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  1. That Zach throw on the first one is when I fell in
  2. The patriots offense has been terrible in practice, just look up tweets from Greg Betard or google: “patriots offense camp struggles” mostly terrible days for the offense down in NE
  3. No he’s having a Josh Allen rookie year type camp, very up and down but more down than anything
  4. I understand this I’m just happy with the progress I have been listening to different camps all offseason and all of the good QBs are having days just like Zach is. So it’s encouraging to me that’s all
  5. Bro if Zach was having a Trey Lance camp this place would legitimately be on fire and even @Maxman would not be able to save it
  6. Nope all the detractors will just crawl back into their caves
  7. Zach showing out in camp and people are still talking about last year Smfh
  8. Okay Zach was terrible last year, how many times you guys want to beat that dead horse with these same tired stats it’s corny and old now
  9. I’m so tired of Corey Davis, BUT ZACH I LOVE THE PROGRESS OMG
  10. Why isn’t Brown a jet? We waiting until after Zach is sacked 76 times by Philly in joint practices?
  11. The hell is this chicken scratch Connor ? I hurt my head trying to read that s***
  12. More Reddit gold LOL you can’t make this s*** up : “I was researching Becton’s injury history in college and it looks like he missed just 1 game. Most draft profiles show no issues or concerns about injuries. However, in doing the research, I came across this draft profile of Mekhi from a Seahawks fan site. There’s nothing related to injuries but I found it funny that the profile talks about how Becton would be a great pick to replace their soon to be free agent George Fant or be groomed to be the replacement for RT Duane Brown. Hmmm, small world! https://www.si.com/nfl/seahawks/gm-report/seahawks-nfl-draft-profile-mekhi-becton “
  13. This you would think after last year he would learn to watch his words in NY, like someone posted earlier he’s starting to really look like a dope
  14. Bectons knee is made of toothpaste why isn’t brown a jet?????????? ?
  15. Getting blown up and dragged by JFM that’s how
  16. On top of this… WHY DIDNT I WAKE UP TO BROWN IS A NYJ? JD stop the BS this is not the time for your haggling NONSENSE!
  17. Besides the injury Becton getting dragged like that by JFM is not a good look, like wtf dude you are 400 pounds go and knock some f’in heads off!
  18. This he got his a** blown up and they are calling it “rolled up on” LMAOOO
  19. While all the Becton jokes are funny af in this thread I can’t help but vote SAD on them. Smfh it’s always something
  20. If baker already looks light years ahead of darnold in camp, why keep him? And besides darnold playing and looking like darnold is probably what they are afraid of.
  21. Vinny curry always hurt why is he even here
  22. Team cleaning up leaked negotiations IMO but we all will see soon
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