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  1. Yeah ..... would have been happy to pull that trigger....
  2. I was stoked when we drafted Mims I'm ready to eat my crow now..
  3. I like Berrios I think the deal is right numberwise. The question will be opportunity cost. I'd like Chark I'd like a wr at 10. I'd like a lot of things. Overall the two moves we have made so far are giving me hope.... that I don't like...
  4. I've gone from patient to actively rooting for us to remain a ****show... hedonism and fire
  5. Exactly I'm enjoying this schadenfreude. If we wait to have a winning record to enjoy thingd we'll never enjoy any thing. Personally I very much enjoy lighting the pyre for once promising QB prospects.
  6. I have a 3 and a half year old and a 2 month old.... so very busy with a lack of sleep on the side. I work in commercial leasing and recently tied my career to resurrecting a shopping center in Plano ... since the move 3 months ago I've leased 125K of "small shop" space, so it's going very well. I'm mostly a zombie at the moment... an efficient corporate zombie. But home life is busy and work life is busy. I'm not lacking for things to do just lacking in hours in the day. 99% of my time being work and kids can be exhausting and the lack of downtime can be maddening but that's just the stage of life I'm in and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  7. Same mediocre malcontent he was when he left. Eh screw it bring him in... I don't want to be good anyway.
  8. Now how many times will he ask it before Zach provides an answer. My over under is 17 As for me I'm wholly apathetic to the situation. It's a win win scenario for me either way baby!!!!
  9. Sneaky sneaky risk reward Higgins.... I'm not even mad I'm impressed . Can't believe they missed that... can't believe he tried to pull it off and it worked...
  10. Lurker89

    FA WR's

    This guy gets it I'd like to stay ....
  11. Lurker89

    FA WR's

    Gallup is legit.... injury discount ... roll those dice
  12. I know the story well....lived in Danbury for a few years it is quite the local legend, came up in conversation at a business dinner with the DPD Police Chief. Always interesting from the PD perspective when they know something is going on but hands are tied while things work themselves out ...or don't... at higher levels.
  13. @HighPitch If this was your intention bravo
  14. I don't want to start talking playoffs I like it here in the AFC basement ... it's damp ... it's dark....it's comfortable and we finally got the Bills to move out ... we have so much room for activities.
  15. JFC are people actually advocating we take with a 1st round pick?
  16. Doesn't make his take any less ******ed. Just means our GMs have been hot garbage.
  17. Having us pick a safety at 4 is an obvious troll job...
  18. I like burning our idols, I'm ready to set him and Zach ablaze whenever... it's the most fun I have as a Jets fan.
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