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  1. Man TF up ffs. Weak sauce
  2. Im a big fan, and am optimistic for the first time in a long time!
  3. Cautious optimism is where i sit, and the future looks bright for sure. I am pumped for the season.
  4. The kid can spin the ball........im excited to see what he can bring and watch him progresss.
  5. Some of u guys are never gonna be pleased, like, ever. Ffs, JD is doing very well. Lets Go Jets!!!!!!!!!
  6. Its Wilson, UNLESS the jags take him, than we take Lawrence.
  7. Id like 1000 plus, but staying healthy is first thing on my list for him
  8. A true fan of the team imo will support the selected qb and hope he does well. If they sick after they have sufficient time to prove themselves......than hate away.
  9. What a horrible travesty. Rip young lady and prayers for the family. What a horrible situation. Some People are disgusting and evil.
  10. Im fired up, i don’t worry too much about naysayers, hell im a jet fan.......i have spent my entire 40 plus years on earth hearing how bad the jets suck and are at EVERYTHING, sometimes it’s true.....not this time imo...... i bleed Green, and have higher hopes for the future than i have in a long, long time.
  11. Good for sam, good for the jets. Win win. I wish him the best. Classy kid who tried hard.
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