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  1. There we go back on target .... These were supposed to be in lieu of you emotionally driven diatribes but I'll let it slide ..... The games continue!!!!
  2. What happened to the game ... You were supposed to respond with an LSU fan quote not an emotionally triggered essay. I couldn't even remember who Justin Simmons was..... I just picked a post I thought would get under your skin ... It Worked. Minimal effort on my part You literally went on to write 14 poorly written paragraphs comparing Adams to Simmons. You like watching Adams dance. I like making you dance, puppet.
  3. Ok... but another insult was posted .... if you are not one for one per insult to awesome LSU fan comment on the thread you lose .... I mean you proposed the game and rules are rules.
  4. I really liked Brick and enjoyed having him lock down the left side for as long as he did, don't have a bad word to say about him. The same goes for Mangold, both were elite and anchored the line. They managed all that without an over inflated ego. Both dudes came to work, did their jobs, and didn't run their mouths incessantly. Your syntax is still all over the place.
  5. I'm glad you don't like my tone I knew you weren't the only one who thought about Jamallpro in the bathroom. The game must go on .... Next random Jamal insult Special thanks to @T0mShane
  6. So you admit your hero worship of (your words) a 24 year old kid. Weird.... Anyway .. .I'm game for your game my dear man. I'll start ..... Jamal Adams is bad at sports .... Your turn ... P.S. your syntax is atrocious, thank God you didn't become the beat writer you yearned to be. (Guys.... I think we can keep the DWC plague contained to this thread, everyone just do your part and post anti Jamal posts here when you can if we crowd source this thing we should be able to keep him perpetually busy for years)
  7. Yeah I do. Yes, yes I am. Would make sense considering he went pro from their school. This part was pretty funny considering I detest those trust fund babies .... Shows you have no reading comprehension whatsoever or just don't pay attention to who you are responding to... Good to know which buttons to press. Thanks for the trolling roadmap. I like and respect many players but I don't elevate them into an untouchable pantheon like you do. Unlike you I can also handle when others have a differing opinion on some of their actions. I can see a player as a decent person, a great player, and a blowhard all at the same time. I can see them as a top player at their position who can be a leader and also someone who has in occasion shown themselves to act immaturely. DWC please never change you make for good sport. Sincerely yours, Lurker89
  8. DWC, my good man, my only agenda is trolling you for carrying around Jamal's Jock Strap like its the Holy Grail. - I already stated I don't hate Jamallpro ... I don't like his pomp and circumstance but have also stated that him being asinine doesn't matter much if he is helping our team win. - Many fans issue with Jamal is him celebrating his personal success while the team has not been successful during his tenure. (16wins 32losses) - I'd say I don't like you because you act in an asinine manner, but you are just too much fun not to like. - You have a lot of advice for other posters, you put words in their mouths because you are so triggered by your own non stop debate with about 50 people that you are foaming at the mouth and don't have a coherent grasp on what you are responding too.... It's cute. - (I'll be needlessly bolding in your style of post) - I previously prefaced using the words "Disgusting" and "Sick" because you were the first to bring those "Emotionally charged words" into the debate. Seemingly because you are personally emotionally hurt by anyone saying anything you disagree with about your precious Jamal. - In the above you state I should go to woodyjohnson.com .... Doesn't make much sense, I've only had negative things to say about the Johnson brothers and their ineptitude. You should probably go to Jamallpro.com and see if anyone else wants to sniff Jamal's jock strap with you. - See at the end of the day It's really not about Jamal for me ... it's about you ..it's about pointing out a grown man's needless hero worship of a 24 year old kid (as you keep calling him) ... So much so you refuse to see any of his actions as immature or foolish. - It's not immature to want to stay a Jet and and be upset if you think you were being shopped, it is immature to throw a public hissy fit about it refuse to talk to the Coach and GM, ignore the chain of command and go straight to the incompetent owner. I'm trolling you my dear @Defense Wins Championships because you are a troll. You are an unconscious troll and don't even realize it. So I poke at you because it amuses me. The debate isn't about liking Jamal for most of us... it's about what allocation of resources is best for the team and if trading him could allocate the resources needed to flip over very neglected parts of the roster many people think that could be worth it. You take that debate and make it about why people "hate"the one you "love", the one who according to you is infallible and has never acted asinine. I like and respect some players but I don't do the hero worship thing. So here's a question for you DWC, why the hero worship from a grown man for a 24 year old kid?
  9. It really is... I love how much JN loves the Necro. Necromancy such a fine art.
  10. Where's DWC? Can he only hold one players jock at a time? 😘
  11. Really liked Revis in his prime with the Jets.... Was disappointed in the holdout, the trip to Tampa, the SB with NE, and the less than half hearted return to the Jets which ended in disaster through sub par play. One of the few Jerseys I have is a Revis jersey from his prime here. I have definitely contemplated turning the R into an M and the S into a $.
