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  1. 18 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    I don't think he gets traded unless the Jets are blown away with an offer and since he has done nothing, that will not happen. You are correct in that he has no other choice, but my point is that he seems to accept that and is enjoying the team success and no longer complaining.


    listen to the cant wait pod

    moore snuck out the locker room before the media arrived and the beat seems to be firm on the stance Zach and Moore have 0 chemistry.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s moved in the offseason 


  2. 1 hour ago, xJayce said:

    Hey, no one's perfect, no one gets everything right.

    But today's game against the Bills, with depth at RB and the O line playing important roles, as well as a superior effort from the D, and the 2022 draft classing having an exceptional seasons, I think things are pointing up?


    100% agree 

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  3. 24 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    Yeah it sucks not having one of those GMs that only draft good players. Keep living in that jets bubble where you don't realize every GM makes bad picks. 

    Lmaooo imagine thinking JDs only flaw is drafting 😂😂😂



    And your 100% correct nobody is perfect 👍 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, jamesr said:

    Just read on NFL.com that they had 121 TOTAL yards on offense today. Fewest of any team in any game this season ... by a large margin.

    They know the art of the tank 

    Andrew Luck Wow GIF by Indianapolis Colts

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  5. Week after week

    excuse after excuse

    I’m tired of all the back and fourth between Zach haters and supporters, I’m tired of the Zach comparisons to late blooming QBs, I’m tired of the damn charts and graphs, I’m tired of the stats

    im personally burned out and tbh, I just want a freaking good QB and I’m tired of this 3,000 year wait. 

    Zach Wilson flip the freaking switch this week and keep it on moving forward or just GTFO so we can move on to the next schmo

    I’m over it 

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  6. 37 minutes ago, Charlie Brown said:

    Mims elevation is CLEARLY a Saleh move and one that I do not think that Mike Lafleur was EVER going to make!

    How do I know?

    Listen closely............. you NEVER hear Lafleur make these positive statements about Mims first, when he should be the one who is touting his players and getting them on the field.  Notice Saleh's statement comes AFTER the Lafleur presser in which he barely mentions Mims.

    Second, the whole "Mims doesn't Run the Whole Route Tree" was actually used against Garrett Wilson in the first games.  Lafleur actaually said that Garrett Wilson needed to know the "whole route tree" before being featured, folks complained, saying that Wilson was the best WR on the field. 

    Interestingly Saleh said in that very next presser after those complaints that he thought Garrett should get more touches, and then the very next game Wilson literally EXPLODES and catches everything in sight and becomes the darling of everybody!

    Third, no one thinks that it is ODD that Mims after obstinately one good game is going to get reps with Davis when Davis returns after not being even on the ACTIVE ROSTER!  How is that possible???????

    Folks felt that Mims should be traded and with good reason, for the fact that the Jets coaching staff wouldn't even put him on the game-day active roster. 

    The fact was Mims wasn't even deemed as good as that all-time great Jeff Smith, he of the average, do nothing, of special team plays. 

    Think....Mims couldn't get on the active roster??  He must have stunk right?

    Do you think that with say Brian Daboll we would be having these problems? 

    And for another thread, I think with Daboll grooming Wilson we would see a different Zach Wilson QBing out there on Sunday afternoons!  The fact is what Daboll did to improve first Josh Allen and then David Jones is NOT A COINCIDENCE! Coaching matters!

    Look Lafleur is a nice guy, I like him, and he definitely knows offense but the basic fact is he doesn't know how to be a complete OC just yet and Saleh skillfully stepped in yet again, leading without bringing his guy Lafleur down. 

    I for one just hope that Saleh is right in leaving the offensive side of the ball fully in Lafleur's hands, but I for one said Mims had star potential and so I am definitely BIASED and I may be wrong.............................................

    But IMO Lafleur hasn't shown me yet that he knows how to get everyone involved in the Jets offense and that is a BIG PROBLEM.

    Don't believe me????   Go go ask Elijah Moore.....

    Let's Go Jets!

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  7. 4 minutes ago, undertow said:

    This is the same guy who curses every 5 seconds on his podcast because he thinks it's edgy.  There's a ton of gatekeeping on how fans should behave lately and the people doing it can fvck right off.


    I can understand Simms ripping pats for the Mac Jones treatment but most of us jet fans have never seen top level QB play outside of a few years.

    We just lived through another QB the world told us to be patient with, that completely sucked.. our current QB has been hurt and suckes 90% of the time 

    WTF do Simms expect from this frustrated and tired fan base? 



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