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  1. Much like Mac Jones??? At least Kyler can actually throw the ball downfield
  2. Ben raped 3 women “allegedly” and received a hero’s send off from the national media. Last time I checked no criminal charges against Watson and none accusing him of rape, Watson will be fine
  3. Still can’t see Mac or mills going above Lance and Fields. QBs are drafted that high mainly based on potential and physical traits. if anything I think NE takes mills over Mac
  4. People on this board said Mac was Brady and this is the 2001 patriots. Lmfaooo pure comedy
  5. Tbh other coaches knew about it but Mangini was the first coach to have the balls to expose them for it and push the issue
  6. Unfortunately Zach can do no good…
  7. “Generational” Lawrence has looked the worst of the bunch, threw the former coach under the bus and wants a say in coaching hires… And this is all in his rookie year… you think I’m starting a franchise with a kid like that??? I’m not surprised, I watched all season these fool justify Lawrence being terrible vs trashing Zach with limited excuses PFF is clown shoes
  8. If JD lets this dude walk, he will most certainly go to the dirty Pats
  9. Trust me if this is true I believe zach is just telling what he was told, draft has some special defensive players so I can see it. As for the WR 1 stuff I think it can be a player that we trade for that’s on nobody’s radar atm. You never really know
  10. So let’s ignore how he fixed this issue down the stretch though…
  11. Zach had a rough rookie year. Big deal! Regardless he showed growth as the season progressed with nothing really around him and he can make throws not many QBs in this league can make. Stop crying the kid will be a fine
  12. Regardless of the “build through the trenches talk” if we can’t land a stud WR in free agency I think pick 10 will be WR. JD sees Chase and Burrow and that Buffalo game with WR’s who struggle to get open with any consistency
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