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  1. I dig, this place is extremely hyperbolic lately. I'm mostly just reveling in it personally and have shut the door on any tempered optimism. Just going to take what comes and laugh either way. I'm constantly tongue in cheek so almost never take me seriously....almost.
  2. It's like fun is illegal around here.... stop trying to ruin a good time with your "rational thinking" I mean you're not wrong but damn people like Clemons.... if hes a good rotational piece thats a win...
  3. Why are you trying to **** this up..... Let the man keep his inner turmoil and channel it into QB soul stealing.
  4. He's going to be a top performer on this team .... until the FBI finds the bodies
  5. All I know is you're not a real Jets fan. You're completely imaginary.
  6. This place is so hyperbolic it's great. Zach hate SOJ vs Zach love PVO I for one was cautiously optimistic about Zach, now I am tepidly pessimistic. Starting to see a lot of the same old issues (for Jets QBs) cropping up, bad decisions, short range accuracy issues, injuries adding up. Hoping it turns around
  7. Traded for him in in my dynasty league. Was offered him and Kalif Raymond(jag WR in Detroit) for Boston Scott Took the trade to get Conk then traded Kalif Raymond and Sterling Shepard for Darrell Henderson. Feeling very good about that set of trades.
  8. Eh ... he'll break when he breaks... you guys really need to stop ... we are allowed to have nice things. Learn to love it. .....
  9. I believe the correct answer as a Jets fan is niether, and I think we can pull it off.
  10. No ... stop it no... It's over... let it be over
  11. I'm fine this team can't hurt me anymore.... it's been that way for a while
  12. If they cant handle a "tough personality" I'm ready to light the pyre.... I've been waiting....patiently.... for the next great conflagration.
  13. I remember resigning myself to the fact we were going to take Becton and asking some of you fellows to talk me into why it wasnt bad. By the time we took him I was happy about it and definitely thought I was wrong for doubting him predraft after his rookie year. Now ....
  14. Considering he didnt show up when he was getting paid 11th overall pick money....
  15. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10044786-jets-rumors-mekhi-becton-feared-to-be-out-for-2022-season-with-knee-injury So yeah .... I'm out on him altogether. I've be pretty blaise and optimistic about him but he didn't take his career seriously. Hate to say it but two years of injury in a row it's over. Highway 77 is closed. Dude should have approached rehab and diet professionally.
  16. I've been a fan of JDs approach to every position group except OL and PK .... and he is beginning to have a really ****** track record there.
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