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  1. This. What coach would want to come here when their job security could be at risk at every play, let alone game? Johnson landed consensus top HC candidates with Bowles, Saleh and Herm. Rex was always lurking in the top candidate list as well. It cannot be a coincidence that their high potential all meet their doom here. They could not all have been overrated.
  2. We’re in an endless sunk cost fallacy cycle. The Johnsons are at its center.
  3. Absolutely. Hence my personal v team performance caveat. Maybe the chronic underperformance of a team in a prominent media market will drag down league profit enough. Then maybe the league will intercede in “advising” the ownership.
  4. The former owner of the Carolina Panthers‘ fate is proof of owners pressured to sell. Of course, personal violations seem to produce the pressure over the performance of their teams.
  5. Don’t know about that. Barkley torched the Jets in one of hos greatest pro performances coming after the bench for Allen in Bowles’ last year.
  6. I’m hoping for something closer to O’Brien v. Ryan.
  7. I do remember his negative assessment during draft was that he tended to procrastinate.
  8. Let this be a lesson, never pay anyone anything unless they are on thier rookie contract.
  9. Green top black pants black top green pants
  10. I’m surprised we’ve lost any awareness of Jets history here. The historical Jets game formula is: Opposition star injured = backup plays better than star, Jets collapse worse than if actual opponent’s starters played. Well, it over for us. Hilton’s replacement will make 120 yds and two touchdowns, including the game winner.
  11. Didn’t end well for him when he met James Bond
  12. I’d add the Blair Thomas fumble at Chicago during Monday Night Football. I thought the SOJ curse was broken after the Monday Night Miracle and in 2003 with the rise of Pennington and in 2009-10 when Rex beat the Pats the first time he played them. Alas, so many false hopes.
  13. Perhaps my memory has dulled the negatives of that era. That was indeed competitive talent wasted.
  14. Yes. And the Rex defense failed to stop Miami in the final 1-2 mins of the game from scoring the winning TD.
  15. Not to mention ‘83, the “mud bowl”. we’ve averaged a trip to the AFCCG once each decade after the 1970’s. I think we’re in danger of missing that now.
  16. Maybe with “all Gas” he meant hot air rather then gasoline?
  17. Indeed. Two weeks ago, another report claimed it was hours if not days away from completion.
  18. Famously gave Don Shula and the Dolphins team the middle finger as he was running a Marino INT pass down the Miami sideline for a long TD. Possibly a 90-something yarder.
  19. That season was a great display of Rex’s coaching ability overcoming the Tanny cap reduction skill hemorrhage. I believe that was the season he beat the Saints with a masterful game plan; also one of the biggest upsets in terms of betting line in years, if I’m not mistaken.
  20. Let him get his words in. He’s been correct this far into the season. If you’re looking for projected possible analogies, Josh Allen would be a close one. College level of competition questioned, accuracy measured by nuclear weapon detonation range circles and processing abilities deemed uncertain. He did however, have a strong arm and could throw on the move. It did take him three seasons to overcome the deficiencies either through self improvement, systemic enhancements and/ or talent improvement. It may be due to one factor or all of the above. The time for a net assessment will come at the of the season.
  21. Well, the rumors about Marino’s personal decisions probably increased his risk relative to O’Brien.
  22. If he was, he’d be making a lot of money gambling or fortune telling.
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