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  1. Pushing to 11,000 posts in this thread ...Whew!!!
  2. I like him just the way he is... the media and the normies can eat a bag of glyphosate covered ****s. Doubt he wants to spend retirement commiserating with the talking heads and Shifty Schefters of the world, I think it's Jeopardy or a bungalow for that guy.
  3. I personally think my SST Operator is the best bang for the buck. Premium materials, hand milled uppers and lowers that are made for each other with no room for wiggle. *chefs kiss*
  4. Lurker89

    Plan B

    Both ...very much both ๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. Lurker89

    Plan B

    If we draft Levis I masticate a box of drywall screws.... I hate him as a prospect more than I can articulate with words... I'd need performative dance to properly get it accross.
  6. Levis is a poor man's Bortles and he's afraid of milk. Levis can walk into traffic.
  7. Just for the record the year 3 dead cap hit is 30 mil not 60. Last month I thought it was 60 thought I saw you mention it as 60 somewhere among the threads. Not ideal but not as bad as the 60 I thought it was a month ago. The fact is that if 3 seasons from now are playing someone other than Rodgers (which is likely) it's probably someone on a rookie contract and we factor that cap hit into the idea that we are paying a rookie.
  8. Look ... I was one of the first people around here *****ing about the cap ramifications. 1. I was wrong about the dead money... the worst year of it would be 30 million and thats if he doesnt play... if hes not playing were p(l)aying a rookie. 2. I have faith in our FO that we will coordinate this in a way that makes sense in a cap sense for the future. 3. I like the idea of a wide open windo of contention for a couple years regardless.
  9. Loves reps in the games he played were much better than what we've seen from Zach.
  10. It was one of only a couple acceptable possible outcomes so I'm happy with it (Rodgers, Carr, Lamar). This option made me worry about 2026 and 2027 but that is future Lurkers problem. As with most things as it became inevitable i learned to accept it. Wide open window of contention for 2 years sounds like fun.
  11. You left out the cats I spent my time when I wasnt driving just hissing at them.
  12. Can't question your Fanhood ๐Ÿ˜˜ I'll be in the middle of a cross country move coercing my wife into listening to the Pat Mcafee show.๐Ÿ˜‚
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