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  1. Rodgers ballwashers are at least as bad as Brady ballwashers. Probably worse. At least Brady has the championships to back it up.
  2. Why does it always come back to Mac Jones? Are people really surprised that a rookie QB with a bunch of no.3 receivers got destroyed by the no.1 defense in the NFL? It was the most predictable outcome ever. Bill Belichick's reputation has been built around strong defenses. Tonight his defense gave up a touchdown on all seven drives. I feel like this is a bigger story than Mac Jones and his predictably bad performance. Would the greatest coach of all time really allow this to happen?
  3. The story is more the Patriots defense than Mac Jones. Exposed as frauds.
  4. You usually know what you have with a quarterback in their first season. How many QBs have gone from terrible to elite? There are maybe a half dozen examples with Peyton Manning being the most notable. Zach could turn it around but people should absolutely be concerned with what they've seen so far.
  5. Assuming there isn't a drastic turnaround next season. Lawrence and Wilson are why you don't draft guys based solely on arm strength and are other physical abilities. I figured the existence of guys like Brees, Manning, Ryan, etc would have taught people that arm talent isn't the be all end all.
  6. He's playing well with Kendrick Bourne and Jakobi Meyers as his top receivers. His receiving back is a special teams player. He doesn't have any elite weapons who are making him look good. I think he could succeed in most places provided he's not in a David Carr situation.
  7. Not sure about that but he's better than AFC East fans give him credit for.
  8. I'm not worried. You will NEVER see another guy like Brady who can lead a team to 20 years of dominance. The Bills will last 4-5 years at most before their team falls apart. Allen is good but I don't think he's good enough to carry a bad team.
  9. The Patriots are actually terrible. It's hilarious how bad Belichick looks without Brady. Guy has completely destroyed his legacy by not retiring.
  10. The WR signings aren't bad honestly. Both are short term deals and the money isn't anything ridiculous. They had literally no one at WR last season and Belichick has proven that he can't draft WRs. The other two signings i'm not sure about.
  11. Pats fans worship Brady. What are you smoking?
  12. Dynasty is finally over but I do wonder how much this will actually affect them next season. Brady was actually kind of terrible last year. Will someone like Bridgewater or Dalton really be a massive downgrade over a washed up soon to be 43 year old QB? I think they still win 10 games because that's just how these things go.
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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