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  1. If he picks any number but one it would be a huge kick to the nuts of fans who already ordered jerseys
  2. Go listen to how Bill talked when the pats drafted Jimmy G vs how he spoke about Mac Jones. That pick was a “organizational decision”. Bill didn’t want him
  3. Only a freaking Jet fan would cry about keeping the NFL’s worst starting QB the past 3 seasons because “we could’ve selected another O-Line prospect in the 1st round” LMFAOOOO You can’t make this sh*t up
  4. NDS is the Alabama of that conference, and what exactly is wrong with Wilson’s attitude? I keep hearing this but nothing directly explaining the issues. I’m genuinely curious
  5. Thank you for this, tired of Darnold truthers trying to rewrite history
  6. Yes but to trade up to 3 was expensive too.
  7. The irony of that is that the “QBs guru” down in SF apparently likes 5 QBs in this class more than Darnold
  8. No way this happens, Justin needs to get far away from David Mulugheta as possible
  9. The biggest mistake was trading Darnold but Carolina is hesitant to pick up his 5th year opinion...
  10. I hope not, I don’t want Lawrence crybaby ass. Zach, Justin or Lance please
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