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  1. Agree with OP.. why is a GM ONLY ONLY tied to a QB?? Makes no sense. I think the consensus amongst the NFL, and our own fans, is that the Jets have a lot of young talent. A LOT. Who did that? Who acquired them? So you make one bad choice at QB and your job is over and done? JD has whiffed at other picks.. but they arent the QB so it doesnt matter. But he has also brought in sooooo much talent... but not a QB sooooo... yeah, gone. It's stupid. I would seriously consider my Jets fandom if he is fired for Zach. Because of Zach. JD knows what he is doing. Let him do it.
  2. Showoff... we only had the street lights. Once they went on - you better have your ass home
  3. Sorry.. im the heartless bastard here... get the "f" back on the field and do your f'ing jobs. Period. If your coworker died of a heart attack in the next cube.. you MIGHT be sent home... but I can pretty much guarantee you will be back to work tomorrow. I feel for Hamlin (glad he is looking pretty good now).. i do.. emotions were high on Monday, a little less on Tuesday... and by Wednesday.. well.. you should have been playing the game. I also love how they need to be with Hamlin .. then the team caught the first flight back to Buffalo and welp.. .left him behind. Cant make that up. Time is well past to get the f*ck back to doing your jobs.
  4. Cant wait for original poster to show us all that video of HOW exactly Zach led us to his 5-2 record. You know, all those drop backs, standing in the pocket.. amazing bombs through tight windows... cant wait!
  5. I'll just keep repeating it: We should be rooting for the name on the FRONT of the jersey.. not the back. But since that is not going to happen, we need a space next to our usernames to show who we stand behind (and its unchangeable). The amount of Zachsexuals is beyond me. What are you watching that you think Zach was in any way responsible for that 5-2 record???? Jesus. So for that guy, you can put Zach next to your name. This can go along with all the people that wanted to keep Sam. The point is - if I see you wanted to keep Sam, and you don't think Zach is the problem now.. no one should listen to your "hot takes" for the rest of eternity.
  6. This board cracks me up with inconsistency.. on one hand we cannot just look at stats for the whole picture.. Mike White had 2 ints yesterday, on paper.. he had 2 Ints.. period. But if you watched the game, you would see the context of both Ints (1 was a deflection, 1 desperation pass). The same can be said for MLF. On paper he had close to 500 yards of offense. 500 yards, including all the drops. But if you watched the game the hidden context was: nice drives until we hit the redzone.. once inside the redzone, instead of going north and south.. the play calls were to the east and west. And yes, many were designed that way (screens and flats). So yes, the offense played well. But there needs to be a lot of work done inside the red zone.
  7. Amen Tom. Amen. He is ranked 35 out of 32 QBs this year... that means 2 backups were better. But sure, Mike White needs to keep that bull in the pen. Jesus.
  8. This is the type of sh*t that scares me. I said to my wife.. Mike white deserves the rest of the year.. what I am afraid of is if he has a bad or so so week.. will they be quick to pull the trigger and go back to Zach. White has earned the vote to play the rest of the season imho Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. But but but.. wait... he went up to the booth... didnt that solve everything??? didnt it????? Zach sucks. Period. Nothing else remotely matters.
  10. I dont think this post is based in reality. Let me go to your dreamland for a second.. so Zach is pretty good in this fantasy world but his evil offensive coordinator is just hindering his ability.. got it. So at no time in this fantasy world does Zach just say.. "nah.. I am not doing this.. I am going to do it my way"... he apparently does not.. and he happily lets the evil offensive coordinator allow him to throw for.... ******checks notes****** 2 ******* yards? Got it. Or maybe... just maybe.. back here in reality... Zach sucks and he is making the offensive coordinator look like he doesnt know what hes doing.
  11. when did this become a GREAT game for a number 2 overall pick in his 2nd year???
  12. I have said it a million times on this board - he is terrified to get hit. He is scared. One of the Patriots DL players said it after the game yesterday.. something to the effect that once Zach feels pressure he takes his eyes away from downfield and goes into self protection mode. That is literally how YOU and I would play if they made us suit up at QB for the Jets. He is scared. Plain and simple.
  13. More receipts from Saleh and Co. Here we were weeks ago saying "why is Q going off the field?".. "tired of these player swaps".. Saleh clearly shows again, he might know what he is doing and some of us need to be a little more patient with the plans. Myself included.
  14. This is on Reddit. We've been following this since week 1. It really is amazing... ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY COIN!
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