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  1. 5 hours ago, bla bla bla said:

    This is my thinking as well. You play Zach to give him the chance to rebound against the easy part of the schedule. White and Flacco are not QBs of the future. 

    He needs to look good against the Bears. His play has been bad. The snobby locker room/post game comments are the part that really erk me though.

    So he goes out and balls out against the basement of the nfl he is the franchise qb again?


  2. 7 minutes ago, undertow said:

    Mods were part of the problem I took a few months off after people were threatned with being banned for being negative about Zippy...how embarrassing some of these Zach fanboys behaved what jokes.

    Mods are cool af here

    other fan sites are terrible, i only see them give this type of warning when people try and derail a unrelated thread.

    but the Zach fan boys I 1000% agree

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Agree ... He has not improved and is losing the team. He hasn't LOST the team ... He is simply immature and it shows ... Can't have that in the position that demands rock solid leadership .... It might be unfortunate and not 'woke' but it's true.

    Zach needs to grow up, settle into the role.and be 'The Man'. He's got a few more weeks until the season is over ... It won't be hard to assess.

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    Bro imo he has lost the team long ago but this game blew everything wide open.

    When Moore did what he did what we didn’t understand at the time is that he was expressing something that a lot of players probably agreed on in group chats and conversations but was the one hot lose his cool and let the cat out the bag. 

    Now that Wilson is a sitting target the other players who were likely talking with Moore are now expressing how the really been feeling all along 

  4. 23 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    That's what is frustrating ... Seeing yet another defensive coaching staff castrate another young buck.

    And people think it would.be a different story with another QB emoji1787.pngemoji1787.pngemoji23.pngemoji1787.pngemoji23.pngemoji1787.png

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    I would understand this point of view if Flacco, Johnson and white didn’t look good and better than Zach  in this same offense 

  5. Just now, Joe W. Namath said:

    Obviously, they are giving him every opportunity to get better as that is what you do with a young qb you drafted at 2 overall.  But there is also a point where you have to realize that its just not clicking for the kid and he needs to be benched to save him from himself.

    The plan was to bench Zach vs buffalo but he played ok and we won the game. That bought him another week.

    The plan now is to stsrt him vs the bears snd if by halftime he not tremendously better, you bench him for white.

    He will be “better” against the terrible bears 

    Might even reach 200 yards but what does it matter ? The kids a bust and will make Saleh lose this locker room if he hasn’t already 

    Lord only knows about the coddling that goes on / has been going on behind the scenes 

    Players seem like they are over Zach Wilson IMO 

  6. 3 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    I’d be careful with this—Hughes does more legwork than most, but this was 100% the story he wanted to write before he stepped foot in that locker room. It would not be hard to find a few disgruntled DL to hand him a quote or two

    Tom I wouldn’t be surprised if berrios is the only friend Zach has remaining in the locker room.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Dunnie said:


    I think the Jets should.bench Zach if this sh*t continues past Q1 next week.


    Streveler is the perfect choice ... He has a running skill set, has Moxy, he is a winner and he no real permanent threat. Perfect to teach Zach a lesson.


    Next year we must draft competition at the QB position. An expensive vet will derail this rebuild.



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    Next year : mid level vet QB, rookie and Zach in a 3 way steel cage match this offseason or bust 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, doitny said:

    this is just proof that the players are done with him. but the team probably isnt. but how do you make JD and Saleh make a move. by starting something. Moore, JFM and a little GW and who knows who else is mad but it might force them to make a switch for the sake of the team. 'some of these guys have been around long enough to know that GMs and HCs dont want to bench a high drafted QB in the middle of his 2nd year. they need to get pushed.

    Bro dead serious 

    I didn’t even consider this possibility and now that I think about it I think you figured this thing out. 

    Good point brother 

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  9. Just now, Anthony Jet said:

    Has nothing to do with his feelings. 
    Has to do with how one carry’s himself 

    Lmao he’s here to knock off people heads and go home

    i could careless about how a D-Linemen carries himself when our supposed leader and terrible QB never takes accountability.


  10. Just now, Beerfish said:

    I must have missed where JFM came out and said he cost us the game by taking a horrific roughing call negating a pick 6 a few games ago.

    The whole world knows the QB stinks right now zero need to pile on especially when you personally may have cost the team a game earlier in the season.

    Screw Zach Wilson! -How the fans feel and how teammates feel

    We are saving zachs feelings why exactly?

    Hes never held accountable so this is how it happens

    call it karma 

  11. 2 minutes ago, SuicidalSince98 said:

    I am not a “Zach fan”. Calling our your teammates on social media is a bitch move 

    Taking no accountability after being the weakest link on the field is a >>>>>>>>>>> bitch move 👍

    you talking like JFM is some scrub player or something!

    Zach is the scrub, you Zach fans got this thing TWISTED!

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