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  1. Title is self-explanatory. I'm going out for my one road game per season. Pretty excited as I've never been west of the Mississippi.
  2. I'm all for a good story, but I feel like ESPN's coverage last year was overkill. It felt like they went out of their way to depress the audience.
  3. Looks like Bill is determined to go for it all in a short window like the Bucs
  4. So the thread on the changes to the parking situation at the Meadowlands got me thinking: What were gamedays at Shea Stadium like? I was born after the team moved so I never got to experience a game there. Was it similar to Mets games? Were there any cool traditions that didn't carry over to NJ?
  5. Someone made one on TeePublic https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/18732867-jets-all-gas-no-brake?store_id=243945
  6. Nah nothing like that. I was just lucky enough to have a relative who invested money for me as a communion gift instead of just giving a check.
  7. So long story short, I'll be coming into some money in the future and one thing I've always wanted to do was get my own tailgate rig for all the home games (obviously not this year). Is there anyone that has a tailgating bus/RV/other vehicle? Did you pay someone to customize it or build it yourself? What do you consider to be the must have features?
  8. Why in God's name would you buy him a Dee Milliner jersey?
  9. Think I can get a refund on the hazmat suit I bought for gamedays?
  10. Anyone else thinking about taking a road trip to LA for the Chargers game? Gotta make that a ninth home game
  11. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2828649-what-happened-in-green-bay Based on these two sources alone, it's clear McCarthy is an egomaniac who cares more about his image than actually getting the job done.
  12. Overall, this is definitely the right approach. You saw it when Loyola went on their Cinderella run in the NCAA tourney a few years ago. Most of those guys were captains from winning programs, but not necessarily top tier recruits.
  13. I don't understand why people are mad. Everyone had him rated as a plug in starter.
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