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  1. True. We played better than the final score showed. Lamar had 5 TD passed on 15 completions. A couple plays in the secondary and a couple more sacks/pressures and it's a different game. We could've been very competitive in that game with a healthy Mal.
  2. Darnold will be a top 10 quarterback in the league next year if he has an improved line and WR talent, and a top 5 quarterback in the NFL the following year. And every year after that.
  3. Agree 100%. He's the leader of the defense, and perhaps the leader of this team (amongst the players). He can do everything... we didn't have an edge rusher this year and somehow our strong safety became one. He's only getting better and seems like he might have that spidey sense thing Polamalu had where he just knew what was going to happen before the ball was snapped on pure instinct. I believe it was Ike Taylor who said on Pat McAfee's podcast that Troy never told anyone what he knew, and the only reasonable explanation is that he must have had Jesus whispering the play in his ear ever
  4. 5. Notoriously poor team ownership 6. Notoriously fickle and critical fans 7. Team hasn't been to a Super Bowl in 51 years and hasn't been to the playoffs in 9
  5. I remember it well. "Rejoice, Jets fans." My best guess is that he had the most access of his career under the Macc/Bowles regime and thought he could pull off the same by heaping on the Gase praise when he got hired.
  6. I'm not a Gase fan and I wish he wasn't retained as our coach for a second year, though I obviously want him to prove me wrong and have an extremely successful second year. BUT... Manish's overwhelming bias against Gase, which is clearly personal on some level, makes me want Gase to succeed even more than I already do. Every time Manish puts out another Gase hit piece, I find myself inching farther and farther toward being a full-blown Gase supporter. (Side note: I've heard from a number of people that NYDN thoroughly investigated the Wyatt situation and found it was 110% not Manish
  7. Best first half play caller in SB history. Worst second half/fourth quarter play caller in SB history.
  8. Matty Matheson is a god. If you haven't seen the video of him and Brad Leone from Bon Appetit noodling for catfish (wading in shallow later and trying to catch them by hand), I highly recommend it.
  9. He actually said that he only does that out of respect for the artists. Parody songs that completely alter the lyrics are 100% legal and no royalties need to be paid to whoever has ownership rights to the original song. Here's a quote from a legal paper on the subject: And another one:
  10. Cooked up a beef, beer, and bean chili today that I've spent the better part of a decade trying to perfect. It'll get there by 2030, but it's close. I'm frying up 50 wings close to game time, which will be tossed in some homemade buffalo sauce (Frank's, butter, garlic, shallots, salt, black pepper, touch of cayenne). There will of course be bleu cheese and celery sticks. I have two dips on the to-do list tomorrow: guac and queso. Trying a new queso recipe this year that includes some chipotles in adobo sauce, and I recently pickled a ton of jalapenos, so I'll certainly be throwing
  11. Only did so because of the obnoxious sarcasm, not because you didn't agree with me. The snide retort wasn't warranted IMO. Regardless, I am here to talk Jets and have already begun posting elsewhere. I'm no longer discussing my store or the legal matter.
  12. I watch a lot of college football but I never have the slightest idea what's going on during draft season beyond the second round. Perhaps that will be a good place to cut my teeth...
  13. Hmm. I suppose I was wrong. He's ranked fairly high in targets as well though. Not top 10, but obviously more targets = more drops. His catch percentage was 64%, which is solid but could be better. Side note as I'm looking at these stats... Michael Thomas caught 81% of passes thrown his way this season (wow), trailing only Kyle Rudolph, but I think Thomas has a slight edge since he had 110 more receptions and 1400 more yards.
  14. I think it was both, but the latter was more of an issue this year without question. And I think the "diminishing skills" issue is going to quickly get worse over the next year or two. He's entering his mid-40s. And with that, his ability to lift up lacking offensive talent like he has in the past diminishes as well.
  15. Love this piece on Crowder from the Jets: https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/consistent-jamison-crowder-striving-for-greatness He reminds me a lot of Jerricho Cotchery (my favorite Jet of all time), and not just because they're wide receivers with the same initials. They're not #1 guys and likely never will be (although he led the team in most categories this year), but they seem to always be there over the middle on a third down... they rarely drop the ball... they're just ultra-consistent and trustworthy. Every team needs a receiver like him and I'm glad he'll be back in green and white (
  16. I feel like we've reached a point where it's pretty clear that the majority of folks here either disagree with my legal argument, disagree with my business concept/message, or think I'm just trying to make a quick buck off of Jets fans and am trying to use this forum for free marketing. That said... I'm going to say a few things to broadly address the feedback I've received and then I'm going to stop posting in this thread. Although if you'll have me, I'd like to continue posting on this site because, believe it or not, I freaking love the Jets To those who disagree with repurpos
  17. Fair question and fair point. I'm asking for help for the same reason that EFF put out a blog post about the trademark infringement claim today... to draw attention to the situation and put pressure on the NFL and/or Shopify to back off.
  18. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit (founded by Steve Wozniak amongst others) that takes on pro bono cases related to free speech, digital civil liberties, and related issues. Trademark bullying by large corporations is something they fight regularly.
  19. 1992... your hurt is worse than my mine, but I can't wait to see Sammy holding that Lombardi Trophy.
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