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    I own a record shop

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    Emma Powers (my cousin, an ex member)
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    Yes but have no memory of it

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  1. That spin move he has...ya dancer...
  2. A linebacker would be good and Brandon Smith looks the part. I can't imagine JD will resist an OLineman or DT, Zach Thomas/Alec Linstrom for O perhaps, don't know too much about the remaining DT's...
  3. I wasn't pissed as much as surprised...I went to bed after pick 10 (I had to get up for work this morning) feeling slightly nonplussed...but to wake up to the trade news this morning puts a whole different spin on Day 1, A+ for sure. And you gotta love JD's big grin at the end there when asked if there is still top talent available in Round 2...Go get 'em Joe !
  4. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has finally been sanctioned by the UK government. All his assets have been frozen including Chelsea FC. He cannot currently sell the club, in fact under the terms of the section Chelsea can't even sell tickets for forthcoming games, only season ticket holders can attend. So Woody ain't buying anything in the near future...
  5. What makes you think we want him ?!?
  6. Thanx all, that clears things up, a bit.
  7. Can anyone explain to me (in simple terms please), if the NFL has a hard salary cap (which to my mind means you cannot go over that number) how it is that (according to overthecap.com) there are 8 teams that are over the salary cap ? Some (Saints, Packers particularly) are significantly over the cap ($74m and $40m respectively). Am I misunderstanding the term “hard cap”, and what are the penalties teams face for breaching the cap ?
  8. The Packers…I like green (and love watching Aaron Rogers)…
  9. Displaced Brummie now living in Shropshire. I support Birmingham City so I know how you feel. Picked the Jets cos I like green and had extended family in New York. Later found out all the family were Giants fans (!) although my cousin was on the Flight Crew (see avatar)
  10. You need to subscribe to NFL Game pass https://www.nflgamepass.com/en whereabout in UK are you ?
  11. “I would shag this little tart ” wow do you talk to your mother with that mouth …
  12. 24.5 here in UK last night...I got money on him doing better than that...
  13. All I’m saying on Patriots week is…last week my three teams looked like this Blues W - Hibs Tied - Jets L So far this weekend it’s like this Blues L - Hibs Tied - Jets ?
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