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  1. I bet he coaches the Saints this weekend.
  2. Thank you! I really thought this was the generation of younger fans. I see this everywhere as if they actually KNOW the guy. When did this become part of the lexicon of sports? I don't care if he is the nicest guy in the world. If you suck at football.. bye. Can care less about you as a person, cuz guess what? I don't know you.. probably never will. But I know you are a player on my team, and you have a job to do - if you can't do your job.. bye. This good guy sh*t is so stupid. I literally can care less if Sam is a broke hobo on the streets in a few years. He is not a friend or
  3. Some on this board: "JD is the dumbest GM - he is awful at making draft picks" Same people on this board: "We should have lost to get a higher draft pick for JD to make an awful pick with" Ugh. People on here are exhausting.
  4. Originally I was with you on this comment. But that week I got to listen to Bart clarify what he was saying about the Tenn game. His main gripe was ALL the plays that ZW made in that game were "off script" plays. Yes, they look great on ESPN when they work.. but you cant be an NFL QB ONLY making off script plays. You have to go through your reads and progressions. Stay in the pocket. Blah blah. Since his clarification that is literally ONE of the many things I pay attention to with ZW. How fast does he bail out of the pocket. Did he complete his reads? Did he give up too quick?
  5. Damn people have short memories. When ZW was injured all I read was how improved the O-Line looked for 4 games. Hell, even MLF was calling great games because... you know... hE WEnT uP TO tHe BoOtH... Or maybe our rookie QB is not doing the things that need to get done to create a consistent offense. Now, multiple things can be happening at once: Do I think our line is ranked number 12? Hmm... not really.. but definitely in the top 20. No where near the bottom. Do I think they screw up a block here or there? yes. Did it hurt not having Fant? Yes. Does ZW make all the adjustments
  6. Radio just bought up a good point.. its a good day for Jets fans! Only because we didnt hire him. Could you imagine.. Gase and then Meyer back to back? I know we're the laughing stock of the NFL.. but that would have put us on another level.
  7. He is aiming, rather than throwing. They say that about pitchers in baseball when things are going bad. You just do nothing that is natural. You aim it to go somewhere and it contributes to poor throws. 99% of Zachs problems lie between his ears... thats not a good sign.
  8. Literally every throw, you can see him think out loud. He is terrified to throw an INT. Terrified. Even on plays like the Berrios screen, no defenders anywhere to make a pick.. but every throw is aimed like a dart. He doesnt just throw... he aims.. and we all know how that turns out.
  9. This board August 31: I don't care if we win or lose.. I just want to see Zach make progress This board currently: I don't care if he made progress - it means nothing - Geno had a perfect passer rating once. Sam... oh Sam... oh Sam... he showed flashes. Seriously. The collective IQ on this board has to be slightly below a functioning moron.
  10. I agree 100%. If you can get all the other holes filled (or most of them) and the team is competing and showing wins... yeah, he might not be soley tied to Zach (if it doesnt work out).
  11. Holy crap.. where do you people come from? This might be the most uniformed take I have ever seen. So the Jets will give millions and millions to their number 2 pick, and after 6 games decide.. they have seen enough? after 6 games? JD has plenty more positions to draft with the capital he has and the holes left to fill.
  12. People have no clue how the NFL is constructed. The reason for drafting a rookie QB is that they don’t eat cap space.. until their 4th/5th year. The idea is draft a QB who is good, have the money to build around them, and you can afford to make your team better. When year 4/5 comes along you should know what you have. If you don’t, the answer is simple.. get rid of him because he is only gonna bury you in cap hell.. see Sam Darnold. But you need those first 3 years to make an accurate evaluation. Sitting him or letting Mike White play does nothing for this structure.
  13. His entire problem is inside his head. 100%. Prime example was when he ran backwards into the end zone... not that play but the one which preceded it. If you remember, he threw a side arm pass that was almost intercepted.. the next play was the run through the end zone. Zach, according to Zach, is only as good as the previous play. So once you see on play go bad, expect a 3 and out - he just doesnt seem to recover mentally.
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