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  1. plz delete my account from this site. Ive been through enough this week to go from two jobs to not be able to bring in a dollar. don't need the negative sh*t from these people on here. Just came here for some good feelings and to talk about my favorite team. Not to be made to feel even worse about things.
  2. this doesn't really have to do with someone stupid being in power. It has to do with signing a QB that will have a major say in the offense. And who will count as 30 mil against the cap. They do not have unlimited flexibility. I was thinking that brady is going to push hard for AB which has been rumored ever since his release from the Pats. AB used to play with Bruce Arians with the steelers. They strike me as a team that is thinking very short term, and Mike Evans is no longer their number one receiver, yet he is their highest paid player besides Brady. It was just a thought, it didn't reall
  3. So Brady to the Bucs, what do I think could happen as a result of this? Antonio Brown to the Bucs (fits with brady better, more of a short route runner, WAY cheaper) Mike Evans gets put on the block (post June 1st trade saves them 17 mil and only 1 mil dead cap Could we swing a deal with the bucs without giving up a pick? How about moving back from pick 79 to pick 117 in exchange for taking mike evans and his contract. They could potentially get a very good player in the middle of the third round, and save a ton of cap, and arguably tune the offense to fit brady better. A
  4. id be much happier with vai tai. He will be cheaper, can play both slots, and is a much better pass blocker. It would've been a mistake to pay someone who required help on most snaps. And it would've limited whoever we draft to playing only on the left side. Addition by skipping
  5. Yates is not correct, the 5th only turns into a 4th with a long term deal not a tag.
  6. because the whole purpose like that is take less so they can pay good players around him who can help him. But they don't do that, they've taken the cheap route and made brady shoulder the load for years. If he's gonna keeo doing that he should be paid like he's doing that
  7. i think something a lot of us are not taking into account is that some of the players in these different sports could fall into the vulnerable category. Intense training, and putting intense stress on your body through high level sports can lower your Immune system, or make it harder to fight off certain bugs .it doesn't mean they are vulnerable from the sense of dropping dead from it, but they could be prime candidates to get it, which would have Impossible affects on their teams and families. Its really sad but I'm hoping this aggressive action now will make it more possible for us to have a
  8. i wouldn't be opposed to it if i means taking quinenn williams out of the space eating role and into a consistent defensive end role
  9. I'm referencing PFF, and his lows 60s grades in both 2017 and 2018. he's known as one of these huge human beings like mekhi becton, not for being an amazing player. Beachum is for sure a better player than him, and I'm not sure he's gonna cut it this year.
  10. he was ranked like 60th among tackles last year that's including both tackle slots. No thanks
  11. 41 mil has to include the full team, including draft picks, money for in season moves etc. they can't pay half of that for a guard. No matter how great he is or isn't, the patriots pay very few positions top dollar. And guards in general are not highly valued in terms of percentage of cap. They also have another guard on a fairly substantial contract. its just not the patriot way to pay full market value
  12. my fav is an official on field Revis jersey and my second fave is a customized jets beer glass I received for my 21st birthday but the GOAT gift i ever received has nothing to do with the jets, but happens to be a big fan also!
  13. in reality an unloaded weapon in a suitcase is not much help in an Immediate must defend yourself situation. he's not quite rich enough to afford paid person private security, but you would think going to an airport is one of the safest places in the US you could go at a given moment. If i were him I would have shipped the weapon overnight using a FedEx or however it is properly done (I'm not 100 percent sure). In the future he should really consider getting rid of his weapons. I understand public figures maybe are at a higher risk of being robbed because they have money (even though it
  14. its not just gun laws. Ill give you another even more "minor example". If you get caught for possession of weed in certain states it could be a slap on the wrist ticket, or in other states like a common wealth it could be a serious criminal offense which lands you jail time and or probation. lets even take that down one notch. I have a blue nose pitt bull, very sweet good girl. In some cities its just like having another dog. In other cities, having a pitt bull is for some reason very illegal and they can take your dog from you and arrest you just for having a dog of a certain breed, reg
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