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  1. I'm sorry, I can't resist. We might as well just measure dick sizes also. I would also be very interested to know the circumference of each players individual testicles going back to 1969.
  2. ive been saying consistently for some time, the only way for us to get a star pass rusher is through the draft with the way the money lines up. If we sign someone like that, it is at the expense of signing 3 or 4 other mid tier players that would help the team. I do not see us being in the running for a single top tier player at any position in free agency. I expect the jets to target 2nd tier starting level players with potential and then supplement with draft picks to compete. On the line i could see quenton spain, graham glasgow, connor mcgovern, bj penny, haloti vaitai. I could see us signing two of these guys for the cost of one of the top tier guys like conklin, thuney or sherref. Edge wise, i think kyle phillips and tarrel basham make a solid platoon as starters on one side. On the other side I am very interested in kamali correa from the titans. Good production per snaps, and will not be able to command top dollar, might even be cheaper than jenkins. I don't hate jordan jenkins, but I would only resign him if he takes a team friendly deal, like 6 or 7 mil per year.
  3. in reality we need a corner and a wide receiver to hold the fort for a year. We can't dump all our draft resources into those positions this year, and even if we do draft a player or two at each of those positions there is no guarantee they will be ready to have a full time role or play at all. a 10 million dollar contract right now is probably best spent on a quality offensive lineman, and i don't think we could risk having another 10 million on IR if something goes wrong with alshon. I do think gabriel and amukamara could be useable pieces at good prices, and both have solid playoff experience, which would definitely benefit the team
  4. my brother suggested that the eagles might be interested in a swap of trumaine for alshon
  5. its almost like the current and semi future debate that will happen. Marcus Maye will be a free agent at the end of next year. Jamal will technically be also unless we hit him with the 5th year option (which seems cruel even though it is leverage). Hard to Imagine paying two safties big money. I like what Jamal does but I think Maye has been a low key hero for the jets when healthy, and if he can stay healthy will provide a lot better coverage stats than jamal will. I think its easier to replace the box saftey than the unsung guy, but popular opinion and the order drafted may influence that
  6. it seems to me like this was a propoganda move by the owners to make it seem like the players were getting so much all for just this one extra game and then they snuck in these changes to the postseason because they know it would generate more money. In reality if a team went the full path to the super bowl under this proposal they wouldn't just have to play the extra game in the regular season, they could then have an extra playoff game immediately after that. the owners make a bunch of money, but a lot could go wrong during extra games on the path to a super bowl. Its not realistic to do season after season if a team is constantly on the cusp of the playoffs. I think the players should demand fully guaranteed salaries if there is to be any talk of an extra game. I would take that over a small percentage in revenue increase
  7. i read that landry had hip surgery earlier this month. I think that nixes this whole notion. Too risky to trade obj and potentially not have both of them to start the season.
  8. i think we should select manish mehta with every draft pick we have because he's just so damn useful.
  9. i literally just dubbed gang green nation because of this. I am sick that they keep posting links to manishs articles in their daily flight connections. Its one thing if someone on a forum points it out, but its another thing if on the front page of your website you advertise someone like manish who is full of crap and lies, has no good intentions, and isn't even officially involved with the jets anymore. He doesn't deserve our attention as jets fans. All he does is want to stir the pot, he could care less that he has an Impact on spreading false news to jets fans
  10. this guy definitely went to mexico and was like let me get 100 dollars worth of weed. They came back with a pound. He then goes to the banco and empties it and turns his car into a rolling dubie
  11. if the cba is signed, does that mean that players can be cut with post June 1st designation again? Meaning we could save split trumaines cap hit into future years?
  12. and additionally, i think we the jets got very obsessed with the idea of having great safteys because we were competing with the patriots who had great tight end play over the years and we were constantly abused by it. The whole idea of the safteys were to be able to cover those gronks, or kittle or kelces man on man. Yet we don't use our safteys like that at all.
  13. i was simply looking at those numbers and thought, that means there were 3 to 4 times per game in the first quarter we were passing when we should have been running. Asking the qb to do too much, making it too easy on the defense, not wearing them down.
  14. we need to be up between where Philly and Baltimore are in my opinion.

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