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  1. I feel Chris Sims criticisms of Fields was fair but I don’t agree with him ranking Fields so low on his Top QBs list. That being said a lot of it is school bias.
  2. This It’s very alarming, Rosen is basically out the league and he had Darnold behind him. Ouch, Sam supporters
  3. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW its going down!!! On another note, it seems MANY teams like this rookie class of QBs
  4. You have to be insane to think the jets are keeping Sam, after the GM goes on record and calls him untouchable to the next year saying he would answer calls for him.. We aren’t trading out the pick unless it’s for Watson. AND IMO I think the Jets are sold enough on Zach Wilson that they probably will play hardball with the Texans with one offer and stand firm on it. We have enough draft picks and cap room where we can build a fine team around a rookie QB or Watson if the trade is reasonable.
  5. Sims flipped flopped on his infamous 2018 QB picks, so it’s not all gospel what he says
  6. You do know what odds are and how they work right? The odds are infinitely higher of one or more of those 1st round QBs being studs than it is that Darnold will have a 4th season magical turnaround.
  7. If if you take the situation out and look at raw tools ^^^^^I challenge anyone on this board to tell me in what areas is Sam better than anyone on this list??????? The ONLY thing I could legitimately come up with is he scrambles better than Mac Jones. And scrambling QBs are a dime a dozen in today’s NFL. There are literally 6 rookie QBs above Darnold talent wise this year, let that sink in
  8. This couldn’t be more incorrect, we until draft day when imo something will happen. I think he will be used as trade up bait with our lower first or we will get a second +
  9. This The GM literally said Darnold is “untouchable” last year , this year he actually said he would listen to trade offers and people still can’t see the writing on the wall. Darnit Stans: “He’s weighing what he can get for Darnold vs the 2nd overall pick” me: ??????
  10. Anyone, anything but Darnold, Hell throw a can of paint back there for all I care
  11. This But like Pat Mcafee said earlier: “when you sit and think about it the jets have to trade Darnold and if I’m a another GM I know that”
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