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  1. On the hot seat in 2023? Lmfaooo he needs to be shot directly into the sun after this season, how much more terrible football and losing you need to see?
  2. It’s like this org takes all of its fans (ALL OF US) put us in industrial size plastic bags and beats the living hell out of us with bats until we are all pissed, then they let us out, offer us coffee and tell us that nothing bad ever happened.
  3. Gase looking like Lombardi compared to the complete clown show we have now
  4. Well Saleh only needs / wants 60%
  5. Damn man boobs you looking lost without Brady
  6. now watch every parrot around here start using this same exact talking point
  7. Dead Serious here ^^^ the way ’s like this defend this terrible org and attack the people critical of it, you’d think WE were the ones getting paid millions to make these decisions. Lmao Somebody down in floram park have they’re out peeing on you guys unfortunately and telling you guys it’s raining
  8. Maybe especially if your QB keeps using his body like a wrecking ball
  9. You and your rape supporting team have enough to worry about. Like winning close games, what are y’all like 0-8 in close games or something like that? And all the injuries you got your own worries bud
  10. Think we hear anything about wonder boys severely damaged knee before Friday freaking night?????????????????????????????????? This entire situation is a joke this entire regime is nothing but a clown car
  11. That was probably during the offseason when you Legit could get banned if you were critical of the moves being made. God forbid a person with foresight spoil the Super Bowl for Jets fans (the offseason)
  12. Smfh sh*t like this makes me want to physically attack anyone screaming have patience with this complete clown car org, no funny sh*t
  13. DONT.START.THE.EXCUSE.CRAP.NOW its only Tuesday
  14. Thank you @Jet Nutand @FidelioJet are trying hard af to clean this thing up
  15. When I see Justin Herbert and Jameous playing through severe injuries and minor surgery Zach has a team of doctors dictating things to the team , it looks funny I’m sorry Is Zach a bad person? How would anyone here know this? (Including you) I thought Watson was black Jesus but I was terribly wrong Besides Saleh is the one who let the cat out the bag with this his doctors crap and you can tell that he’s obviously annoyed
  16. Bump Guys we have our second year scrub Qb dictating to the team when he will play. let that sink in, the nerve of this year 2 scrub JD you are a fat ******* idiot drafting this pampered brat because he’s not a nfl qb
  17. Bro they refuse to accept this like the trump supporters after Biden won
  18. Mac Jones doctors will tell the pats when he will return too guys
  19. No I agree Zach isn’t dictating anything Its his team of doctors controlling the ship: direct words from the HC that you and @Jet Nutare trying to spin around Don’t worry I’m sure this goes over well in the locker.
  20. I love you and @FidelioJet but damn it really look crazy they way you 2 are twisting yourselves into pretzels defending this weak QB @Jet Nut wake up and smell the coffee this regime is terrible and the QB a proven pussy at this point
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