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  1. JD’s luck has been with the players selected in the later rounds, so I have confidence in him and Michael / Ruck
  2. I’m sick of Mr Clean, his terrible quotes and terrible coaching
  3. They all suck can we re-roll new ones?
  4. Imagine if Fields or Lance becomes dudes, I don’t know how JD survives that!
  5. Pickens was legit looking at Zach Wilson highlights during the draft that night, when I seen the picture I thought maybe his agent told him something Smfh Jets and the “great and powerful” JD
  6. Lmaoooo With all the doublespeak and this thing being the NYJ = I wouldn’t be surprised if Zach is out for the year
  7. I’m not crowing NOBODY apart of this sorry organization until we see some tangible results on Sundays G Wilson hit the juggs machine and STFU
  8. I’m with you Zach injury isn’t minor, when you have to go under the knife that’s not minor.
  9. Yes because often injured players just one day magically become healthy again The kid had surgery on his hand and shoulder in college too, it’s amazing some can’t see the writing on the wall
  10. It was no reason for Saleh to tell the world Becton would be back last year when it was already clear to most dude was done for the year. Stupid organizations do and say stupid things, you literally have to expect the worst with this team and be surprised if something good happens. And I can also see a scenario where this stupid org rushes him back and he’s done for the year soon after
  11. The writing is on the wall Zach no matter how talented will always suffer from injuries (especially playing for this cursed franchise)
  12. Zach is made of glass, Flacco and white blow, another 4 win season and top 5 draft pick here we come !
  13. If he has had problems with the finger or shoulder how exactly would we know?
  14. You have to consider moving on from him after this year because of durably issues that go back to college.
  15. Hate to say it, this is starting to look like the case Kid has been constantly hurt since college, I don’t see how that magically goes away
  16. Jet fans should start looking at the 1st round QBs
  17. This team has the exact same energy as last year and just like last year they can’t stop a nose bleed. Moving forward Zach had multiple injuries in college and now 2 to the same knee in the pros, like Becton he may just always be prone to injury This will be a very interesting year because it wouldn’t surprise me if we are drafting another QB in the first round next year….
  18. Just like we were all killing Becton about being prone to injuries it’s time to do the same with Zach. College injuries and shoulder surgery and now 2 in the nfl on the same knee We can’t rely on him being the guy moving forward regardless
  19. AKA the new clown show of the Afc East
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