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  1. Still a better than 0% chance you are Manish
  2. Lol I hope Becton shows out this season makes a bunch of dudes on this board eat his sweaty *** The Fant signing has panned out well considering it was essentially a 1 year deal with an acceptable out the second year and no real commitment to year 3. Mostly everyone here **** on the signing at the time now we have people chiming in like hes a top LT in the leage. He's good, we took a chance on him and he made it work. Pay him medium money on a 3 year and move on. If Becton is a bum and we need Fant at LT moving forward I'll support Fants holdout next year.
  3. The dude is funny, smart, personable, and ....HUMBLE. Best interview of the offseason so far.
  4. Any QB panning out to FQB status or better is a statistical outlier .... we should know that better than most. The last one we could argue for is Pennington and even then a large portion of our fanbase would argue the mere implication that he was FQB material is preposterous. Which is why I am simultaneously hopeful for Zach while keeping the pyre stoked for his near inevitable descent into our most holy flames.
  5. Thanks for the break down @Sarge4Tide Didn't realize we still had so many unsigned draft picks.
  6. Way to large a portion of Jets fans regarding Zach right now: It's ****ing hilarious I'm truly enjoying lurking this offseason Most of the really annoying posters I liked to troll and /or egg on have been cleansed from our sight Even so, the usual desperation and self loathing persists so much so that for some we're dead in the water with a trash QB and the seasons over just like that June 9th. Never change brethren.
  7. Rofl ... dude has no concept of what the line is, let alone how to find it. Completely oblivious..... it's great to watch .
  8. Any info on the Garret Wilson Limping off the field bit?
  9. We should reclaim him but woth a post / character limit per 24 hours
  10. I tend to stay away from major blockbuster trades and instead really focus on trying to flip middling assets for potential risers or players coming off a down year. I've pulled off three trades so far this offseason on my rebuilding team feel free to let me know your grade on the trade. 12 man 1 QB .5 PPR IDP Dynasty Gave: Boston Scott Got: Tyler Conklin and Kalif Raymond Gave: Sterling Shepard and Kalif Raymond Got: Darrell Henderson Gave: Jamal Adams, CJ Mosely, Cam Heyward. Got: Chase Claypool and Eddie Jackson I'm at an A on these from my own grading Boston Scott in a muddy back field for Conklin and Raymond as a throw in Henderson a 24 year old RB that will get touches for Sterling Shepherd approaching 30 coming iff an Achilles injury and 27 year old slot receiver Kalif Raymond whom I didn't want in the first place. And then the piece de resistance Chase Claypool a 23 year old wide out with promise and throw in Eddie Jackson for 3 starters on Defense two of whom are aging and one who I really dont like.
  11. Good thread..... good thread.... Those of you who don't know how to enjoy the offseason by just rolling all around in this muddy mud are absolutely anhedonic.
  12. Beautiful 9.8 sir First mention of the Mandolorians as we know them is in that issue.
  13. That's tasty. I was behind on the Fett collecting and now ot definitely too late to get in. Thats the problem with this hobby and finite resources. My birthday was a couple weeks ago wifey grabbed this NM Gem. Quite literally my favorite modern MK cover which I had yet to aquire. She didn't know it was top of my list just said the cover screamed my taste and she was almost positive I didn’t have it.
  14. I like to cross pollinate my two favorite boards Jetnation and CGC A ton of groundbreaking work started in that issue, first V for Vendetta first Marvelman(Miracleman). On top of that because of the way they were shiped a heavy portion of them were severely damaged at the time of release ... took me a year of hunting to find one in this condition.
  15. If this is the test then I am 33 and have really... really bad dementia. I'm petty sure there is a troll that takes my things..... but that's a problem for another day.
  16. Ryan Fitzpatrick career earnings... According to Spotrac, Fitzpatrick made $82 million in his career, the most of any seventh-round pick ever.
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