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  1. Thats proving my point.. all these organizations were considered just as bad, if not worse, than the Jets. All blind squirrels.. but they found the nut.. wether by accident or not... they found it! We, on the other hand, never ever ever find anything.
  2. So judging from Salehs previous statements on injuries.. Zach should play on Sunday but we will see him in week 15.
  3. Any early 80's fans in here? Remember the days when Green Bay. Tampa Bay, Arizona(St. Louis), Seahawks, Colts, Bengals were just plain bad. Yeah that was 40 years ago.. along the way EVERY ONE of those teams managed to get worse... get better.. get great.. and ALL went to the superbowl at some point. 40 years later and we go crazy that we made it to the AFC Championship game (a few times). Why? Why are we always just perennial losers? I just dont get it.
  4. Jesus try to keep up. The original post is Dallas possibly making a trade for Mike White. I stated Mike White is not that good. Whining about his QB Rating??? Idiot please. Stating a fact is hardly whining. You comparing him to our #2 overall means literally nothing to this topic. Do I think Zach sucks... he's not good... but irrelevant to this convo. At least we agree no one is trading for Mike White. And yes, he had a great game.. he also had a horrible one. Or maybe thats me whining. Jesus Christ, some of you are intolerable.
  5. What does your point have to do with Dallas trading for MIKE WHITE? This has nothing to do with Zach. Simple topic.
  6. Not remotely sure where you got ANYTHING Zach related from my comment. This is DALLAS trying to trade for Mike White. Period. You do you buddy.
  7. I agree. Yesterday was all about NO adjustments, as per usual. Keep playing the same plan and hope for better results. And if I have to draft another WR only to hear that he is considered "a chess piece"????? WTF is that???? You play him. Period.
  8. Holy sh*t. Mike White is not good. Jesus. He had 1, count it... 1 good game. I notice how you casually leave out the Buffalo game where he had a 33.4 QB Rating and 4 INTs. There is a reason he is number 3 on our depth chart and other teams are not giving up number 1 picks for a 3rd string QB. Just stop.
  9. Amazing jackass? Yeah. Fat? uggh... I think most of us on here would kill for something close to that body
  10. Its this new thing called Facebook.. its gonna take away our Myspace pages (or so they say). If you want, I have free access to this new Facebook thingy via a download I just made on Napster. Hit me up on my AOL account.
  11. I am much worse... I allow myself to get excited... then I watch 1 quarter of game 1, and when we have a few 3 and outs I immediately switch to us never winning again. 0-16. Happens quick.
  12. I feel like this was meant for me.. is this for me? this is exciting
  13. test received. This was fun.
  14. Jesus Christ these comments. So rookie year.. everyone was saying how great he is for a rookie.. could be dominant.. blah blah.. he played what? 2 games last year? 3? AND NOW HE IS A DISASTER!!!! I'll await your comment when you tell me you didn't think he was good in his rookie year and had a bad training camp last year. This whole Becton crap is soooo stupid. Let him play actual games... if he sucks.. good. We will get rid of him. But christ.. let him play for a bit.
  15. Yeah, but can he gawd da freak?
  16. Becton playing the "cant lose my job IF I never show up" card.... nice. 4D Chess
  17. Fish playing 4d chess... have everyone think that he can only throw for 20 yards... then .... unleash the kraken! ** throws for 12 yards - pick 6**
  18. I am fully expecting a win, a loss or a tie for each game this year. I will be shocked if it goes another way.
  19. Spoken like a true Long/Staten islander.
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