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  1. If you look from 1970 every 10 years there is a “dynasty” I wonder what team will own the 2020’s… But anyways in this rigged league I wouldn’t be surprised if the colts pulled 2 this decade
  2. We will get more then expected, rumors are Arizona, LA Rams, Bucs currently competing
  3. This wasn’t about name calling, come on these millionaires and billionaires could careless about some emailed insults and besides the NFL could’ve easily covered this up… You telling me when the NFL was investigating the pats nothing racist was found during this investigation? My question is… who did he piss off behind the scenes and what happened
  4. This amateur hour coaching staff is exposing themselves every Sunday that passes….
  5. Zach throws a dart = drop WR finally gets separation = blown coverage sack or miss fire by the QB It’s a all around cluster f***
  6. Apparently Kyle Shannahan has his own version of mims in SF (talented young WR who’s in the dog house) Brandon Aiyuk. 49er beat and fans have been trying to figure out for a while now why Brandon don’t get the playing time and being that a large portion of our staff came from there, it’s all staring to make sense to me why Mims is being treated this way
  7. I didn’t know that stuff about Brandon Ayiuak being in the 49er HC doghouse. The fact LaFleur and Salah just came from there.. The mims thing makes sense now
  8. It’s not Darnolds fault it’s what’s around him
  9. Every rookie looking better than Zach so far, so there’s that
  10. Teammates really like him, you can tell this isn’t forced or fake love. Love to see it
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