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  1. 20 hours ago, Green Truth said:

    I don't care how big he is.  What is he weighing in at 400LB's?  Absolutely ridiculous. This guy has to figure it out.  What a disaster.

    Jesus Christ these comments.  So rookie year.. everyone was saying how great he is for a rookie.. could be dominant.. blah blah.. he played what? 2 games last year? 3? AND NOW HE IS A DISASTER!!!!  I'll await your comment when you tell me you didn't think he was good in his rookie year and had a bad training camp last year.  This whole Becton crap is soooo stupid.  Let him play actual games... if he sucks.. good.  We will get rid of him.  But christ.. let him play for a bit.

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  2. OMG.. drama queen here... you made a really really really bad joke that I was waiting for a bunch of people to call you out on.  AND NO ONE DID.  They made fun of your laughing meme at your own joke.  That was about it.  Now you start another thread to double down on.. on .. what?? nothing? I'm lost.  Apology accepted though.  I think. I dont know.

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  3. Embarrassing post.  Clearly the OP has played Madden is whole life and has zero clue how to build a team.  GET ME WRs, RBs and TEs!!!! Holy crap.  I would assume the OP wonders why the QB doesnt run backwards 25 yards before they pass (ala, Madden).  Delete this post. Horrible.

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