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  1. What I think of all of you CTM seems like a genuinely nice guy, even if mafia I wont vote. Crusher: On the one hand, he's a mod. On the other hand, his posts are funny and his against body shaming. 50-50 chances hes mafia. Nolder: He doesnt care about football, and he's obsessed with lynchings. 100% town. Leelou: profile pic is suspiciously innocent looking. That's a diversion I say. Still something tells me hes town. JiF: My gut says he's mafia. He's advertising too much himself as "vanilla town" in the thread. Drums: He keeps saying this is only his "third game". It's the feeling of guilt talking here. Almost certainly mafia. Kdels: he enjoys writing essays and he's prolly a boomer. I'm split here, but I'll go with town. Jetsfan He actually posts on the Jets and keeps asking for a mass reveal. Pure mafia. Nyvaene keeps asking for ppl to kill him. Sounds like mafia at face value, but I think he's bluffing. Prolly town. To conclude, vote Gata Nynaeve Jetsfan80Jetsfan80Ξ
  2. Okay guys, I'll make a post where I explain what I think of each of you. I ll play by the rules from now. I'll try to have it ready in 3-4 hrs from now.
  3. Monday actually. It didn't affect me much bcs I was already working from home. I used to go out once-twice a day for some jogging and do whatever I have to (shopping, throw away the garbage etc); I still do the same. If the gvt keeps its promise to give 800 euros to ppl who no longer work I will have even made a small profit out of this situation. It looks like we ll go like this until May at least. On the less bright side, tourist season got FUBARed. Recession looming. This country has been in an economic crisis since when I remember myself (late eighties). Gr is also very far behind other Euro countries when it comes to online transactions, internet speed etc. Working from home here won't be easy. vote GATA I read his recent posts and it only strengthened my conviction. He spends a lot of time here and posts a lot but his texts are super short. He´s mafia guys, trust me.
  4. yes? you got something to share with us amorcito?
  5. Happy I convinced everyone about GATA.
  6. Slightly disappointed I'm not top-3.
  7. To answer some of the comments: I can barely tell you apart! This willl take some time. Also, I've given my reasoning for voting Gata. He posted very little on the first day. IRL games, mafia guys either stay silent or never shut up so I thought he was a good bet. To add to this, he's one of the few ppl here I can tell apart, has a fake profile pic, speaks Spanish and his name means female cat. 100% mafia.

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