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  1. Rich Eisen is a complete clown show, bash Watson daily but laugh and joke about Krafts crimes????????? Where is the daily bashing of pimping/stealing Snyder?????? Smfh clown, double standards world that we live in frfr
  2. Bill and Mac should be down there swimming with geno and Pete. hoodie is getting dropped from GO and Mac Jones…. Please
  3. Nico >>>>>>>>>> Arch
  4. To think if Lawrence overcame the adversity he faced last season people would be calling him generational
  5. Pride before the fall Watson Houston is guilty too, punish them all!
  6. “but why is it not concerning that he can he go 20 for 21 in these sessions and Wilson can't look adequate in shorts with no pressure?” the video I posted gives context to your worries, you welcome
  7. I wouldn’t drink the Mac kool-aid just yet : tldw: Mac was OK
  8. Lmao @ everyone who laughed at me for saying the obvious that Houston knew about this / was covering for Watson and only let the cat out of the bag when he wanted out because of football reasons. Houston felt embarrassed so they embarrassed Watson, it’s really that simple IMO Now I will say Watson isn’t the only athlete getting these special sessions with these bootleg masseuse and we will all find out soon enough
  9. How many pages of bashing and fat jokes this 1 millionth Becton thread will have?
  10. Greatest coach of all time but can’t get over the hump without the greatest player of all time. Funny how that works… Took Brady just one year remember that when you want to kiss the cheats rings
  11. I would place the pats WR group in D but good list
  12. Bro why did you choose a garbage can as your profile picture?
  13. Quinn raised a fair point, my question is will people be calling for heads if things do play out this way with a 0 - 9 start?
  14. I’m definitely that fan that’s always running to the bridge at the fist smell of any potential turmoil
  15. Idc 86 Zach if he’s terrible and draft another young hot shot, F it! but im telling you I CANNOT do some washed up, dusty, tossed away “vet” like a Mariota or Tannihill. ^^^^This is the quickest way to a middle of the pack, can’t get over the hump, waste of our time, type team. No TY we deserve better
  16. Out of all the players in this draft I honestly felt the best about sauce, never thought we would take him though with us signing DJ… I think sauce hits the ground running and even if he struggles I don’t see him ever being Okudah terrible. even if sauce struggles in his rookie campaign, fellas be patient because I believe we a future nfl Superstar
  17. Blasphemy I always said if JD and zach turn into dudes then Gase is a NYJ legend because without him we wouldn’t have either JD so far has shown to be a dude and I believe in Zach so, so far Gase is goated in my book
  18. That’s a rough start to the year though IMO
  19. This Not including the GOATS is criminal
  20. I kinda was leaning this way until I realized this is NEW YORK, if these players think they are future nfl stars and this isn’t the “same ol Jets” prove it! and what better way to set the tone than to beat up on that cheating, moldy hoodie
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