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  1. It really was and only makes me want to move on from Sam that much more. I went from 3% okay with keeping him to 0%
  2. I could be coerced on the Zach boat.... But I will need time to get past the face and Patsy loving.... The only person that will accept in my home that is a Pats fan is my wife and that's only because it is her home too. Good times a couple weeks into dating when I found that piece of info out.... 11 years in we've moved past it. Buttfumble Thanksgiving was a good one though....
  3. Side note I would rather get intimate with a cheese grater than take Kyle Pitts a TE.... (Surprisingly also with one stellar year of production) #2 overall. I'm expecting to be unhappy on draft night one way or another.
  4. That is correct sir... Well I mean the last one is mostly football related but it's the least important of the three.... Most important is definitely the stupid face .... Could be a great guy just a face you want to punch.... I always assumed you had one of those faces but I've grown to love you.... much like I will be forced to love Zach Wilson if we draft him. Pertaining to Zach In the immortal words of Rob Riggle in Step Brothers: G*damnit, I don't know what it is about your face, but I wanna deliver one of these right in your suck hole." Link to the scene: https:
  5. From Day 1 my knocks on Wilson have been and still are: 1: Stupid Face 2: is a Pats Fan 3: One "Great Year" playing mostly no one. Hence he is undraftable in all rounds... Court is adjourned. Yes that is in order of importance. Yes my priorities are in order thank you for noticing.
  6. I know right how are they missing this stuff. Seriously though every time I see his face I puke in my lap .... It's gonna be a problem on Sundays.
  7. Now this.... This.... This is a good Jetsy Jets Fan Post. Now focus on enjoying the garbage and rolling around in it like a pig in ****. That's what I've been doing and it's great.
  8. You forgot #3) I don't like his incessant cheerleaders And #4) I don't like his stupid face I'm firmly in both of those camps #5 could be he played against a bunch of modified and highschool JV football teams while in college.... But I'll stick with #3 and #4 for now. In all seriousness if we take his silly prepubescent *** hopefully he's good and it works like all the cheerleaders think it will. Or it doesn't and that will be funny as well.
  9. I hope we pick him and he sucks.
  10. Hard Pass 100 career receptions I get the 12 TDs and 17 Yard average in 2020 is stellar.. I'm not spending a top #5 pick on a TE. No matter how awesome one of his years of production is. F*** Kiper, he literally seems functionally re*******. He is never right I don't know how he stays employed.
  11. The more you carry his water for him the more my desire for him to fail grows .
  12. I really don't to sit a guy for a year and watch hopeless trashballl for like a 6th consecutive year. 2015 was the last entertaining ball we played. The Darnold era could not have been more of a let down. To the glue factory with him next QB into the flames.
  13. So you are just gonna move on and not respond to the answer to your question?.... Why "can't" you do both, keep Sam for a year and draft a QB at #2 and hedge your bets at the QB position considering it is the most important one by far?
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