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  1. This pick is about having a strong run game to take pressure off of ZW and aid in his development. It's pretty sad that the analytics nerds can't look past their formulas to see common sense.
  2. People forget Mims was poisoned in an assassination attempt last year. If he ever turns it around I will be pissed if his nickname is anyrhing other than " The Bad Salmon"
  3. Kung Pow Enter the Fist.... so over the top absurd that its a classic
  4. Wilson is my #1 WR this draft so I'm pretty stoked. Our first 4 picks are instant starters so thats a major plus.
  5. Awww so cute.... bye bye.
  6. What a great film
  7. From your mouth to God's ears. The dynasty community is quite literally in the process of lowering Carter into the grave and I'm like:
  8. Player : Wilson Value : JJ Love having Breece and Carter as a 1-2 punch Top three wide outs Wilson, Moore, Davis. I'm salivating.
  9. A++++ Draft ....so stoked .... I was getting on a flight and literally had the #10 pick come through as they were telling us to Airplane mode/ turn off electronics. Landed to see we nabbe JJ at 26 and didnt give up much to do it. WOW!!! As a Jets fan super happy we picked up Breece.... however as a Michael Carter owner in DynastyFF I'm devastated as he was at the top of my shaky RB Depth Chart and is now an RIP candidate.
  10. We like feeding the turf monster our players.
  11. 1.09, 1.10, 1.12.Williams, Olave, Pickens. My own picks 1.05 London 2.1 Rachaad White/ Malik Willis/Christian Watson 3.1 Ridder/Pierce/ Strong if any of the three fall Worried Jameson wont last to 9 and thinking about taking him at 1.05... might be crazy might be bold. 3 months ago I wanted Burks or Spiller now it seems the whole community has soured on them and I dont know wether it's legit ot just noise.
  12. Incoming disciplinary or legal issue?
  13. No .... Kyler ... no... I like Zach but dont have high hopes fornour outlook but u want nothung to do with Kyler Murray.
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