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  1. Everybody asks what the Jets are doing. But nobody ever asks HOW the Jets are doing.
  2. This is the result of pre-season and off season training and OTA activity reductions. The first few regular season games are in effect, pre season games. Injuries are the result of the reduction of training during the off season. Teams that have lower amount of turnover have an advantage - less time to learn and internalize systems.
  3. I appreciate that $0.02. I believe that most fans are not that zero sum results focused. Many fans also look at the process and it’s influence in the outcome. An entire industry of insider information, 24 hour sports media and commentary has been built to meet that apparent demand.
  4. Objectivity is always a challenge for any observer. implicit conscious and unconscious biases are ever present. The journalists themselves often fail to account for them. In this case, a fan cannot be totally objective, otherwise he/ she would not be a fan of a team, but a fan of the sport or maybe the league.
  5. So, should Saleh be fired after the bye or at the end of the season? Who will replace him? Maybe the Panthers’ OC? He got Darnold to look good today /sarc.
  6. I say pour the sugar: at least it’s not saccharine this time. It was his first real game and he delivered when he had to when most everyone else is still getting off the bus it seems.
  7. At this point, only 45 mins into the season with hyperbolic hot takes steaming hot and running rampant, A Sanchize would be a serious upgrade.
  8. I’m going watch at the Harvard Club and reminisce about my school days at Choate.
  9. They all say that; in reality, the Captains accommodate to realities. There’s also double standards between Captains and crew: the Captain of the Costa Concordia abandoning his ship, passengers and crew is an example.
  10. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  11. How did this software do in predicting last years’ records?
  12. Did TX return to post here? Haven’t seen him since the JI days, IIRC.
  13. Foote’s trilogy is indeed a masterful U.S. historical work. His commentary in Burns’ “The Civil War” documentary introduced me to the trilogy.
  14. Don Shula was Marino limited Marino’s success. Shula never developed a consistent running game to take the pressure of Marino. He also never developed a defense capable of restraining the opposing offense. Marino could put up large passing numbers in a game and throw 5 TD passes. But when the defense consistently game up 6 TD passes, he could not win when going up against good defenses of that era - the Bills and Broncos for example. The Jets seemed to be kryptonite for him more often than not, no matter how successful, or not, the Jets were at a given time.
  15. To be fair, Saleh phrase indicates constant motion, not the speed of that motion. In this case, speed is relative.
  16. Same was said about Jeff George. Impending greatness frustrated by reality. I remember him being called the next Marino. To quote the Tuna - “Let’s not put him in Canton yet”.
  17. I wonder if the Ghost of Dick Hammer will return to post on JI to offer his opinions on his grandson’s departure and Wilson.
  18. Exactly. Have some sense of proportion.
  19. Unless he’s thinking about remoras. Remoras attach themselves to sharks and eat the scraps sharks leave during thier feeding. They also eat parasites that latch into the shark’s skin. They’re with sharks and they’re going to eat when sharks eat.
  20. A little before my time, but he did coordinate and then coach some of the team’s most prolific offenses in its history. Got Ken O’Brien to rival Marino for a couple of years and got the Jets to 10-0 in 1985-86.
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