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  1. And all from this thread ROFL... Just like someone can "win the day" with the most popular post we should award the most down voted post of the day "Loser of the day." Mods work your magic
  2. We got that experienced back up everybody wanted....
  3. He was already a stud ... There is a reason he was one of the only multi year contracts JD has dished out. Lawson is probably my favorite addition to the team. He's going to be a boon for Becton's development in the long run.
  4. I'm all giggles over here.... @FidelioJet 's foaming at the mouth defense of Zach is amusing. I mostly agree with you Fid. The kid isn't really showing cause for concern everyone is just all hyped up and looking for the "why" in why we're doomed. I think Zach is doing just fine and will be fine come game day. I also have tempered expectations when it comes to how we will fare this year.... Call it the mature approach to Jets football. If the wheels fall off I'll just have a chuckle. @TeddEY I think low end starter should be the benchmark.... Even if the kid is destined to
  5. My thought is that the thread title is nondescript. My feeling is that I want 75 Million dollar malcontents as far away from our team as possible. Howard can kick rocks.
  6. Let's not treat the Dolphan like we did Mehta .. if we ignore him he doesn't exist...
  7. Triple Post @TeddEY you now get to hit me in the nuts three times with a wiffle ball bat. Themz the rules I'll try not to enjoy it
  8. First. I think going up against Lawson is going to be really good for Becton's development. Second. I don't know how people are finding room to bitch and moan .... Didn't half of the board think Zach wouldn't be here and Becton's glassy disposition was going to keep on the training bike. Practice isn't gonna be perfect. It's Gonna be bumpy.... The year is gonna be bumpy. Enjoy the positives roll with the negatives. The hyperbole and unrealistic expectations in both directions flowing around here are going to send me back to my absurdist trolly ways ahead of schedule.
  9. This place in the deep off-season is a hive of scum and villainy.... Actually more like a hive of depression and emotional immaturity.... But we wouldn't have it any other way. I mean it is always is like this but it's amplified when there is little to no meaningful football to talk about.
  10. Ugggh .... Haven't logged in in a while and this is the first thing I see .. ... I'm personally a no but news of him not being suspended will probably make this a less popular view than I'd hope.
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