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  1. Lol I played Gisecki over Goedert in FF so .... there's that.....
  2. Seriously though why can't people learn to enjoy a good effigy burning. Zach will be the next QB on the pyre and the flames will be glorious! Learn to revel in the flames people.
  3. Late to the party but... the OP's premise is preposterous..... at the same time with a team that has been as ridiculously mismanaged throughout history as ours I can't say it's impossible. Why anyone who be afraid of an asset they control increasing in value is beyond me. There are good problems which need to be followed with good decisions. That being said I think White has proved to be a capable backup. I see no reason to write off Wilson but some of our brothers here are reactionary toddlers and have their 5 games in hot take.
  4. Got to love how people take this news and then try to turn this thread into a Morgan pissing contest.... Jets recouped a 2nd plus a 4th plus a 6th The Panthers end up with two crappy Jets QBs and we can't stop $***ing on ourselves long enough to have some fun $***ing on them. People rather $*** their pants in frustration over a 4th rounder that didn't pan out than have some fun at the Panthers expense. Insufferable
  5. So many people have tied themselves to so many positions. It's unfortunate they don't actually drown when their position sinks into absurdity. They just continue posting new levels of nonsense hyperbole.
  6. I'm just a fan of the dark magic it took to necro a dead thread from 14 years ago.
  7. I was really happy we were able scoop him up where we did. I didn't think he'd be available that late. As much as it may seem JD had quite a few misses in the 20 draft I believe the 21 draft was well above league average. Still bullish on Becton and Mims but complaints about '20 are warranted. Before season ends sure .... he is a victim of his own hype at the moment and Carter is outpacing the expectations for him thus the perception. Personally very happy with both picks and I don't think anyone being objective can complain about moving up for AVT he's showing to be a stud.
  8. Well Fid, There seem to be quite a few unrealized geniuses on the boards with us here. The people with the strongest opinions seem to have the least amount of brains cells. Hot takes like the book is closed on Wilson and Mike White being FQB material are coming out of the same mouth looking to cut White last month. How they have made it this far with out drowning in the rain eludes me. A lot of our fellow "fans" are less bearable than this nightmare of a team we follow and deserve every bit of misery this team dishes their way.
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