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  1. most were calling Moore the X in the offseason and during camp, now everyone seems to have amnesia
  2. In before the “lOoK aT CoReYs StAtS” clowns come in how about this stat :
  3. Very promising with a RG, 1 good but a rookie WR, 2 RBs and holes everywhere else…. The offense was a clown car after garret got hurt
  4. Over that blitz call allegedly
  5. @Jet Nut instead of downvoting me why don’t you try and defend this terrible regime
  6. Saleh needs to go, why keep giving losing regimes chance after chance?
  7. “mOoRe iS tHe X” another highly overrated player by jet fans Smfh
  8. JD specially is O-Line remember, he just need 4 more seasons to figure things out
  9. JD and Saleh will get another year because woody is cheap a** not because he has faith in this clown show
  10. Not happening regardless, waste of a thread tbh
  11. The bears are a bad roster, that had no cap or 1st round picks ..
  12. Wrote all this but come on Saleh didn’t hire his self
  13. No. this is karma for the pats targeting zachs knee last year and running up the score on us to inflate the misleading “successful” pats offense last year fleder and mazz 2 great Boston based radio host broke this thing down perfectly
  14. Zach can come back as the Rodgers / Mahomes hybrid that he was billed to be and it still won’t matter We have a ringling brothers and barnum & bailey front office. ATL , Det , Philly ,NYG , Chi all have 2nd year or 1st coaches who didn’t have 1 million 1st round picks and top 3 salary cap room and all look more competitive then us (Hell the folks in chi had no real cap room or first round pick last offseason) People want to actually give this regime another shot at the draft and free agency LOL
  15. What happened here? Why did Q snap? These coaches man
  16. Joe douglas, Saleh, LaFleur this entire regime are no different from the creep playing 3 card monte in some random alley in Brooklyn A bunch of charlatans getting circles coached around them every fall
  17. How can you really blame him when he was moved all around the line like a cheap whore
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