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  1. I mean I'll stoke the flames on the pyre while we throw them all in and we'll all enjoy the party... I'm just saying its what we do and it hasnt worked. I get it JD swung for the fences and may have struck out and if so that requires blood, i just don't necessarily want to throw the baby out with the bathwater if the process is showing signs of growth towards success.
  2. Sure he does ... no need to remain the third world banana republic chopping off the current guys head to get the next guy in at any sign of trouble. As much as i may enjoy the cycle of fire it doesn't lead to success. I get not being head over heels for Douglas sure but the cap is clean and the quality of player has improved. There is a process at work.
  3. I still miss Demario Davis
  4. Is this a self troll Bronx...
  5. Here here to another shi**y year.
  6. Crusher and Warfish out on the town.
  7. I married one... so far so good. Thanksgiving 2012 .... a rough spot ... but other than that fine... Not much of a rivalry since we began dating in 2010.... rivalries arent generally this one sided.
  8. I'm diligently working my way into an atypical family model as we speak but this chart is deliberately showing the break for the "typical" or "median" family and how it no longer strongly correlates with GDP growth. We agree that their is upward mobility for those willing to do what is necessary to achieve it. I was recently promoted and have gone from middle management to low level corporate executive. At age 33 that puts me on a decent career and Income trajectory. I don't know that we are in agreement or disagreement in general but somehow we seem to have jumped from monetary policy to representative government and redistribution. That being said redistribution sounds nice in a vacuum. However, government redistribution through increasingly corrupt channels is deliberately inefficient for the purpose of self enrichment and our representation has been watered down through engineered mass manipulation that borders on artful. Expecting benevolence from governments in a machiavellian world when a governments concern is for its own self interests doesn't seem prudent. Convincing oneself that a governments best interests and its people's best interests are always aligned ignores history. That along with ignoring mankinds penchant for self inflicted disaster and the fact that worldwide governments killed a couple hundred million of their own people in the 20th century alone looks like optimism bias. Very bad things can and will happen, it's best to be self sufficient and not rely on the nanny state. This is just me sharing my point of view with you not meant as any sort of attack on your point of view. We live in a time and place with the best quality of life in history but in my opinion it's foolhardy to think this thing couldn't go sideways under the right set of circumstances. Maybe its just a difference in worldview ... but my world view has provided me with contingencies in case they are needed.
  9. It will take some of us longer to die than others huh big boy.... now I understand your BMI investment strategy.
  10. It's the only decent measure we have currently. You can compare it to the value of an Oz of gold but you are still measuring that value in dollars.
  11. Agreed you are and so am I. Stay outta my backyard and outta my mind you commie central planner . The problem isnt necessarily that currencies need central planning but how and by whom they are planned. Rules for thee but not for me and insider deals as a commonplace stance for the central planners and elites does not seem like much of a "grand conspiracy" ...you illustrated it pretty well with your Zuck story. The predatory and adversarial global economic paradigm has made central planning necessary. World domination is a game that doesn't end, just a never-ending game of king of the hill. So all in all we're ****ed either way. I'll go down buying Jets jerseys and wondering what happened to my 401K with you. Honestly if you cant beat them join them. Vanguard may seem inherently evil, but my Vanguard account was performing well until I liquidated it to move.
  12. Wrong Louis quote before so ill add another meme to the pile
  13. And I can get behind the idea that the new backing of the American dollar is every assest the American government possesses. Rather than a single asset like gold its the grand sum of all assets or the net worth of the US and that the resistance built in is the leverage against those assets. The problem lies in the abstract nature of putting a numeric value on that sum in real time and using it as the active resistance mechanism in the model. I dont think we disagree there. I think where we may disagree is in the practical application. Because if it was the case that the current M1 money supply was leveraged against the whole ofall American assets currently held in both liquidity and natural resources etc. then the current money supply would have a lot more buying power. Looking at it through your lens however does paint a picture of an American dollar with one hand intentionally tied behind its back. While it does not leverage the whole of its assets in it's current economic struggles it keeps what would appear to be a vast majoriy in reserves to crush it's economic foes globally if/when necessary. I think something we can agree on is that there are a lot abstracts that affect the system especially in a global marketplace. For instance one of the attributes that props the US Dollars value up is it's ubiquity of use worldwide as a means of exchange and store of value. A major function of foreign aid is ad hoc forcing countries around the world to use the US Dollar as a means of exchange and thus its perceived value globally as the currency of choice. Antother Abstarct is US Consumer confidence which is not great currently. Record low of 50.20 points. A lot of variables in modern global economics. Many of which led to the need for a purely fiat system. A purely fiat system remains a red flag for potential economic collapse mainly if responsibility and stewardship is not found in those at the controls. I'm not arguing for a reversal to a physical standard just intimating its purpose is placing resistance in a system that requires resistance. That resistance can be accomplished in countless ways by a responsible control apparatus.
