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  1. Maybe we can replace it with “glittering” “shimmering” or “sparking/ sparkling”?
  2. “…..showed flashes….” This catch all statement/ verbal crutch is annoying. It absolves the person making the statement from having to say what they need to realized their potential. How do we get from flashes to full power illumination?
  3. I remember Dan Dierdorf dramatically stating Sanchez was eating a “Hhhot Dog” on the bench.
  4. This is historically the type of game we lose. Former Jets player leaves the team in controversy or disgrace and the anticipatory media buildup usually trends towards defeat for the Jets.
  5. Maybe the organization will use the 1980-1996 uniform helmet?
  6. Depends on what type of gas Saleh is talking about. He could have meant that he would act flexibly, like a Ideal Gas Law-type leadership, in which gases behave differently in different circumstances. In which case, his actions depend on the circumstances.
  7. Reminds me of another Star Trek reference
  8. American society’s phraseological obsession with hyperbole distorts reality and undermines expectations. Everything is “awesome”, “the greatest”, “best ever”, “epic”, etc. If Wilson has already been anointed among the greatest starting QBs in Jets history, then how bad will the reaction be when he makes his rookie mistakes? An Impatient fan base, a press willing to stoke the flames and all held hostage to the most vocal hyperbolic social media influencers is a toxic combination that can undermine the coaching regime, let alone Wilson’s development ASAP.
  9. The Ken O’Brien position. Hopefully more 84-87 O’B than 88-91 O’B.
  10. I was comparing the Lock- Herbert success spectrum.
  11. The average odds probably lie more towards the Lock territory. Not every rookie QB can be a spectacular success.
  12. Very important historical review. Many of us have heard these cliches many times.
  13. Not to mention Sanchez would rise to the occasion one month later in the playoffs to get one half short of the Super Bowl.
  14. The human being wearing the uniform of a professional football team.
  15. This is incorrect Parcells refused to draft Manning because he was on a win quick plan and did not want to be saddled with long term development of a QB.
  16. 0 INTs, 3 TDs 350YDS Darnold leads the winning drive. I’m basing this on the Jets tradition of previous starting QBs often having their best games of their seasons against the Jets.
  17. That game ended Sanchez’ career as starting QB with the Jets for me. The final play with him dropping and stumbling the fumbled ball to the Titans was sad. When people describe the excitement of Drafting a new QB today, many forget that Sanchez created a inspired much more widespread excitement and promise. Much of that was because he arrived simultaneously with Rex, but those first two years were seemingly ethereal. Those were truly unique times.
  18. Absolutely! Mo Lewis was the stalwart of LB corps during the late -90’s early ‘00’s. Don’t forget Marvin Jones. Another great Jets LB from that era.
  19. This brings the question of what kind of people and what quantity of such people tweeting is the threshhold for “going nuts”? This is followed by why should certain people care that a certain amount of such people are enthralled by that video?
  20. He’s a professional businessman. The football profession is now mostly buisness. He’ll be willing to play hobbled and hinder the team for his funds just as much as he would be willing to hinder the team by not playing until he is 100% healed.
  21. He set a mark for LB longevity. 50% of success is showing up.
  22. MiG-25 SR-71 F-14 MiG-31 B-70 B-58 All at altitude. But the list changes if we’re talking low, mid and high altitude.
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