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  1. A++++ Draft ....so stoked .... I was getting on a flight and literally had the #10 pick come through as they were telling us to Airplane mode/ turn off electronics. Landed to see we nabbe JJ at 26 and didnt give up much to do it. WOW!!! As a Jets fan super happy we picked up Breece.... however as a Michael Carter owner in DynastyFF I'm devastated as he was at the top of my shaky RB Depth Chart and is now an RIP candidate.
  2. We like feeding the turf monster our players.
  3. 1.09, 1.10, 1.12.Williams, Olave, Pickens. My own picks 1.05 London 2.1 Rachaad White/ Malik Willis/Christian Watson 3.1 Ridder/Pierce/ Strong if any of the three fall Worried Jameson wont last to 9 and thinking about taking him at 1.05... might be crazy might be bold. 3 months ago I wanted Burks or Spiller now it seems the whole community has soured on them and I dont know wether it's legit ot just noise.
  4. Incoming disciplinary or legal issue?
  5. No .... Kyler ... no... I like Zach but dont have high hopes fornour outlook but u want nothung to do with Kyler Murray.
  6. I don't like rooting for douches.
  7. Lol depending on a rookie is going to end poorly. I like Corey Davis but it seems like the more that is expected if him the less hes does.... we need another vet in the room ...whatever 2c
  8. A 3rd for cooks and draft a rook in the first.
  9. Look out Mekhi. ..... He's back!!!!
  10. I can't wait for Hamilton to be on someone elses roster. If we are going to wait until the second or trade back into the tail end of the first for a receiver we need to trade for a stopgap like Cooks. In fact no matter what we do I don't see a Cooks trade as a bad thing as long as its no more than a 3rd.
  11. Im still trying to figure out how anyone sees us fitting into this equation at all.
  12. @bla bla bla Good job on the video. Already subbed would sub again if I could . Quality info.
  13. If we draft Hamilton I will be extremely disappointed. Very tired of seeing Hamilton Sauce drafts.
  14. @Paradis @Jetsfan80 So after everything has panned out due to the results of the consolation bowl I have picks 5,9,10,12,13,25 in rounds 1-3 5- one of Spiller/Walker/Wilson/Burks/Hall 9-13 is where things get interesting. 4 of Pickens/London/Olave/ Christian Watson/ Skyy Moore/ Zamir White would be a perfect way for this to pan out. Am I wrong here? Not a fan of Dotson/Bell/Ross/Metchie.... any info on why I should target them is welcome. Developmental QB is a need as well ... do I scoop up Malik Willis if he is there at 9-13.... or wait until 25 and take Ridder I'm targeting A Pierce at 36. QB room is currently Cousins, Ryan, Darnold, Mills. Good opportunity to turn this team around in a hurry after trading away Cooper and Allen for 3 firsts last year. Still need to see the landing spots for these guys this month. Thanks in advance for your input.
  15. Thank god......taking this kid with one of our firsts was among my worst case scenarios. I know a lot of our brethren seem enamored with taking one of the least premium positions with one of our premium picks but no... please no... no more Hamilton talk...
  16. Wait so there's a chance we don't give up our identity as they perennial death of hope.
  17. My gif game: Sorry I don't know what I'm doing here... ..can't help but $***post I'll see myself out. Xoxo
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