  12. So first thing .... Are you even responding to anything I said? I never said I hated the kid .... I don't have any feelings or emotions towards him one way or the other. You on the other hand have a lot of strong emotions regarding Jamal. I can simultaneously not have any feelings towards Jamal, acknowledge he is a valuable to the team, and think some of his actions come off as him being a d-bag, I'm just not a fan of his personality. It's no skin off my back if he acts that way, but apparently it is some skin off your back if other posters here see some of his actions differently than you do. That's the point from where I'm sitting and what I find so interesting about your posts. You're not even responding to me you're constantly to busy addressing anyone who you have perceived as slighting Adams at any point in your endless defense of him to stay on target. "So me, myself personally I have never owned a Twitter account" either and don't "spend my time following young male athletes all around the internet." At 31years of age I do not have a single social media account. This is as close to social media as I get. The things I see from Jamal are posted places like this or bleacher report and I don't get mad because as I stated him acting in a way that I perceive as being a d-bag has no bearing on his play, his play for the team I have rooted for my entire life. I'm a Jets fan not a Jamal Adams fan. You seem to think they are mutually exclusive propositions. We could have a team full of D-bags and I wouldn't care as long as we were winning. I'm not emotionally invested in the individuals. If having him on the team is in the best interest of the team awesome keep him, if we can trade him and that's in our best interest cool do that, I don't really care. Those types of decisions shouldn't be made by people who are emotionally invested in the first place. Unlike you I'm not into the hero worshipping side of being a sports fan. That's been my argument the entirety of the time. I couldn't care less about Jamal's personal life or the fact that I think he is a loud mouth prima donna etc. I care about the Jets winning football games. This off-season has been one thread after another hijacked by the Jamal debate. Just when it was dying down you show up too ram it back down everyone's throats. You are very emotionally invested in Jamal good for you I guess, if you want to defend him against anyone who doesn't think he is the best thing ever good for you as well. You'll have fun here while people continually bait you into pointless arguments and make you look foolish due to your completely unnecessary defense of your one true love. Many of us like rehashing pointless arguments for the sake of making a mockery of the opponent. Since we are using emotionally charged terms like sick and disgusting, What I find sick is a gentleman seemingly my senior who has such a hero worshipping fandom for Jamal. So much so that he finds the need to constantly do battle not only with the percentage of Jets fans who he believes "hate" Jamallpro but also with the other percentages who like him fine or don't care about him personally but think trading him may be in the best interest of the team. What I find disgusting are the fanboys who speak of Jamallpro as their one and only. See I'm a sports fan and a fan of the team, I don't put the individual players, their histrionics, or heroics ahead of that team. To put it in your own words just slightly adjusted to address your weird point of view " I've got sad news for you. Maybe you being a sports fan just isn't within your own best interest anymore since it's obvious that others opinions of a 24 year old kid (who've you've never met personally) obviously bothers you to the point of frustration lol" So much so that you go on and on polluting thread after thread .... Cool with me gives me something to point at and get a laugh out of. The only thing that would make it more funny is him actually getting traded and the ensuing meltdown of his fanboys.
  13. I like Jamal's play and style on the field. I dislike almost everything about Jamal's schtick and persona off the field. I don't care about liking him if keeping him is in the long term interest of the team in both a football sense and fiscally then awesome. I don't care if I like the dude if he is helping us win. I'm not a detractor... Jamal is and can be valuable... I just don't think the position warrants the contract many assume he will want especially for a team as mismanaged as we have been. The idea of that contract is just assumption at this point he has not asked for it the Jets have not offered it. The hypothetical does not warrant the endless back and forth JN has had to endure. But I don't "like" the dudes attitude. I think he is a me first prima donna. Whatever it doesn't matter if I find him annoying if he is helping us win games. One of many issues is that we have not been winning since he got here and he is a valuable asset which could be traded for more of the basic building blocks of a professional football team. What's weird to me is that you feel the need to carry the mantle for Jamal as if you were him or he was someone whom you were personally close to. He is a professional athlete and a part of the whole not the center of the universe, no matter the insatiable hard on many have for him.
  14. I think I've been rational and clear on my stance during the unending plague that has been the Jamallpro debate which has wholly characterized the s***show that has been discussion on JN this off-season. I like Jamal's play and style on the field. I dislike almost everything about Jamal's schtick and persona off the field. I don't get it twisted, if keeping him is in the long term interest of the team in both a football sense and fiscally then awesome. I don't care if I like the dude if he is helping us win. But I don't "like" the dudes attitude, so I'm not gonna toot his horn. I don't generally toot horns anyway because I'm not a clown. I think fanboy-ing and hero worship are infantile. If you want to talk about his stats or specific plays like mugging Daniel Jones,which was a lot of fun, then cool I can do that and give him credit for good play. However, unlike the fanboys I'm not here to kiss his ass and talk about him like he is the second coming, he does that plenty himself. I definitely think coming on JN and constantly defending him against his detractors and necro-ing your own defensive posts is weird as it seems you are taking it personally. If you want to defend your man all the way like he is a close friend or relative being slighted here at JN, good for you, that's your prerogative. I'll continue to find it interesting in a sad sycophantic sort of way, but maybe I just don't get the fanboy thing. I'm not a detractor... Jamal is and can be very valuable... I just don't think the position warrants the contract many assume he will want, especially for a team in our already mismanaged position. The idea of that contract is just assumption at this point he hasn't asked for it the Jets have not offered it. It being completely hypothetical does not warrant the endless back and forth JN has had to endure. Some of us think he is a great player who acts like a punk sometimes and don't care to talk about him as much as he cares to talk about himself and his greatness, or as much as you do for that matter.
  15. Right .....humility would be a great quality for posters and the players they perpetually defend alike. I could probably be less of a dick about it too.

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