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  1. God all mighty, so may of u undoubtedly squat when u piss… ****in crybabies
  2. Mims is a trash bag…….he needs to stfu. Total disappointment.
  3. Its amazing that nowadays how many coydayum crybabies fill the world. Its oppressive and a crying shame. Nut the f up or gtfo.
  4. Yup, so many sacks allowed, kids running for his life constantly, He does get a chance usually makes a pretty decent throw but these freaking receivers keep dropping the damn ball and going through their hands. The kids got some zip but I don’t understand what their problem is that they can’t get used to him and they keep seem to drop his passes or let them go through their hands and causing interceptions. Zach is not perfect, but he’s a rookie and he’s trying hard but they’re not helping this kid at all. Not to mention he’s getting his freaking sack knocked in the dirt every other play
  5. Man TF up ffs. Weak sauce
  6. Im a big fan, and am optimistic for the first time in a long time!
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