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  1. For me Id like to keep him, the only trade is for a boatload of picks.
  2. He definitely plays much faster in the game than his combine numbers show. Some guys are much fasterbwith the ball, and or in the game
  3. I cant get on board with cancerous obj, great player, but we dont need him ruining our locker room.
  4. He had a nice season for sure, looking forward to his progress
  5. I dont think he will pay big money for whats available and i hope he does not.
  6. As currently i dont see that. After the draft i cant imagine they would be worse than currently so i am not seeing them as the worst o in the league.
  7. Nothings a sure thing, draft or free agent. Theres always a chance of a player not panning oit. So far jd seems competent and is doing well imo
  8. Not overly sad. Would like to keep him but it is what it is.

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