows the first evidence of paranoid behavior.
  7. Well, using the Caine Mutiny as a theme, be careful that you’re not listening to Keefers trying to push thier narratives on you to manipulate you into doing what they want against the Captain.
  8. Historical point of interest: McMillian gave the middle finger to Shula whille running along the Dolphins sideline as he was returning a Marino INT 99 yards for a touchdown.
  9. Jets also seemed to draft low 1s to high 2nd WRs well. Rob Moore, Terrance Mathis; they were traded and became high performers throughout the 90’s. JoJo Townsell was also a capable WR.
  10. Considering how the kicker is a direct scoring player I’d be willing to use a pick on the most promising kicker past RD2. The Jets assesses that kickers were interchangeable in ‘19 and look what happened. With the data showing declining accuracy among kickers now, there’s probably going to be more competition among teams to sign even competent kickers now.
  11. If you torture statistics enough, they are capable of telling you anything. That’s why I believe experience and instinct remain critical for GMs. Someone has to determine what data points are relevant more than others and to assess which are indicative of trends ahead of opposing teams.
  12. Sports media has become pure PR and crisis management. In this world of small attention-span, social media driven news, newsmakers are the most hyperbolic or radical. Coaches and GMs then have no incentive to expose themselves to controversy in an age where short term attention spans, technology and the media combine to threaten careers.

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