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  1. As I agree with all of you on the Giants trade (excellent).. their pick was absurd.  But I think we are missing the bigger story.. it appeared the Giants were 100% dedicated to drafting a WR BEFORE showing up in Cleveland!!!  A position they didnt really need.  It would appear they really wanted Smith and then Philly traded up, leaving the Giants holding an empty bag.   

    Thats some scary sh*t.  You're defense sucks, o-line is bad..  and your GM thinks.. nah.. lets pile up on those wide receivers.

    Also, Raiders and Jags (Entiene) were so stupid.

  2. Let not forget the MOCK drafts.. holy crap!  And yes it is our society.  I can always tell who I will take seriously by the players they want.  Most of the younger generation has no idea how to build a team and goes after the guy in Madden who have a high rating.  Period.  Or was once a household name.  Dear lord.

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  3. 9 hours ago, jgb said:

    2008 when he went 11-5 with Matt Cassell. Lol. That might be his best coaching year. Just funny that when it comes to NE, we all agree Brady is incredibly important but then continue playing Excuse Twister for Darnold because "A QB isn't able to have an impact in this situation" and then maliging Watson despite elite performance because his defense gave up a mountain of points and they only won 4 games. Intellectual honesty is more important than farming upvotes from Jets fans.

    I cannot agree with this more.  I have said this forever.  QB is THE most important position on a TEAM sport.  FQBs MAKE the entire roster better.  I've had arguements on here about, aside from Moss, who has Brady thrown to? and if you throw out some of those names and say "he was pretty good".. that was because of Brady.  Put Brady on the Jets now and Mims looks like a WR1.  No doubt.  But hey Darnold.. "we can win with him".. ugh.. no he is not making anyone better.. Watson will but I would only invest for the right price... which isnt too far off what they are asking.

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  4. I think what bothers me most about the coach search is the way the NFL sets the rules.  Like I am on board with Saleh.. I was a little disappointed when he left without a contract.. then I forgot about Dabol.  I just started realizing how messed up that is that you cant choose between 2 guys because only 1 is available to interview.  In the meantime, some other team can jump the gun and take Saleh off the board.  Then you interview Dabol and realize that Saleh was better.. but now he is gone.  Dont like it.

  5. 4 hours ago, tfine said:


    Lol of course you would pick the 2001 Pats. A team that’s a unicorn and no other team has been able to mimic. For the record Troy Brown would be a WR1 on the Jets right now. That’s how bad roster is. Pretty sure David Patten would as well. Your also missing the fact that that Defense created a lot of turnovers and the fact that Brady benefited from Spygate. Try to pick another team.

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    1999 Titans


    great WRs... no? Almost all superbowl teams have a very good QB.. if not Franchise.  They make those around better. You cannot say that a true FQB doesnt make everyone around them better. QB is THE most important position.. i hope we can agree on that.  The fact that Sam needs others around him to make him better is the problem.  He should be the guy we build around.  Otherwise, you end up with Mark Sanchez.. great team around him with nothing to show at QB.  


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  6. Just now, RedBeardedSavage said:

    Matt Light & Damien Woody were decade long really good offensive lineman this league. Troy Brown was a damn good football player. 

    But also, I mean, it was Tom Brady + Bill Belichick. You’re talking about the best QB and coach to ever do it, and they were on the same team at the same time. 

    Those two end up being the exception to nearly every rule, argument or observation that’s ever brought up. And they’re virtually impossible to emulate. 

    But you just said my point.  Tom Brady became a FQB.. he could take a team of nobodies and make them a household name.  It didnt matter who you put with him.. they were going to get the ball. He made them better. He lifted their play.  BTW, before Tom Brady came on the scene the highest yardage total for Troy Brown was 607 - and that was in about 6 years of playing.  So not so good.  But you know his name now.. why? Because a compentant QB delivered him the ball. Everyone benefits from it.  The line looks better.. the running game opens up... defense is off the field more.  

    I was a huge Sam supporter.. up til mid 2019 season.  Some guys just have it.  My eye test tells me he does not.  Like I said when we started this exchange.. the things that Sam CAN control.. he doesnt do well.  I wish him the best but I root for the name on the front of the jersey - not the back.

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  7. 15 hours ago, tfine said:


    Actually that’s not accurate at all. As a matter of fact nothing in the post is accurate. Sean Peyton and Brees got there at the same time. Brees was mediocre in SD and also had the greatest RB of all time and never won anything. SD gave up and actually drafted a QB. Peytons offensive system was perfect for him. Also the notion that a QB needs
    to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t is to be a franchise QB is way overblown. Please name me last time a QB won a Super Bowl when the players around him suck. I’ll wait.

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    Your 2001 New England Patriots - wow.. look at those household names... 


