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  1. if that was some random positive crap about JD you wouldn’t even reply carry on though
  2. How about the human turnstile at LG? We moved AVT a better player I wonder where he would be year 2 at LG… maybe better ? how about Fant getting dragged from new York to Cleveland and back again? How about the complete JAG at Center that he refuses to replace for whatever reason how about all this draft capital and cap space JD had to work with ^^^^ name a GM that had that much resources and time (4 years) to build a O-Line I’ll wait save me the excuses
  3. Bump title should read: zachs doctors we can safely assume jet team doctors had a sooner timeline
  4. Smfh JD you fraud you should be ashamed of yourself, our o line should not look like this after 4 years
  5. Saleh has tooo many kids, LaFleur too many steaks to grill, to be bothered doing any silly game planing
  6. Bro I thought god himself JD put in place this new revolutionary medical staff? This is not the same medical from the Osemele fiasco, nice try tho JetBlue cape
  7. Hit met life and Florham Park free all us from this hell
  8. How much JetBlue paying you to cover for this mess because you are doing a terrible job at it Zach had MINOR surgery stop acting like he got knee replacement surgery
  9. Bro are you mad what clout has he gained in that locker room to dictate anything? Everything has been handled to this kid from the day he was drafted down to the C patch he wears on his jersey After a rookie year like he had he should be trying to rush out there and show people he was just learning last year. You think a unproven, scrub (as it stands) pampered QB goes well in a locker room, in a blood sport like football??? Lmfao i have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn
  10. Herbert playing with rib meat hanging from the bone and people are in here defending our QB and this his doctors bullsh*t what a joke
  11. Zach is a pussy that’s what’s happening everyone else is sugarcoating it
  12. They are grasping for straws at this point, wake up our QB is a pussy
  13. So let me get this st8 The second year QB and his high powered team are dictating to the NYJ when Wilson will return…. im going to bump the fire JD thread so hard i might break my finger pressing the tab this is st8
  15. This^^^^^^^ Bro I feel for Saleh on this one and I have been ripping him for weeks now, what a bunch of pussy cat bullsh*t, this sh*t is infuriating tbh and I’m only a dusty fan… imagine what he teammates are thinking!!!!!!!!! (to your point) Smfh what a complete clown show JD should never have been the general manager for any team in this league Smfh this one is CRAZY bro damn i legit didn’t know things was this bad.. DAMN
  16. Title should be changed: *** ZACHS DOCTORS so it’s more accurate
  17. This is very telling… I wonder what the team doctors think hmmmmmmmmmm Zachary something don’t smell right here. Hopefully you play this week
  18. short list: 1. 2020 draft 2. Terrible O line after 4 years 3. terrible free agent signings 4. he hired the 1 and 2 points on your list
  19. Screw this ENTIRE regime with a spiked steal bat
  20. Another one converted over to the dark side… Welcome! we have refreshments over in the fire Saleh thread
  21. Isn’t Max the highest rated rookie tackle right now???
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