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    Music, Football (soccer (it's FOOTBALL !!!) and American)
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    I own a record shop

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    Emma Powers (my cousin, an ex member)
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    Yes but have no memory of it

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  1. You are Chris Sims and I claim my prize ! https://youtu.be/5_RaTPepifQ
  2. I believe the set of cards were published to celebrate Super Bowl XXV
  3. Hopefully, still waiting on the release of ticket details
  4. I own a 2nd hand record shop in the UK…I bought a bag of albums off a guy today and tucked inside one of the sleeves was this…how strange that it found it’s way to a Jets fan…
  5. My avatar features my cousin Emma (on the left) who was on the Flight Crew a few years back…
  6. A question...the yellow helmet in Coach Saleh's office, top left in the attached picture, I presume it's a college or maybe HS team (I'm in the UK so my knowledge of those isn't great) but which one ?
  7. Hey if I can't be optimistic in June when can I be
  8. 3512 yards 65% comp 22 TD’s 12 INT’s 257 yards rushing/3 TD’s 7 wins
  9. "Don't judge us on the past, judge us on what we do from this day forward" seemed like something that some around these parts should take note of...great interview...
  10. I'm support Birmingham City...I'm used to it
  11. You forgot the fried Black Pudding... This will be the first time I'll have a chance to go to a Jets game...can't wait !
  12. On my own, on the sofa with the dogs for company, desperately trying to stay awake until we make the #23 pick around 3.30am UK time...
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