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  8. Just now, johnnysd said:

    I had sex with a famous movie star actress once (before she was famous). The odds of her calling me for a booty call is much higher than  Sam finding the light.

    I have used Brees myself as the argument for him blossoming but to be honest I just don't see it.

    In Sam's first year he seemed super coachable and seem to get better each game.

    But now he seems WAY more like Sanchez and Geno just never ever learning and developing and making the same mistakes over and over, almost stubbornly.

    It's possible but super unlikely.

    Who was she? you cant just throw that out here and walk away... you cant

  9. 1 hour ago, jgb said:

    FQBs make their own weaponinz, not the other way around.

    Exactly brother.. that was my point. When Brady was starting out he had Troy Brown and David Patton.   The only reason they seemed legit was because of Brady.  He made them.. same with Brisby. It's insane to me that people can think Sam is gonna be good if he only has 

    A line

    3 Really good WRs

    1 Really good TE

    Good Running game

    If you need that.. you are not a FQB.  Period.

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  10. 1 hour ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

    You want to compare the Saints roster on offense to ours? Respectfully, I think that proves my point. 

    You are missing the point.  How good was that Saints offense before Brees? Wasnt.  He comes in, a frachise qb in the making, and elevates it.  Now everything around him is perfect.  Franchise players elevate those around him.. Sam clearly doesnt elevate anyone.  In a super lost season, like we just had, I find it hilarious that old man Flacco started making Perriman look really good.  Flacco was elevating his play.. and Flacco is done.  But you get that young FQB in place.. thats what he is supposed to do.  

    I will go to my grave saying this.. if you need a good line, good WRs, a good TE and a consistent running game.. you're not a franchise QB.   

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  11. 41 minutes ago, RedBeardedSavage said:

    Becton largely plays a 1v1 position. We can see easily whether he beat the guy across from him... or got beat.

    Quarterback is entirely different. 

    Stop expecting a chef to make sh*t into filet mignon. 

    There has never been an NFL offense that I can think of that had this little talent. For three goddam years! 

    And Sam is a part of that! If he was "franchise" he would lift up the other receivers.. make his line look better with faster reads.. receivers would have better stats.. running game more room.  So then the knee jerk reaction is no one is open.  Well franchise qbs still get that ball in there.. hit the timing perfect.  Is it Michael Thomas or Drew Brees? who makes who better? it could be both.. and thus they look amazing.  It could be one.. in my example we know Brees already delivers as a QB.. so maybe Thomas is just feeding off of him.  It could also be they both suck - as is our case. We don't have the WR's because no one lifted up Sam.. but on the other hand... we dont have a QB because Sam didnt lift anyone.  Just my opinion.  

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  12. Darnold is awful. Period. Enough already.. half you guys act like he is your best friend.  He is near or at the bottom everywhere.  Let's examine that long list of FRANCHISE quarterbacks that have led their team to an 0-13 record in YEAR 3!   Give me a break.  Geno showed more and you guys crucified him.  Move on and lets get Trevor

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  13. 6 hours ago, SR24 said:

    We’re in a great spot as a franchise right now believe it or not. Like @K Clue said above, Joe D’s rookie class has actually been productive and looks promising.We’re now heading into a draft where all signs point to us landing the best QB prospect of the last decade. After Joe D flips Sam for a 1 or a 2 he will likely own 4 picks within the first 33. We also have the 2nd most cap space in the league right now and are projected to be among the teams with the most this off season. So we’ll likely have Lawrence, Seattle’s pick, Darnolds 1 and the 1st pick of the 2nd round, + a ton of cap space in an offseason where teams are going to be shedding contracts due to restricted caps (Saints,Steelers)......  it’s like a diet man we just gotta get through a few more weeks of bad football, and then the offseason is when we’ll start to see our results. Also any coach is going to want to come here don’t think otherwise and don’t let morons like Max Kellerman and these other blowjobs on tv tell you otherwise. Lawrence+the picks+the cap+ coaching a team that just went 0-16+NY Market= Desirable location.

    on what planet do you think Sam is a 1 or 2??????  A 4 would be good right now.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Bronx said:

    I wasn't, because I don't believe in quitting and losing. Also, a #1 pick doesn't guarantee you anything (see Baker Mayfield's career and other busts).

    If you were happy losing last night, you should change your status from loyal to disgraceful.




    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you dont think like I do..     you are a disgrace.  Get a life.  FFS a meaningless win to have a shot at a potential stud or 2.. yeah... no question.. sign me up.   

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  15. Jets fans all over are so damn delusional.. FRANCHISE QBs make others good/great.  They dont need much around them to start turning the team into a winner.  If you need a good O-Line.. Good WRs.. a good TE.. and possibly a running game to look good.. guess  what?  You're not a franchise QB.  I would think the list is very short of who is a franchise QB in year 3 that was 0-7!  Darnold is not it.  Stop it already.  Move on.

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