  14. Just now noticing your new avatar.. ... Not that you need it but I approve.
  15. Going from physically backed currency to an entirely fiat can be seen as a necessary evolution from a booming expansionary economy that continues its proper functionality. Resistance still needs to be built into the model. Resistance is naturally occurring in a system with physical backing. The question for a fiat system is determining what the device for resistance (artificial or otherwise) is and who controls it. This control lends itself to misuse and hyperinflationary models.
  16. Lol.... K Bit... The function of friction in monetary policy is lost on you. The idea that resistance is built into a system for intentional affect is just word salad you care not to address to instead speak in vague platitudes and strawman. We could talk about Perceived scarcity vs real scarcity vs artificial scarcity If gold becomes as plentiful as seashells for instance a system built using gold as a resistance would collapse and new system would emerge using something else with high scarcity or high perceived scarcity. Golds value is a societal structure. (Let's try to argue about what isn't a societal structure amirite?) Golds value comes from perceived scarcity, its use commercially as you suggested along with its industrial uses in the production of electronics but dont let that get in the way of your "it's only stupid tradition argument". Do you want to have the actual conversation or devolve this thread into trolly games ... i vote trolly games because well thats more fun for both of us.... definitely more fun than discussing monetary policy with people who don't care to actually analyze the subject or do anything more than act like they know what they are talking about. It's better to be genuinely inquisitive than to argue points from a stance of infallibility and arrogance.... its unbecoming of a woman of your stature... but its okay cause you're pretty . Side note a fun deep dive into De Beers and their hoarding of diamonds for the sake of propping up scarcity and price.
  17. So you are going to just ignore the fact that i laid out for you physical standards set a path of friction for monetary policy. Without built in friction manipulation to the point of hyperinflation or near hyperinflation becomes much more plausible. Command economies can then play with the spout and inflate on a whim while supposing the best of intentions only to "unintentionally" flip the table in their own system. The rarer the commodity used as backing the more friction you inherently build into the system you create. Thats why it was the gold standard and not the ****ing seashell standard. Gold is a scarce commodity. Its functionality is its scarcity. I hope you are intentionally being obtuse.
  18. Not necessarily incorrect but not a nuanced enough take. The true problem with fiat lies in how its easily manipulated in a command economy. I.E. the current fed reserve to M1 money supply scenario we are living in. Arguments could be made as to why that relationship currently exists and one could postulate that it's fighting fire with fire when it comes to Chinas agressive inflationary economic model. A monetary supply with a physical backing or standard is less easily manipulated, but is still manipulated. If you look at rise and fall scenarios for countries and empires banking plays a major role. A switch from a monetary supply with a hard physical backing to one of strictly fiat with no real underlying structure than the Fiat (faith) in the currency is the sign of burgeoning economic growth at that moment but also a huge red flag for the inevitable death spiral of the entity in question in my opinion. Without hard stops mankind has shown time and time again it will blow through most failsafes. Bitcoin is an interesting case study because instead of a hard physical backing it has a hard digital backing of 21 million bitcoin total or 2,100,000,000,000,000 Satoshis ( I think thats enough zeros ) The whole system going digital is worriesome in its own right. If for some reason the internet is irretrievably down or electronics are fried doesnt matter how much you've invested in BTC. Optimism Bias is not prudent with the current state of the flames.
  19. People who are interested in the craziness of early crytpo and the black market should look into " The Silk Road" and Ross William Ulbricht. The mid to late 2000s were pretty nuts. Peak internet capabilities to wild west ratio.
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