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  1. I love this kid, damn he’s talented might be our best WR already
  2. Damn I love this, GOOD luck kid and god bless you wherever you land !
  3. Well this one might be dead Shanahan’s boyfriend don’t think Deebo is going anywhere
  4. Cowherd: “the Jets and 49ers are talking about Deebo Samuel”
  5. Deebo bros I think I have the most positive news of the day, this twit : blocked me yesterday and was very confident “Jets won’t get Deebo” “Jets suck” “Rumor around the league joe douglas can’t close” now even this turd is sweating come on JD close this deal out
  6. I got it from a Grant Cohn stream one of the recent ones I was skimming through and someone sent a donation and asked grant was the rumor true if McDaniel sabotaging things and he replied “that’s what’s believed”
  7. Hmmmmm So rumor is Mike is the one who dropped the deuce in the punch bowl. Apparently Deebo and Mike had dinner days before Deebos trade request where he aired out Kyles dirty laundry and basically told Deebo to GET OUT Wow if true
  8. Welcome back @The Crusheris about is put some burgers and dogs on the grill
  9. I mean if sea wants to move up to 4 without including Dk in the deal i might just hang up, unless they are ready to give me another heist
  10. After your hard stance on Sewell, how much I mocked you and then him looking like a complete stud after a rough start, i trust your judgment bro
  11. This means SEA got word that Deebo Jets might be imminent, 10 is probably looking real tasty to them rn. OMG guys we might be finally getting a stud WR!!!!!!!
  12. More details, answers my question from earlier too
  13. LMAOOOOO but at least his trade seems somewhat realistic compared to the ones from yesterday, so he has that going for him
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