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    I'm a 41 year old, die hard Jets fan. Born, and raise on Long Island NY, I moved to South florida 01
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    West Palm Beach FL
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    Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Watching my son grow into a die hard JETS fanatic!
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    Flooring installer/contractor

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    Watching Bill Parcells make us relevant again. Watching Rex almost take us to the promise Land
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    Beating Mannings Indianapolis Colts on the road,
    Beating Tom Brady's New England Patriots on the road,
    Having my heart ripped out of my chest by Ben Rothlisburger and the Pittsburg Steelers In the AFC championship game, in what would have been the most amazing run to get to a super bowl ever!
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Conner McGregor LMFAO, that was truley awesome BEAN. Hey, in truth bro, you took it like a champ, and came back with redemption! About the I line, you make a truly fantastic point, an important point, and this is huge for our team. I totally wiffed on mentioning this, but hey, this is why I bounce my ideas, and thoughts off of you. Lol. This fact can't be understated given the outcome of record number of injured reserve players. If we had the options last year that we would have this year if injury's occur, would have been priceless (and I'm sure Sam would have appreciated it).
  2. No way in hell do I trade Jamal for the boys #1 this year. Never. The kid has a Twitter problem, but he's definitely the best thing we've had In a while(as far as the whole package. Locker room, on field voice, off field voice, production, leadership, etc). As far as I'm concerned, if they'll give up a 1, then they can give up a 1 and a 2! No way I give Jerry Adams for anything less, you know why??? Because he obviously has a hard on for Jamal, and let's face it, Jerry has a bit of stupid in him... Jerry clearly you have a man crush on our safety so along with that 1, you can plan on a
  3. I wouldn't mind taking Becton if he's there at 11. With his size, speed, and athletic ability, how the hell could you pass him up honestly? Imo anyway. I guess I just feel like we can add quality receivers between rounds 2-4.
  4. That's crazy BEAN! I lived in Lauderdale for years also. Nob hill & sunset strip. I know what you mean, it's ******* crazy down there now. I'm up in royal palm beach now. I live it here. Funny your in VA. Now. I left Florida in 2005 for about 4 years and went to the panhandle of WV. I was about 2.5hrs from Chantilly Va. I thought Conklin would have been a good signing, bit the guy I really wanted was Thuney! Figures the Evil empire wouldn't just let him hit free agency. They'd rather tag him, and trade him to make sure we can't possibly have a shot. Conklin would have been my g
  5. You know, I couldnt agree more. I'm definitely concerned with his injury history, and lack of production. Like you said, if he couldn't do it with J.J., and others on that D line, than how the hell is he going to help us. In the passing game anyway. We can stop the run already, we need to get to QB, and put him on the ground. As far as draft, again, I agree 100%. Surprise! Lol. I actually wouldn't mind going Tackle in rd.1, and double dipping in O line with a center in Rd. 2 if available. Then I'm thinking 2 receivers. Or receiver, then RB? Then like you said, 2021 draft go edge rd.1, the
  6. Your absolutely right about Marcus. When he came back, it looked like he never missed a beat. Luckily, Mosely is realitivly young, so hopefully he doesn't miss a beat. Avery i believe is a bit older, but none the less, a stud when healthy and playing full speed. Regardless, I agree with you % on our inside backer situation with those two. I think that's a supurb combo in the middle. On another note GREENBEAN, what do you think of the chatter of possibly being in the hunt for Clowney at outside backer! Obviously we need to do something besides draft considering they let Jenkins walk. Jenk
  7. I agree with you Greenbean! I love the idea of Mosley, and Williamson holding down the middle of defense. They are both tackling machines, and we saw in 3 quarters, of 1 game at how menacing, and dominant CJ Mosley was, and is! Just think with Avery by his side. Very exciting honestly if you ask me. The only concern I have is how Avery will bounce back after the ACL. Sometimes it seems like players aren't back 100% till 2nd season back from injury. Especially guys like this who have to cover in space.
  8. Hi, my name's Eddie. I was born, and raised a die hard Jets fan, by my father, another die hard. I'm originally from West Islip N.Y., which is on Long Island. I moved to South Florida in 2001. I attend many jet/dolphin games, and it's truly awesome to see the green, and white most always take over Sun Life stadium. Go JETS!
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Jetfan4life78


      Thank you much Maxman. Appreciate you reaching out, and JetNation.com is absolutely awesome! 

    2. Maxman


      Thank you!

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