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  1. Seriously who do we blame for this mess? I find it real hard not to look at the who hired all these “coaches” first SMFH
  2. Now do mac vs JD w/l record Gase vs Saleh w/L record and this regime really gets exposed
  3. Scapegoating players seems the be the NYJ coaches modus operandi
  4. Oh man a ex pro saying the same exact thing is “trolls” have been yelling funny how that works
  5. @FidelioJet - the way you love Zach I need someone to love me like this - DEAD SERIOUS @Joe W. Namath - you are like a porn bot that spews nothing but NYJ propaganda on a loop Lmao I love this place! Thank you for the evening laugh you champs gave me
  6. No problem brother, prayers and blessings to you and the family
  7. Highly doubt this Wilson is toooo talented, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually the opposite and Garrett becomes his favorite target, he can do it all and he’s the perfect bail me out type WR just my opinion of course
  8. I expect zachs numbers to be > the rest of the 2021 qb class
  9. “zACh hAsNt PlAyEd A mEaNiNgFuL sNaP iN 3000 dAyZ” ”eSt Da RuSt, gIvE hIm tImE” These
  10. This is what I’m saying he tackles in this draft blew and we got one of the top ones at a later pick win
  11. He was so thirsty to be the first to tweet this that he fat fingered
  12. I’m praying hoping and wishing for the best, god bless you and the family brother
  13. So simple yet so difficult for these “coaches”
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