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    Music, Football (soccer (it's FOOTBALL !!!) and American)
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    I own a record shop

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    Emma Powers (my cousin, an ex member)
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    Yes but have no memory of it

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  1. Displaced Brummie now living in Shropshire. I support Birmingham City so I know how you feel. Picked the Jets cos I like green and had extended family in New York. Later found out all the family were Giants fans (!) although my cousin was on the Flight Crew (see avatar)
  2. You need to subscribe to NFL Game pass https://www.nflgamepass.com/en whereabout in UK are you ?
  3. “I would shag this little tart ” wow do you talk to your mother with that mouth …
  4. 24.5 here in UK last night...I got money on him doing better than that...
  5. All I’m saying on Patriots week is…last week my three teams looked like this Blues W - Hibs Tied - Jets L So far this weekend it’s like this Blues L - Hibs Tied - Jets ?
  6. Sitting in the pub in the UK, 3 hours to kick off, what could possibly go wrong ? have a good feeling about this new Jets, enjoy the game everyone
  7. We’ll just to help him out a little don’t go looking in any US phone books
  8. My name is Russ, my surname begins with H, I live at number 29...dull Huh ?
  9. Carl Lawson's loss is a helluva blow and I admit to feeling pretty deflated when I heard the news yesterday, BUT...2021 is all about Zach Wilson and his development. I'm far more interested in the recovery and progress of AVT and Elijah Moore and getting Becton back to being that dominant blindside protector. Those are 3 players that will be vital to Zach's development.
  10. Just added it to my Discogs wantlist...likelihood of it showing up in the UK is very slim...
  11. You are Chris Sims and I claim my prize ! https://youtu.be/5_RaTPepifQ
  12. I believe the set of cards were published to celebrate Super Bowl XXV
  13. Hopefully, still waiting on the release of ticket details
  14. I own a 2nd hand record shop in the UK…I bought a bag of albums off a guy today and tucked inside one of the sleeves was this…how strange that it found it’s way to a Jets fan…
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