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  1. This board August 31: I don't care if we win or lose.. I just want to see Zach make progress This board currently: I don't care if he made progress - it means nothing - Geno had a perfect passer rating once. Sam... oh Sam... oh Sam... he showed flashes. Seriously. The collective IQ on this board has to be slightly below a functioning moron.
  2. I agree 100%. If you can get all the other holes filled (or most of them) and the team is competing and showing wins... yeah, he might not be soley tied to Zach (if it doesnt work out).
  3. Holy crap.. where do you people come from? This might be the most uniformed take I have ever seen. So the Jets will give millions and millions to their number 2 pick, and after 6 games decide.. they have seen enough? after 6 games? JD has plenty more positions to draft with the capital he has and the holes left to fill.
  4. People have no clue how the NFL is constructed. The reason for drafting a rookie QB is that they don’t eat cap space.. until their 4th/5th year. The idea is draft a QB who is good, have the money to build around them, and you can afford to make your team better. When year 4/5 comes along you should know what you have. If you don’t, the answer is simple.. get rid of him because he is only gonna bury you in cap hell.. see Sam Darnold. But you need those first 3 years to make an accurate evaluation. Sitting him or letting Mike White play does nothing for this structure.
  5. His entire problem is inside his head. 100%. Prime example was when he ran backwards into the end zone... not that play but the one which preceded it. If you remember, he threw a side arm pass that was almost intercepted.. the next play was the run through the end zone. Zach, according to Zach, is only as good as the previous play. So once you see on play go bad, expect a 3 and out - he just doesnt seem to recover mentally.
  6. I am old enough to remember when Jet fans knew that starting a rookie QB was going to be filled with a lot of bumps and mistakes and downright awful play. Seems like ... I dont know... 5 months ago?
  7. who would have thought that two 2-8 teams wouldnt be fun to watch?? shocking development
  8. Needed to quote this.. I get the anger/frustration, believe me - 40 year fan. But I always get a chuckle when I see people say "I am done being patient".. what can YOU really do?? Literally nothing. You can stop watching - the Jets will still make money. You can not buy merchandise - the Jets will still make money. You can not go to the games - the Jets will still make money. We fans think we have all this power. We do - when literally ALL OF US come together and stop all the above. But you know that will never happen. NEVER EVER. It is a sh*t sandwich but you literally have no choice but to eat it. There is nothing you or me or anyone can do. So how much, or how little patience you have, is inconsequential.
  9. Amen. My god Jet fans have to be the dumbest fanbase out there. How can people seriously think that because MLF is in the booth that the OLine has gotten better, receivers are getting open and the running game has improved. It all comes back to ONE thing.. QB. Period. If you have a competent QB, who can make proper reads, guess what? You hit the Wide Receivers when they are open (not because you missed the window). You get the ball out quicker (OLine looks more competent) and, of course, the defense now has to play against the pass which opens up the running game. This isnt a very difficult concept. But yeah... "in the booth" is what did this. Jesus Christ.
  10. I love these youngsters who played a few seasons on Madden and have no concept that the Jets existed long before their mom was giving a handjob to their dad in a parking lot. Overreaction?? really?? how long is enough? I have been a fan since 1980. Thats 41 years! While enjoyed a few highs.. I have suffered through quite a bit of lows. These last years might have been the worst. Patience? Yeah I have that. But that doesnt mean you cannot criticize the product they are pedaling out on the field. It is poor, and no, it is not getting better or showing any progress. So take the sanctimonious "they are young be patient" crap and shove it.
  11. I have said for years.. the NFL has done the ONE thing you can NEVER EVER do. Take the joy and excitement out of a scoring play. I remember back in the 80's.. the deep ball to Toon/Walker.. 80 yard bomb.. crowd gets on their feet... roar starts to grow.. then BAM.. caught and in the end zone. Stadium goes wild. Nowadays... 80 yard bomb.. crowd gets to their feet.. roar starts to grow... BAM... caught and in the end zone.. and everyone has to wait another minute BEFORE you can celebrate to see if: A) What is that flag for? B ) Is there a flag? Sucks the enjoyment and excitement right out of the building.
  12. Would expect nothing less from a complete moron like yourself. Ingrate.
  13. I couldnt agree more. I literally HATE going to a football game. I always thought it was because football is a game where I need to see and watch EVERY game. So when the Jets are on.. I am on Red Zone in commercials. No other sport does that for me. When I go to a game.. I am locked in to just this one game. By the time I get home.. the 4 o clock games are halfway over. Ruins the day. And yes, the drunks at the game just dont do it for me either.
  14. This aged well. My God people.. please stop with your hot takes.. they're embarrassing.
  15. Umm... Joe must go? you confusing 2 different coaches? Walton and Kotite?
  16. Spoken like a true Madden game player. Jesus Christ.. not EVERYTHING is QB,WR and RB. Build the lines.. that's honestly the biggest thing a team can do. All SB winners have both. RBs can be filled in from FA on AFTER you have established a good line. So many people are just after that Madden BS sexy player.. stay the course.
  17. I told my coworkers "if I ever get optimistic about the Jets.. everyone has the rite to line up and summarily punch me in the ball sack for feeling that way" So I have motivations not to get this way.
  18. Man.. i dont know about his size though. He is electric.. no doubt.. but like someone else said - "he is best suited for a safety". Everything you read about him talks of him as a "hybrid".. not sure if thats a good thing or not.
  19. As I agree with all of you on the Giants trade (excellent).. their pick was absurd. But I think we are missing the bigger story.. it appeared the Giants were 100% dedicated to drafting a WR BEFORE showing up in Cleveland!!! A position they didnt really need. It would appear they really wanted Smith and then Philly traded up, leaving the Giants holding an empty bag. Thats some scary sh*t. You're defense sucks, o-line is bad.. and your GM thinks.. nah.. lets pile up on those wide receivers. Also, Raiders and Jags (Entiene) were so stupid.
  20. Let not forget the MOCK drafts.. holy crap! And yes it is our society. I can always tell who I will take seriously by the players they want. Most of the younger generation has no idea how to build a team and goes after the guy in Madden who have a high rating. Period. Or was once a household name. Dear lord.
  21. Isnt it April 29th? The draft? 29 + 7 (in march).. 36 days. Or is my math off?
  22. I cannot agree with this more. I have said this forever. QB is THE most important position on a TEAM sport. FQBs MAKE the entire roster better. I've had arguements on here about, aside from Moss, who has Brady thrown to? and if you throw out some of those names and say "he was pretty good".. that was because of Brady. Put Brady on the Jets now and Mims looks like a WR1. No doubt. But hey Darnold.. "we can win with him".. ugh.. no he is not making anyone better.. Watson will but I would only invest for the right price... which isnt too far off what they are asking.
  23. I think what bothers me most about the coach search is the way the NFL sets the rules. Like I am on board with Saleh.. I was a little disappointed when he left without a contract.. then I forgot about Dabol. I just started realizing how messed up that is that you cant choose between 2 guys because only 1 is available to interview. In the meantime, some other team can jump the gun and take Saleh off the board. Then you interview Dabol and realize that Saleh was better.. but now he is gone. Dont like it.
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