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  1. Kenny Stills is not a good football player.... He's been a bottom of my bench player on my dynasty team for 5+ years. He's an annoying underperformer. That's a hard no for me.
  2. Yes he should play.... Don't buy the no need to ruin him narratives. If you can be so easily ruined you be at home on the couch. We have our wr corps at full strength... Whatever that means with this team... Let it rip.
  3. If anyone wants to watch the world burn it's me..... 2020 has been top notch.... I'm looking forward the the S----show that will be 2021. @HessStation
  4. Those Jets Fans still looking for a win this season:
  5. Hammy Hammy Ham Ham Ham..... Can't you just enjoy the limited success of your Bills and leave us to our muck farming.
  6. More like he can't take a joke or argue a point so he uses the ignore button as defense mechanism for a fragile ego and poor reading comp skills.
  7. Don't worry about it, He puts everyone on ignore, has no sense of humor, and has no original takes or entertaining posts. He's basically the combination of a bucket of p!ss and a fence post.
  8. This sounds..... dare I say .... Optimistic. 😜
  9. I'll let Jamals attitude, demeanor, and team contributions speak for him and let his career pan out. I don't think it pans out as favorably for him as some think. Selfishness is expected from pro athletes being a complete ******* isn't. Isn't he already arguing with Pete Carroll and $***. It's conversation that will never die here at JN. Yeah Jamal is "great" but he's also an unlikeable turd to many fans. I hope he holds the Seahawks hostage on this next contract as that will be very enjoyable to watch from afar.
  10. We are such trash I'd laugh harder if we weren't so absurd.... Draft trevor into a horrible situation while admitting Sam should be above average in SF and think you are getting a 1st for him.... We took a kid who could have been fun to watch in the right style of play action mixed with air raid offense. Instead put him in the most meticulous vanilla WCO Adam Gase could concoct. We allowed his 75¢ brain turn into a 10¢ brain through a mix of inept offense, bottom 10 o line play, and welcomed PTSD from opposing pass rushers .... The kid is a shell of what he hoped he'd be and people think this situation is going to end well with another 1st to go along with Trevor let's see what the Jets reality looks like 9 months from now .... I'm going to continue to expect and some how enjoy a large trash fire.
  11. Still have the saddest lead in the league... let's get TL It's gonna be really funny when he decides to stay in school.

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