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  1. I usually give a qb at least 2 years but this is not it. He plays scared. He never steps up in the pocket and plays like he is afraid to get hit. Accuracy is not there.. I think the only positive I can give is he’s allusive. Even then he doesn’t throw the ball away when he should. Never been more down after a win than I am now.

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  2. This is why I get lost in GM conversations.  I will never understand how a GM is tied to the QB he selected, and if said quarterback does not work out, the GM is gone too. 

    I love JD.  I think he has done a tremendous job, but I still hear "If Zach doesnt work out then JD is gone".  JD put together the other 52 players as well.  Granted the QB spot is the most important but if you put together an amazing team of talent - couldnt you just plug in a FA QB or draft another?  Why is it all or nothing?

    Furthermore, with the exception of his first draft, the man has been killing it.  I think most of us can look at the talent assembled above and realize this guy knows what he's doing.  Most of us agree and cheer his moves on draft night.  But if one out of 53 doesnt work out.. get rid of him.  I will never get it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, bostonmajet said:

    It's funny - two weeks ago many were asking for Saleh's head. Culture is BS. Receipts was stupid. He was too stoic and then he was a buffoon getting pumped up on the sidelines. Ulbrich was the worst DC ever.

    Many were ready to get rid of JD just so we could go all in on Sean Payton. Let's reboot 3 games into Saleh's second season. We were going with a coach that was burnt out and needed time off. We went that way with Parcell's and after a few years he got tired.

    I am afraid when we loose some games, we are going to be back into this nonsense all over again.

    So you're saying that the internet is filled with people with crazy 0-100 takes that swing wildly from one direction to the next????

    No. No way.

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  4. 19 hours ago, IndianaJet said:

    Why those teams and not us?

    GreenBay - HOF fame QBs Farve and Rodgers

    Tampa - Elite generational defense (02) then HOF QB Brady

    Arizona - fluke year got them to Superbowl otherwise they've done nothing spectacular over the last 40 years (Also HOF QB Warner)

    Seahawks - Elite defense and HOF QB Russ

    Colts - Great defense and HOF QB Manning

    Bengals - Burrow had an elite year.  He could be one of the next great QBs but their superbowl run could also be a fluke like the Cards.


    Sense a pattern?

    Thats proving my point.. all these organizations were considered just as bad, if not worse, than the Jets.  All blind squirrels.. but they found the nut.. wether by accident or not... they found it!   We, on the other hand, never ever ever find anything.

  5. Any early 80's fans in here?  Remember the days when Green Bay. Tampa Bay, Arizona(St. Louis), Seahawks, Colts, Bengals were just plain bad.  Yeah that was 40 years ago.. along the way EVERY ONE of those teams managed to get worse... get better.. get great.. and ALL went to the superbowl at some point. 40 years later and we go crazy that we made it to the AFC Championship game (a few times). Why? Why are we always just perennial losers?  I just dont get it.

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  6. 4 hours ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    Joe Beningo is the BEST. Looks like we are at an impasse. Do we have anyone is who feels like Joe Beningo is ok? It will balance us out.

    Joe B made being a Jets fan tolerable for me. I owe him a debt of gratitude. 

    Woe is me, btw. 

    I think Joe Beningo is ok. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    You said Mike White sucks and whined about his QB rating. 

    So I compared him to our #2 overall draft pick QB.

    Do you think Zach sucks?  Maybe you do.

    A. No one is trading for Mike White.  Including Dallas.

    B. Mike White did not suck.  He was the best QB on our roster last year.


    Jesus try to keep up.  The original post is Dallas possibly making a trade for Mike White.   I stated Mike White is not that good.  Whining about his QB Rating??? Idiot please.  Stating a fact is hardly whining.   You comparing him to our #2 overall means literally nothing to this topic.  Do I think Zach sucks... he's not good... but irrelevant to this convo.  

    At least we agree no one is trading for Mike White.  And yes, he had a great game.. he also had a horrible one.  Or maybe thats me whining.  Jesus Christ, some of you are intolerable.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Like Zach's 37.0 rating against New England?

    Or his 42.6 rating against Denver?  Or his 58.5 rating against Houston?  Or his 59.8 rating against New Orleans?

    Or his own low-effort 66.0 rating against Buffalo, in one of the least impressive passing efforts in Jets history?

    I presume low ratings isn't a disqualifier for you, or you'd be against Zach given his worst in NFL rating last year.

    White had one truly great game (not good, great).  But it was only one, true enough.

    He started out his 2nd start on-pace to do it again, with 95 yards and a TD in the first quarter before being hurt, well over 100 rating.  Damn shame about that injury, White has been as fragile as Zachy-poo if not more injury prone.

    And while White did throw alot of INT's trying to beat the #1 Buffalo Pass Defense (unlike Zach, who never made any effort to try and beat Buffalo, all he was trying to do was not throw INT's, like most of his post-injury games) he also put up >250 yards passing, one of only a few to do that last year vs. that elite pass D.  

    QB's who try to win vs. great D's sometimes throw INT's against elite Defenses.  

    White should be starting for us on Sunday this week, until Zach is back and healthy. Then we should see Zach, and we can compare contract where the to QB's are.  Zach should be miles ahead of White by now.

    Cut Flacco today, and let Dallas sign him if they need a QB.

    Not remotely sure where you got ANYTHING Zach related from my comment.  This is DALLAS trying to trade for Mike White.  Period.  You do you buddy.

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  9. On 7/16/2022 at 2:55 PM, Fantasy Island said:

    What does FB stand for?

    Its this new thing called Facebook.. its gonna take away our Myspace pages (or so they say).  If you want, I have free access to this new Facebook thingy via a download I just made on Napster.  Hit me up on my AOL account.

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