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  1. People acting like that 40 million Carr contract is to big of a contract for the raiders to sit on then try and trade is kidding themselves, the TV money kicks in next year Carrs contract is not a problem Dont be surprised the raiders pick up the 40 mill, especially with the Brady retirement many qb needy teams and LV can definitely get something nice for him
  2. I just find it amusing that in such a violent sport people expect and demand Boy Scouts LOL If yall only knew half of the sh*t these nfl players get covered up by the league, daily… And don’t ask me how I know but I definitely know this to be fact
  3. Translation: “I own one of the worlds most valuable franchises and most valuable in the league, who’s really winning ?”
  4. read this thread, most raiders fans can see how stupid this is. It’s Jets or back to GB for Rodgers imo
  5. It definitely will be more, it’s called bidding war
  6. Exactly these self righteous clowns around here act like we are bringing Rodgers here to marry our daughters. Its comical af
  7. Man this is going to be epic! Lmfao JD bring this man to ny ASAP
  8. All this smoke there is definitely fire, Guys trust me on this: like the great @Mogglez said earlier this week: “start looking at HC and GM options for 2024” the writing is on the wall
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